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  1. Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0

    @ zeroFX russia is recognized as a eurasian country, not european country.
  2. Crapless FlashGet 1.82.1003

    this is a very stupid question but... wut are the differences between this and the regular flashget?
  3. .net framework 1.1 sp1 switch ?

    wow u get butthurt quick
  4. got a new pc, no sata drivers disk!

    ok i backed up all the drivers using windriversbackup. clean installed and viola it works
  5. got a new pc, no sata drivers disk!

    no thanks....plans have changed im gonna use the sata drive as a slave and my ide drive as master. the question is...when u install xp, do i still need to install sata drivers? if so, where can i get them
  6. got a new pc, no sata drivers disk!

    ok went to device manager. wut do i do with the info?
  7. got a new pc, no sata drivers disk!

    i just got a hp a1210n pc. it has an included sata drive and i want to clean install xp on it. the problem is, it doesnt have an included sata drivers disk. is there any way i can find one? im new at this sata stuff so help me out. quick question.....i know u need sata drivers to install xp on a sata drive. but wut about xp 64-bit? do they already have sata drivers included or do u need to obtain them urself?
  8. comp wont boot up at all

    thanks all. gonna do wut yall suggested when i get home
  9. Windows Vista

    u need to check urself. ur the one thats confused. theres a separate section for vista. this is the xp section
  10. comp wont boot up at all

    ok im running xp pro sp2 but that doesnt seem to matter in this situation i opened up my comp and cleaned out the dust. i reassembled everything and it all seemed to be at the rite place. double checked and everything. i turn on my pc and it doesnt boot up. nothing shows up on the monitor. it gives a half-sec beeep when i turn my comp on and beeps every 3 seconds. the beep seems to be near the processor. i know its some kind of internal problem but i checked EVERYTHING. i plugged everything at its proper place. help me please? im running an emachines t1600. usually, it would go to the emachines logo screen then boot up. but this time, the comp doesnt even communicate with the monitor!!
  11. Possible for a folder having files of anothers?

    just copy and paste the files
  12. Win XP or Server 2003

    tried 2003 enterprised, i would have kept using it but it didnt have one thing that xp had....the powertoy calculator!!! im choosing xp over 2003 strictly because of the calculator lol
  13. windows explorer details problems

    oh god dang it thank u so much!! it worked!!! i can see the info now!!! ok from now on, i wont remove shell media handler ;D
  14. windows explorer details problems

    thanks...ill dl that in a bit and post the results i never intended to have wmp10. i just installed it to try to fix the problem. didnt work tho lol
  15. windows explorer details problems

    i dont see wut foobar has to do with this but ok heres the reg nope file doesn't exist could this be cus i nlited my windows? heres wut i removed foobar.reg