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  1. i also have these issues connections disappear from the networkcenter, then they reappear again but have no connection, etc. the only thing that helps is restarting the computer.
  2. thats because MS cant tell if you just upgraded your motherboard/hdd or if you try to install Vista on a different computer. both looks the same on their end.
  3. in many countries (especially in europe) the EULA is not valid since it violates local law. there is no harm in breaking it. even if MS decides to shut down your copy of windows, you can sue them, and they know that, thats why MS wont do anything. There is still the moral obligation (which cant be enforced). so if it makes you feel better when you do what MS wants you to, feel free to buy the more expensive retail version.
  4. everybody who thinks the huge memory footprint of vista is a bad thing, should seriously read this article: http://www.anandtech.com/systems/showdoc.aspx?i=2917&p=4 it explains very nicely why it is not a bad thing, and on the contrary helps make vista faster (if there is enough memory) the bottom line is, that vista has sophisticated algorithms that try to guess what software you are trying to run at a certain time and preload that software an all its used libraries in the memory. i personally never understood why people buy 1GB of memory and then dont want the OS to use it. thats what you bought it for, remember? If you start applications vista flushes the preloaded stuff to the HDD and makes way for your applications. as you can see theres really nothing bad here. my point is that vista uses the available memory much better than xp did, and yes, maybe vista needs more ram to do its magic, but its not like you wont benefit from it. if you dont want to upgrade your system now, install vista after you did at some point in the future.
  5. are you sure that a vhd file can be mounted with daemon tools? i am not talking about an image from a DVD. im talking about the backup that is created by windows vista when you use the complete pc backup option.
  6. do the keys also work for every language? Or do english keys only work with english vistas?
  7. The Topic title says it all. is it possible to extract a single file (or folders for that matter) from a Windows Complete PC Backup?
  8. about the original topic, do any of you know a shop in the US that ships vista ultimate to the EU?
  9. You should be able to specify which one to boot in your bios
  10. its the same (actually worse) in europe, the official price of vista ultimate is 500€ which is about 680$ some shops sell it for 460€, but thats still around 600 US $.
  11. yes, from what ive read its only possible to start the upgrade from within an already installed windows. but obviously vista doesnt care what version of windows that is, and whether its activated or not.
  12. does this mean that you do not have to have a valid XP install/Key/License in order for the upgrade edition to install? i know that the EULA doesnt allow it but would it be possible?
  13. you can use the bootsect.exe tool on the vista DVD (DVD:\boot) to restore the vista boot sector. i dont know if it can be used from within XP - if not you can launch it by booting from your vista dvd, hit shift+f10 to get to the command promt, navigate to the "boot" folder and use it from there: bootsect {/help|/nt60|/nt52} {SYS|ALL|<DriveLetter> [/force] as you can see this tool can also be used to restore the windows XP boot sector, by using /nt52 - if you need to
  14. ok, it seems that this has been changed.

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