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  1. I've tried to install windows server 2003 on Dell Precision 490(with windows XP pro installed), but after booting from OS cd installer I received a message that NO Hard Disk is present. What I should do?? Thanx a lot!
  2. It didnt work... I made an image with ghost and the HD didnt work, I got an error when the SO is charging... I'll be glad if someone could help me in anyway.... Thanx.!!!
  3. Yeah! Thats the only idea that I have... Making an Image, but I was looking for some tool, but I think I better to do the backup with ghost.... Hope it works...jajaja Thanx, for you help... Have a nice day
  4. Hi, I wanna make a partition on my HD, now I've installed 2000 server and wanna install linux mandrake in the same HD. I've been trying using partition magic but I got an error because I'm using 2000 server... Does anyone knows a tool to make a second partition ??? Thanx !!
  5. I've found the solution ! ! ! The problem is cause I haven't get up the DNS of my WSUS server in the intranet and all clients in different ranges couldn't see it... The solutions is just to get up the DNS and thats all.... Hope someone could be helped if has the same problem...
  6. I've deploy WSUS on my server but I have a little big problem, cause I don't see clients that are in different range of IP. f.e. server IP is 192.168.3.XX and clients IP's are on 192.9.200.XX The main question is: What I've to do to make the server able to see those clients??? I'll so happy is someone could help me... Thanx !
  7. I've installed WSUS in 2 servers (2000 standar and 2003 Web edition), I've the same configuration in both servers but, in 2003 I just can see one client (the own server), but all clients that I've pointed to my server haven't been recognized by the server. 2000 server is working fine and I've not problems with it... I need to WSUS work on 2003 server web edition cause I got the license already...
  8. Hi ! I have a problem after installing WUS on my server (W2k3), I've configured wus application to synchronize and all that stuff, but I can't see the SQL Agent in the console of SQL manager, I've seen the services and MSSQL$WSUS appears Automatic and SQLAgent$WSUS appears manual, buth I don't know the way to set up and connect the server with those services... I hope someone could help me ! Thanx !!
  9. Suddenly I see it now, but on the status tag all the patches and actualization says "Unknow". What could be the reason for that??
  10. Suddenly I see it now, but on the status tag all the patches and actualization says "Unknow". What could be the reason for that??
  11. I have deployed WUS on computers but just one can't connect to my WUS server, this is running XP Pro SP 2. I have configured the GP, and point it to my server "http://wusserver" but nothing happens, I can't see this client into my WUS database Does anyone could help me to solve this problem?? Thanx a lot !
  12. Hi, I have a little big problem with my WUS server I updtaded my WUS server using the WUS app but after restart the server the sql service dindn't autostart, I used to see the icon on my task bar of the WUS sql server but till that nothing happen I would like to know, how I can get up my server again... thanx !! !
  13. On Web Edition server, I can't use an Active Directory.... I deployed WUS on Web Edition Server.
  14. Hi everybody ! I would like to know if there is some way to make this configuration for automatic downloads using WUS: Don't notify for download Updates Don't notify for install downloaded updates Don't ask for restart computer (just make changes until users restarts manually) In fact, what I wanna do is that after install updates don´t restart automatically and don't ask for restart the computer constantly. Just that windows change the configuration until the user turns on/off the computer or restart manually... Thanx for your help !

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