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  1. I guess we won't know until later...but if they didn't bother doing this for Windows 8 they probably won't bother for Windows 7 either. In the event they do how hard is it to update the ApplicabilityInfo? As far as I know its just in a TXT file, but would it refuse to install cause of the executable being modified? I have not tried this before so I dont know. It should be possible to spoof your OS version as Embedded, too. Although how you'd go about that I wouldn't know.
  2. So like Windows XP, Windows 7 has an Embedded version for it, called Embedded POSReady 7. Just like XP POSReady it has longer support than regular Windows 7, ending on October 12, 2021. My question is basically, would it be possible, like it was with XP, to use a registry key to enable the POSReady updates to install on Windows 7?
  3. Would Media Player Classic work? I know long ago, I used this program on Windows 98... I am not sure if it will work on 95 though. You will have to use an old version. But I know that it can play MP4s. ^^
  4. It is because VirtualBox does not run Windows 98 properly since it is not designed for it. So while it can run, its going to be really bad performance wise. I personally use QEMU or PCEm for Windows 98. Both run it very well, IMO ^^ I have heard Dosbox-X and VMWare can run it good too, but I never tried either.
  5. I hope it does! NT4 doesn't get as much love as 2000 or 98 so it'll nice to have something like Kernelex for it ^^
  6. If that is the case perhaps open source it? I absolutely wouldn't mind contributing to this project! I don't know too much about reverse engineering although I know C. I'm always willing to learn new stuff too.
  7. Hi! I wanted to know, is there any progress with this so far? I really love NT 4 and would love to use more modern programs on it!
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