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  1. The OP is running XP HE so there's no GP editor but has to import the corresponding reg policy key. But, without Task Manager, you can still use tasklist and taskkill in cmd. So I suppose you could disable cmd, and regedit too. You get the drift. If you were to use reg run keys, the HKCU Run key is not the the first startup run key to execute. I'd try putting an entry in the HKLM userinit key, as it is the first 'run' key to execute immediately after logon but before the desktop is fully loaded.
  2. So what happens when you delete ID2? Have you found the boot.ini yet?
  3. Cleaning up and splitting the existing file is no problem and won't take too long to do, as long as no more new stuff is added. I can do that. I'm more concerned about the way forward. It doesn't really matter where the thread is but registry tweaks are registry files and whether they're used for UA install or after is up to the user. There is no inherent difference in the nature of the tweaks themselves. Many tweaks are used for UA install because they're the popular ones so people tend to install them unattendedly. So we basically agree on keeping one thread will do as long as people know where to look for ideas.
  4. The one that has no /kernel switch is the original default ARC path entry. You can remove an ARC path entry using: bootcfg /delete /ID# If you don't want two entries, then don't copy it and edit.
  5. The reg tweaks list will never be finished or definitive. There're already a few threads here and on the Tips 'n' Tweaks forum. The list as it stands should be Pt. 4 final now. There're always new tweaks to be found, new policies added with new service packs and new versions of Windows. Windows XP SP2 now has over 600 group policy settings, quite a lot more than Windows 2000. And Server 2003 has more than XP. There're already many tweaking sites (sticky on Tips 'n' Tweaks) for more info and it's unrealistic to include everything. Having another Tweaks sticky on Tips 'n' tweaks is unsatisfactory and redundant. That thread contains some inappropriate tweaks, is no longer maintained and no longer clean so perhaps it's time to move on. Having a tweaks thread in each forum is confusing to new comers and makes it difficult to maintain. Having one good thread is better than two mediocre ones and would keep everyone focused. I can start anew with Pt. 5. I have different ideas as to the best way forward. For a start the aim should be to make it useful for most users and not making it exhaustive. The other aim is to make it easy to update and maintain. The new thread should be for new entries only and should not include the existing stuff. People can always refer back to this thread for Pt. 4. Otherwise we keep reading the same stuff over and over again and it will grow to such extent that would make it very tedious for maintenance. Anyone has other suggestions please say so.
  6. The main problem is cloning to a smaller destination partition. I had similar problem before with Ghost. Make the destination partition exactly the same size as the source, clone it. Then if you like, resize it afterwards. Of course you need to edit the boot.ini afterwards, but you already know how to do that from the Recovery Console.
  7. Not every entry in the answer file is needed for a complete unattended install. It would be more to the point if you say what questions are prompted during install. If you don't start from a FAT32 formatted HD you don't need FileSystem entry at all. BTW, this is a mytery. It never works on its own in my tests. I suspect nLite actually removes some components or add the reg tweaks to disable SR and not this entry which actually disables SR. [systemRestore] DisableSR=1 CreateFirstRunRp=0
  8. It's your own thread about MUI and people talked about XPE so I assume you had no luck with that. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=64181&st=0
  9. "WMP10.exe /Q:A /C:""setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N /DisallowSystemRestore""" works from svcpack.inf just fine without prior extraction. I tried with less quotes without success. (MP10setup can be renamed.) http://windowssdk.msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb...075(VS.80).aspx
  10. As far as I can determine, installing KB917734 from svcpack doesn't update (or perhaps it gets overwritten again?) wmp.dll to ver. from ver. 3802 in system32 whereas it updates the reg entries and the cat OK. UPDATE: Test install, stopped at T-10: wmp.dll is v. By T-5 it's back to v. 3802. At first logon (before actually logging on), it remains v. 3802.
  11. ImgBurn_2.1.0.0.exe /S works just fine for me in ROE. No messages. As for burning the ISO with non-Eng characters, that might be a useful workaround. nLite supports unicode when creating the ISO. But I meant burning directly from files. The two processes aren't the same. LUK said ImgBurn does not support unicode.
  12. If it's UA install, have a look at the winnt.sif file, specifically if there're Autopartition and Repartition entries. Since you already have PM, just hide the first C partition. As to legality, I don't have Win MCE, so read the EULA. No, I don't think MS will find out easily, as it doesn't need activation after ghosting.
  13. That is ver Installed unattendedly fine. Thanks. BTW, which tool did you package it with?
  14. First, it is most likely NOT legal to install two copies of Windows on the same computer. Read the EULA and see. Second, I know you're new, but the forum doesn't like cross-posting (here, Applications Install, Unattended Windows). It'd have been better to ask a mod to move the post. We do have Win MCE forum. Third, you didn't actually say if the disk does an unattended install or not. In either case it shouldn't be hard to do what you're after.
  15. May I remind you about posting screenshots. Yours is 519x402. MSFN Forum Rules
  16. The /integrate switch merely adds the exe to svcpack and the entry in svcpack.inf in the installation source. The /passive switch is used when you actually install it on an existing installation. They're not the same process. So the two aren't supposed to be used together. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262841/
  17. Remove: REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Programs" /f and all the REG ADD %KEY%\000 /VE /D entries.
  18. That option is not selected by default. I don't shutdown the PC after burning a DVD. It shouldn't be hard to do that with some knowledge of programming. ImgBurn is written using C++. BTW, ImgBurn does NOT support unicode so characters from non-English file names won't be written correctly. Use Nero in that case.
  19. Dat could just be a VCD, SVCD or a slideshow, according to the NeroVisionExpress manual.
  20. Check that you actually made one for DVD and not CD in NeroVisionExpress. You need to re-create the slideshow specifically for DVD. The slideshow for CD is VCD or SVCD. They use different formats! At least the manual says so. http://ww2.nero.com/nero6/eng/User_Guide_V..._Express_3.html PS. But, if it all fits onto a CD then it's a waste using a DVD. And a DVD player usually plays CD and SVCD anyway so there's no need to burn to a DVD specifically.
  21. The /O doesn't matter to the actual installation outcome. In any case these are old switches which have long been superseded by a new set. For the time being you can still use the old ones. Old habits stick, like qchain.
  22. Your problem has no direct bearing to unattended Windows, but rather relates to user accounts and access to files in user profile after installation. To name the new admin user account Admin is a cause for confusion. The built-in default Administrator (note the cap A) account is still there. Log in to this account at the welcome screen using Ctrl+Alt+Del twice, type Administrator and enter the password. Then either move your files (I suspect they're in the user profile) to the new account or add the new user to the files Security tab.
  23. Takeshi


    User Config > Admin Templ > Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver exe...
  24. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...=remote+desktop http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...=remote+desktop http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...=remote+desktop

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