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  1. any ip in this range should work: - assuming that your router has dhcp is of course the preferred solution.
  2. not that i know of. it happened in VMWare and on my home pc. i really dont know what these two have in common that causes this error. edit: i noticed something else, but i dont know if its related: the cdrom system variable is not available in any other cmd windows i open, only in the one it was created in. edit2: i now disabled the script that looks for the cdrom drive. instead i created the cdrom variable in the properties dialog of "my computer". the variables that are created there have a sytem wide scope. but it still doesnt work...
  3. how does your software then keep track of the things to allow and the programs to block? or will the administrator be asked every time a program starts? it would help me if could you give me a finite state machine type of UML diagram . so i can understand it better.
  4. true... what i posted was just the first link i came up with on google. my point ist, that this isnt some revolutionary idea, that has just been thought of, and that is only available to high ranking government personal...
  5. for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\file.txt set CDROM=%%i: echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM% this part of the batch file, that is run before WPI.hta is executed, correctly identifies my dvd drive. but it seems that the created variable isnt used by WPI. after i click install in WPI i get the errormessage that "pathtoWPI\applications\programname\setup.exe" cant be found an example would be: "c:\install\wpi\apps\dotnet\netfxsp1.exe" could not be found blablabla... "c:\install\wpi\" is the path to the windows post installer that has been copied to the h
  6. i dont see whats so special about this software. from what ive gathered it simply blocks every executable, that isnt in some kind of "allow list" and only certain people have the right to extend that list. im sure its a bit more complicated but i guess thats what it comes down to. im not certain but i think ive already read about that kind of software ... i think thats something similar: http://www.sharewareriver.com/product.php?id=2261
  7. youre bound to get a biased opinion when asking these questions on a microsoft software forum network. try asking it on a linux forum and the results would be different i think linux is much easier to customize, since all the settings are in text files with many comments. but the downside is that as a beginner you never know where to look. in other words you really have to look into the subject if you want to use linux in a professional way. windows tries to do everything for you. you dont have to (can) configure as much. installing applications is always performed in the same way. and if yo
  8. if i understand you correctly, you want to lock down the system. but even if you succeed, one could still access the explorer through "windowskey+e"
  9. cant you schedul it to run at a certain time? like 5 minutes before the backup? if youre using livestate for example it has the option built in to run batch files before and after the backup.
  10. thank you very much, thats just what i need!
  11. another way to enable terminal server capability in Windows XP is by using this app: http://www.thinsoftinc.com/products_winconserver_info.html its not free, but there is a trial version that allows 3 concurrent sessions and disconnect after a certain period of time - but it may still be useful to some ppl
  12. if you use the /savecred switch, you will only have to enter the password once. windows will remember the password if you use runas in the future. this works only under win xp as far as i know.
  13. soundmax on an hp nx7000 notebook. i now solved the problem by deleting the realtek drivers. this works for now, but its no real solution.
  14. Ive got the portcls.sys error too. and i would need it solved fast. i have the latest BIOS and no option to disable sound
  15. you need to enable the guest account, allow "everyone" permissions, in the group policy editor, and you need to remove the guest account from the "deny network access to this computer" also in the group policy editor. after that you need to give "everyone" the permission to read the volume you want to share.
  16. i dont know if its warez. maybe you arent allowed to use that code if you havent actually bought the c't magazine... but i dont know how opera would ever know this.
  17. personally i use "virtualdub mod" its an enhanced version of vdub that also works with mpeg2 and ac3 sound - if you have the right filters installed. your "Combiner program" propably didnt just combine your two avi files but also recode them to mpeg2, so that the resulting DVD can be played in every stand alone DVD-Player. thats why the file size became 4GB keep in mind, that if you just combine two avi files and burn the resulting file to DVD, you will only be able to play them back on a PC or a standalone player that can play XVID/DIVX files.
  18. thats correct. the free license only works for opera 7.54 to get opera 8 ad-free you have to pay 8€ which is still a good deal because without this license you'd have to pay 34€.
  19. the webserver is my homecomputer, and it is directly connected to the internet. my ISP lets me hook up to 4 PCs directly into the web with independent IP adresses. i tried to access the webserver from the second PC, and it worked, until i terminated the connection to port 3389. this is a simplified visualization of my setup : there is no NAT/PAT by the way.
  20. ok, i just played around with the remote desktop web connection, and i think it wont work, either. because for the activex plugin to work it needs to connect to the remote port 3389 it also ignores the proxy settings, and tries to connect directly. i dont think the firewall at work will allow this. when i block 3389 with the local firewall the remote desktop "web" connection is immediately terminated. why is microsoft calling it "web" connection if it doesnt use port 80? if i could connect to any port i wouldnt use the web connection in the first place. compatibility with other OS can also not
  21. ok, i might just try it again. is there any fool proof guide on how to set it up, with the right permissions and stuff? @compster: maybe ill try this too. thank you for bringing it up.
  22. im forced to use a proxy at work. and RDP doesnt get through. neither does VNCs java client by the way. thats wy i need this web based solution. i need to authenticate to use this proxy and i guess the java client cant handle the authentication, or it it simply ignores the proxy settings in IE.
  23. thank you for this suggestion, i enabled the java viewer. set it to port 8888 but all i get is a "page cannot be displayed" error. i restarted the service, changed the port three times, disabled my firewall. nothing worked... anyway, its not exactly what i had in mind, but if nothing else comes up i will propably use this if i ever get it to work that is
  24. ive already heard of these remote desktop web connections, but from what i know about them, they need much bandwidth. i also tried to deploy them twice, at home but i could never log in. i did everything by the book but my credentials were always refused. what i have in mind is very simple: for starters: you have a form field, type in a console command, an it is executed on the server. of course, to do just this, telnet/ssh would be a better alternative. as i said, i would like to also view logs, maybe execute certain preconfigured command lines by clicking a link for example. just like the w
  25. *bump* there has to be something out there! id even consider ASP/IIS solutions.
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