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  1. opera became free didnt it? is there still a need to register?
  2. you could also try modifying HIVESYS.inf in order to add commands to the runonceex key, im not sure if thats what you wanted though
  3. as far as i know it only modifies this directory: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 but i could be wrong
  4. switches really are the best way to silently install applications. alternatively you could use scripts or repack the app into an sfx archive but this requires even more work. i would suggest that you check out the unattended guide for silent switches for the most commonly used apps, and if you cant find what youre looking for, you can still search the forums, or post a new topic. sometimes you can also find information about silent installation of an app, on the programs homepage.
  5. a few days ago hackers broke into the official amd-forums and planted a manipulated .wmf in order to infect the pcs of the visitors. after people complained about it, amd fixed it: http://news.zdnet.com/2100-1009_22-6033068.html as you can see, you dont even have to visit illegal websites to get infected.
  6. @alanoll not only people who illegaly download mp3's are affected by this vulnerability in winamp. there are already websites exploiting it, they do not require user interaction. simply visiting them can infect you pc (through winamp) with spyware and viruses: http://sunbeltblog.blogspot.com/2006/02/wi...9953448796.html
  7. i tried that. i opened the installer with winrar, saw that it was really little more than an sfx archive. i changed the command line to what you suggest, but it still asks for a restart and doesnt create any icons. at least for me.
  8. will the original msts also work with the new 7014 version? i know, that i could try it myself but im just too lazy
  9. this is not a very reliable method. i tried it several times, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt. sometimes icons were created, other times the application was installed properly but no icons were created. i do however have problems when i do it exactly how keytotime recommends it. the installer never finishes the creation of the administrative installation point, it always asks for a cab file that isnt there. my installer file is also called nero.msi instead of nerosuite.msi.
  10. try this: rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
  11. autorun.inf change, the line that says "icon=...."
  12. i tried copying the 7012 files over the old ones, hoping that they would be compatible, but even after that the installer asks for a cab file that isnt there. and ive got another problem, when i use your guide, and the mst you posted, with the 7000 version, the installation doesnt even start. it quits before doing anything. but i guess thats because the mst you published only works with the newer version of nero.
  13. great guide i havent tried it yet though is it possible to keep more than just nero and nero tools? how would i have to modify your guide to achieve that? do i have to change the mst? or just leave the folders?
  14. i encountered the following problems, when trying this method: my pc reboots i have no start menu entries it ignores the config file any news on these issues?
  15. i encountered the following problems, when trying this method: my pc reboots i have no start menu entries it ignores the config file any news on these issues?
  16. by "correctly" you mean not unattended? i dont see what this would change. it shouldnt make any difference as far as i know.
  17. the wsus server in my test network doesnt roll out Office 2003 sp2. i have 4 clients, where a slipstreamed version of office 2003 sp1 was installed. on the "status" tab of 3 of the 4 computers the update is shown as "not required". which is obviously wrong. i installed sp2 manually on one client and its status tab shows sp2 as "installed". i configured the wsus server to automatically synchronise, and install required updates, service packs, ... on all clients. can anybody tell me why service pack 2 of office 2003 is shown as "not required"? all other updates are rolled out correctly. its as
  18. it works the way, mickmack said. just put this command in wpi: %CDROM%\Retestrak\MUI\MUISETUP.exe /i 0406 0413 040b 040c 0407 0410 0816 0419 0c0a 041D 041f /d 0409 /r /s thats the way it has to work. there shouldnt be any additional steps required. you shouldnt have to use an answer file. maybe you should try it with one language first. you could install an english windows in vmware, and run a command like this from a dos-prompt MUISETUP.exe /i 0406 /d 0406 /r /s
  19. the command string looks ok. maybe double check the language ids, and the path?
  20. if youre into using the latest virus definitions that symantec puts out, you will want to use this path: ftp.symantec.com/AVDEFS/symantec_antivirus_corp/rapidrelease/ the rapid release updates are not very well tested (false positives could happen more often) but they are released every hour, and provide the most current protection against viruses.
  21. MUISETUP.exe /i xxxx /d yyyy /r /s xxxx = language id to be installed yyyy = language id, of the default language you want to set. /r /s = are used for silent installation. executing muisetup.exe /? reveals even more useful options
  22. if nothing else works, boot with bartpe and open the registry in bartpe's registry editor.
  23. try adding the following entry to the hosts file: <domain controller ip> <domain name> you can use FQDNs (eg. company.com) or netbios (eg. company) names. both should work. now that there is a static mapping between the domain and one domain controller, your laptop has to find the domain. if its still not working it has to be a connectivity issue.
  24. try start-run-"sfc /SCANNOW" you will need your windows XP cd sfc scans all your system files and replaces them with the original if it has been altered
  25. if i remember correctly, the setup uses the first partition with enough free space, and no windows installed. im not sure but i think there is no way to change this. you can however use: [Data] AutoPartition=0 [unattended] FileSystem=* and choose the partition manually
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