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  1. Nuhi is right..... I could not run nlite while Kaspersky was running. Exited the Kaspersky & now can run nlite simply on my Vista x64 ultimate...
  2. Hi friends, I have 5 partitions on a Terabyte Hard Drive: 1. C: boot partition holding XP MCE 32bit 2. D: Data and software 3. E: Songs and movies 4. G: Games installed 5. V: proposed for Vista, its last partition on the drive Now the problem in detail. I want to dual boot normal 32bit XP Media Centre Edition with Vista x64. But since I cannot run x64 setup from within XP, I have to start the Vista x64 installation from bootable DVD. But when installing from DVD, it re-assigns all drive letters afresh as per their physical occurrence on the Hard Drive. What it will do is: 1. D boot partition holding XP MCE 32bit 2. E: Data and software 3. F: Songs and movies 4. G: Games installed 5. C: Vista x64 installed, last partition on the drive So it tends to assign System partition the Drive letter as C: and as you know the disk management doesn’t allow you to change drive letter of your System as well boot partition which is Partition 1 and 5. So I’m stuck with V: being C: and actual C: being D: in Vista x64. Rest of the partitions can be assigned any Driver letter desired. Is there any way, some answer file, some other workaround so that I can supply partition information to Vista x64 during install time so that it lets me have the drive letters assigned same as XP32bit ?? I’m desperately looking for a solution to this. Thx & Regards
  3. @SpaceSurfer, Thx for the ellaboration.... 1. Yes My ACTIVe partion was partition 1 on which XP resides(resided) & Vista put its bootmgr on that for sure. 2. I did not copy that file while formatting the XP partition, so it was LOST 3. I HAVE re-installed XP now on the ACTIVE partition C:, Tried Vista DVD to repair, it detects the problem with boot options but can not fix it. 4. I have used Vista boot pro before, so w'd give it a try. My only concern is that since it won't be knowing where my Vista is, i'll have to manually give it partition no. where Vista is..
  4. Hi friends, Sorry if its asked b4 but i just found one old thread while searching the board, revealing no confirmed way to my question. Basically I have 3 partitions on my 320gb HDD C: ---> XP D: ---> Data V: ----> Vista Last night my XP died, & I had to reformat my C: so now i can't boot into Vista. I used the VISTA DVD to boot from it & it detect the problem with Boot but doesn't repair it. I was wondering, other than that wizard base repair, is there no recovery console FIXBOOT/FIXMBR like option on vista. Something that u can do "manually"?? or may be I'm missing the proper way. Pls point me on how to just restore Vista bootloader so that i can boot into my Vista safely without fear to loose XP bootloader. Thx
  5. i know most of us have seen, "How to Install Windows Vista from a high speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive" where u use these commands 1. diskpart 2. select disk 1 3. clean 4. create partition primary 5. select partition 1 6. active 7. format fs=[i][b]fat32[/b][/i] 8. assign 9. exit 10. xcopy d:\*.* /s/e/f e:\ (Copy Windows Vista's DVD ROM content to the Flash Drive E:) being a sys admin I always carry my USB hard drive (Transcend Storejet 160gb). Its partitioned as single NTFS & not FAT32 as mentioned in the above code. I can't boot from the USB hard drive even though the bios supports it. I tried FixMBR on the USB hdd but it still din't work. All I get is "NTLdr missing". Is there no way i can use my 2.5" USB hard drive to boot & install Vista from it, just like i'd do from a FlashDrive ?? any pointers pls, im desperate at achieving this. Thx
  6. hi to all, I checked whole lot of google but din't find a solution. I installed Vista on my D:, then since its trial was over I removed Vista using the command <Vista DVD>\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force then Removed two files Boot.BAK & Bootsect.BAK from C:\ Problem now is i can't delete the installation folders D:\program files, D:\windows from within my XP installation. it says Access Denied. Funny thing is, i booted to a winPE cd & tried deleting still it says Access Denied. I'm yet to try it using a linux bootable but i can't understand why the hell it is so diff. to delete those folders. What the hell of permissions is blocking me. Can the seniors suggest some way out. I can't let 6gb choked on my D:...... thx
  7. Hi, May be this has been asked before but I c'd not spot it. Is it possible to make an unattended install of Vista which can Just ENABLE ADMINISTRATOR & login straight as ADMINISTRATOR without running that OOBE@#$# or whatever "first login" sequence is called. I guess it will save me atleast 10 mins on my home PC where i always need to be logged in as Administrator. another tip i needed, is it possible to disable UAC at install time ? but more importantly, I need my ADMINISTRATOR a/c preactivated during install time. Thx
  8. Hi all, just got a new VAIO, with VISTA HOME BASIC preisntalled. I have experience with VISTA for past 4-5 months now, but the "ultimate" betas only. in which u just login with the First user u make, which is an Admin by default & then enable ADMINISTRATOR from the user control snap-in. But in VISTA HOME BASIC the snap-in doesn't load & says to use user account Icon from control panel. I have tried my whole knowledge & even googled alot but all methods point to the same above way i use for ultimate, but since there is no "USERs & groups" section in the computer management, how am i supposed to enable administrator a/c so i can login. Pls gurus, help me out, I need a clue badly. Thx
  9. Well I know that applet, but if u check there it just lets u associate a filetype with a single player & that too in a dumb "open With" sort of way. If i wanna associate the AVI file with 3 different players with some custom parameters, there is no way to do that. I guess the SP style File type association dialog was literally omitted. Any more suggestions ?
  10. hello to all , just seek some info on WHAT all do u need to do the Automated install of VISTA. Im talking specifically abt the WAIK. on the net sometime before all u had for WAIK was a doc 2.26mb in size but there was no pkg which had the Image manager & other Actuall tools needed. somewhere i read its part of BDD 2007 so i checked that too but c'd not find the tools that the WAIK doc. refers to. today i just spotted http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en & there is a 900mb pkg there to be downloaded. so i just seek confirmation is that the one I'd require ?? Thx
  11. I have been using vista for testing purposes for a month now, & One big quirk i came across is that Microsoft just omitted the File type association Dialog where u can manipulate associations with different programs. I normall Do this for AVIs, MKVs & other media file so as to run them with VLC, Media Player Classic, & some other software. has someone figured out a way to do that ?
  12. Hello everyone may be bumping an old query but is there a workaround available to make M-audio Revo 5.1 work in XP MEdia Centre Edition? the official Drivers aren't compatible but since its VIA envy24 chipset - is some workaround possible? Thx pls
  13. For 8 days Im looking desperately place where u can edit the File types & associate them with ur applications using custom parameters. even googling doesn't yield me much result other than I got this program "File Type Doctor" which has proved useless. I dug some registry & found that vista has a little different way of storing filetype assoc. Anyone who has done it properly. I know this method "In Control Panel Classic View, open Default Programs and then click Associate a file type or protocol with a program." but it doesn't let u manually set anything in text.
  14. ok!! well I was wondering checking/unchecking it will just "remove" it from the tray. I rather w'd like them to be available, atleast the sound icon but w'd like them to he "hidden always". but MS seems to remove that hiding option for sound. anyone with a clue
  15. On my machine, it was nero showtime that made the error popup again n again. Unintalled it & its gone.

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