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  1. Is there a (preferably PHP/Apache based, open source) solution out there that lets me control my Windows PC through a Web based frontend? As stated in the title i would like to start applications, Restart the computer, end applications, view logs and stuff like that. i know that there are a some web based remote desktop solutions around, but this is supposed to eat up as little bandwidth as possible.
  2. keep in mind that some programs need administrative privileges in order to run.
  3. please share it with the rest of us! i would be interested. it maybe helpful in the future!
  4. to get infrared working you need to do the following: .) go t this link: http://www.xnt.info/news.php?id=2591 .) youll see a bunch of russian text. search this text for a hyperlink, that points you there: http://leech.x-forum.info/leech.php?file=Irda2k3.rar you cant click this link directly because external links arent allowed. .) unzip this rar to a folder .) point the device manager to it .) have fun
  5. have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the graphics card driver? thats what i would try. you can also try to boot into safe mode, and see what happens. maybe that helps to locate the problem. if nothing helps, slipstream SP1 and reinstall windows server 2003. its always better to do a fresh install, instead of an upgrade, when a new service pack comes out.
  6. i have encountered a strange problem: the update checker says that i need to update my sound driverpack A to v504 but i have v5041, and its the latest one as far as i know.
  7. thx, i already coded a keystroke check, but the splash screen always appeared before it. thats solved now!
  8. the topic title says it all. is it possible to remove the splashscreen that is displayed when you boot from the dvd. i just want it to display "press any key to boot from dvd..."
  9. yes i did copy the file, but i think i found the cause of this error stupid me! i forgot to edit the setupsourcepath in the txtsetup.sif!!
  10. ive tried slipstreaming again, this time with the final version of sp1. but i got another error i used the old setupldr.bin as suggested in this thread. and it also boots into text-mode setup but then i get the following error: "setup didnt find any windows version to upgrade on your hard drive. setup needs to verify that you qualify to use this upgrade product, please insert Windows NT4 server cd into your cd rom drive blablabla..." what caused this? i had this error some time ago, but forgot how i solved it.
  11. i dont have the time right now to go through your batch files and find out where the error exactly is. but i know for certain, is that this file wasnt in the i386 folder.
  12. this file does infact not get copied over to the i386 folder. i did this manually - and it worked.
  13. i dont know about ERD, but i explained what you have to do to add the Mass Storage drivers in BartPE here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=42150 to sum it up: you have to create a winXP sp2 share, and add the driverpacks to the share. then use this share in bartPE and create the Windows PE share (not the iso yet). then add the required .sys files that were added to the WinXP share (in the i386 folder) to this folder: "\i386\system32\drivers" of your WinPE share. to find out which files were added, simply sort them by date. after that, you can create the iso, and everything should
  14. ah, very interesting post, i must say. but it seem that i would have never had this error, because i integrated the viasraid.sys driver long before i ever used the driverpacks. well, im looking forward to an updated version anyway and thanx for all your work BTS
  15. could you maybe release a driverpack without these drivers, or at least instructions on how to remove them? because i have the same motherboard, and i will propably experience the same error (though i havent tried yet). is the cause of this error known actually? because if i supply the driver by pressing f6 and insert the floppy, it works flawlessly.
  16. ok, i figured it out for myself, reading b4 posting really helps i found the solution to my problem in thsi thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=41523 btw: the reason the file couldnt be found is because i created a multiboot DVD, and the OEM folder wasnt in the root of my dvd. also for those of you who want to get this working on a multiboot dvd (and have followed the guide here: http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/) : you have to recreate the boot folder ("PRO1" in most cases) after adding the driverpacks. then you have to copy all the mass storage driver files, ( *.sy_ ) that
  17. thx for the replies i already thought that it wouldnt be easy. @colinbate have you had a chance to try this utility. i would do it myself but i dont have a usb pen drive yet
  18. i was wondering if it is possible to partition a usb pen drive and which software can do it? i found very little info on that subject on google. there are a few proprietary solutions around. there is one program for example that creates 2 partitions and password protects one while the other is public. but i believe you need to have this program installed even to read the public partition.
  19. XP drivers should work just fine. if they dont, then there are propably 2003 drivers around anyway
  20. well, i wouldnt know about any disadvantages, other than losing space. i always have systemrestore enabled, and i have to say, that it really saved me alot of trouble. everytime an app messes with systemfiles, and nothing seems to work anymore, i just reset the system to a restorepoint before the installation, and everything is fine again.
  21. sorry, i mistook WUS for SUS nevermind, ignore this post
  22. why not manually integrate the SP ? just add "/integrate:c:\windowsshare" without the quotes. its not really that hard, is it?
  23. everything with a $-sign at the end is an administrative share. they are always enabled by default afaik, and can only be accessed if you have administrative rights. they are pretty handy if you have an administrator account on the machine that you want to access. you dont have to manually share a single folder, just to access some files. actually, i almost only use admin-shares, because its easier. the only way to permanently disable them is by, disableing sharing altogether. but i wouldnt know why youd want to. remember, only administrators can access them. the cable company would need the
  24. everybody will upgrade eventually. the same happened when XP came out. now there are only very few people who still use w2k, or even earlier versions of windows. back then, many ppl said: "i will never upgrade to winXP its bloat/spyware" i bet 80% of them are using XP right now
  25. w2k3 if run as a workstation is basicly win xp with no service pack. =>proper wireless lan support is missing (no wpa) for example another big minus imho is the lack of the fast user switching capability. ( =you have to log out in order for another user to log on ) also, some applications (ie. norton antivirus 200x) dont run on w2k3. you need the corporate verson of the software. im sure that there are many slight improvements under the hood, but i dont think youll notice it if you use w2k3 as a workstation. at least the wireless lan support is improved in SP1, but thats still beta.
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