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  1. for your first problem: try using FullUnattended and leave the entries that you want to customize blank. i havent tried that at all, but it might just work.
  2. you can also try the "last known good configuration". and shutdown all services that you dont need
  3. for pausing the batch file you can use sleep.exe. you can find it on http://unattended.msfn.org/global/downloads.htm
  4. HP are the best imho. i have had only good experiences with them. all the DELL PCs /Notebooks i know, didnt last more than 2 years.
  5. you could drop MS an email and ask them if its possible
  6. use "dropmyrights.exe" for your browser and mail program, and the chances that you get infected with either spyware or any virus is non- existant.
  7. strange that this didnt happen to anyone using the trial version, i imagine that the files should be the same. but i will try to copy the missing files, thx edit: that was the only file missing, it works now! thank you very much for your work!
  8. does this only work on the trial version of win2k3 server, or also on the full versions? i guess the 180 day trial limit will not be removed, will it? sorry if this has been answered before, but i dont want to read through 21 pages edit: this happened when i tried it in VMware using the the ful version of Win2k3.
  9. try copying the identification files (WIN51, WIN51IA,...) to the root of your hard drive.
  10. the funny thing is that they forgot the "crtl shift esc" shortcut, in that list
  11. on my machine there is virtually no difference. lol, just dont use IE and most of the security problems are gone. about time these features are integrated, other browsers have these functions for a long time already. Thats because almost all the world uses IE and some pages are coded for IE. IE handles some code the wrong way, and ignores some attributes, which makes it difficult to code pages that work the same in all browsers. Since most of the World dont know (or dont care) that there are better browsers out there, some webdesigners dont code for them. Im not a firefox fan (see my signat
  12. i imagine that it must be strange if half of windows is in english and the other half german unfortunately there is nothing you can do except reinstall. the Laguage Pack (MUI) is only available for the english version of windows. download the patches in german slipstream them and reinstall, that should do the trick an easier way of accomplishing this would be using the update pack that is available at this site: http://www.winfuture.de but be careful to download the latest version, because there are also older versions available.
  13. i dont like the name "Vista" but i think this will change as i get used to it.
  14. you may need to change your bios settings in order to boot from the CD
  15. my french isnt very good but i would suggest that you slipstream the service pack again and that you recreate the boot folders.
  16. create a batch file that creates the image and launch it with your auto play menu.
  17. so you tried it, and it actually found errors! that could mean that it really works.
  18. if the entries in winnt.sif dont work try this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...ndpost&p=352817
  19. i created a floppy image of the "windiag" tool. its a memory testing tool from microsoft ( the link has been postet on this board, but i cant remember where ) anyway, i run this floppy image from my multi boot dvd like this: bcdw windiag.ima now my question is this: is it actually possible for this memory testing application to find errors when run through bcdw? i dont know the inner workings of bcdw but i was thinking maybe bcdw reserves some memory space, or creates a virtual environment that the floppy image can use to run. That would mean that the windiag tool never has access to all of
  20. i couldnt get bcdw to work with iso files. only floppy images. but i also havent tried very hard
  21. even after using the "tuneup shredder"? i have to admit i never tried it but from what ive read, this software should overwrite the files deleted that way. you shouldnt be able to recover them.
  22. "tuneup utilities 2004" can do that. they add the "tuneup shredder" to the right click menu of every file, which physically deletes it. http://www.tune-up.com/
  23. click -> start -> run and type msconfig goto the startup tab, and check the list. if there is any program that you dont know, or dont want to execute at startup, uncheck it.
  24. thanks for the suggested improvements, i didnt know that the definitions were also available on symantecs ftp (i didnt know where) but i guess they both get updated at the same time.
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