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  1. i just recently started using windows server 2003 and i have been playing around with active directory roaming profiles which allows you to save a user profile on the server and load it upon start up and i was curious to see if using a saved profile could be used on an unattended xp disk where you could just copy all the files over and save a lot of time on all this batch file s***. just one transfer for all the settings and stuff... i tried searching the forums for any info on this and i couldn't find anything, so im sorry if there was something said about it already. thanks
  2. what do you need to do differently to have it automatically extract?
  3. like for the unattended cd that i made :]
  4. ill be on tonight ill look for ya
  5. id be surprised if there was 1 girl on this whole forum. god were a bunch of geeks
  6. I would assume posting a link to the bit torrent file for download would be too far then eh?
  7. im still looking for someone - he offered but didn't respond :/
  8. Alright so i finished my unattended xp cd and i want to make a website describing what i have done and such. Is it possible for all of this to take place and still be legal? What do i need to do so that i dont slip up. Windows XP Pro was BOUGHT by ME. The Serial number is MINE. Is there anything else i need to do. Im just a bit scared of the big bad microsoft :/ ANY and ALL information is welcomed
  9. i have the unregistered version as well - but i love it and def want to get my copy "registered" im going to college next year and im taking my laptop everywhere as a result of this program. There are a few things that i think i would change or streamline, but overall its great
  10. I know php, asp and cgi amongst other web programming languages but im not as skilled at the other programming languages. Currently im using trillian for aim and msn and it logs all of my messages into a txt file in the trillian directory. What i want to make is a program that would say every 12 hours or so check the files in that directory and take the filenames of the top 10 largest files. Then i can have this out put in a txt file as well, or a html file so i can have it autouploaded to my website. Basically to show who i talk to the most. I need ANY and all help i can get. Thanks in advance.
  11. who uses boot floppies? not me that's for sure - id rather not make seperate partitions then have to use boot floppies - a) i dont even have a floppy drive anymore floppy disks are unreliable c) makes it a pain to install with an added media type
  12. db2k


    a little more room for info and package description pages (kind of like a linux distro package selection) and you sir got a real winner
  13. more excitement for the idea then a demand anything to make things easier im all for
  14. i agree this would be nice to do - im surprised there isint more info on it

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