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  1. are your keyboard settings correct? try setting everything as you like, and then export these registry paths: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Keyboard Layout\Preload HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\Geo apply these registry settings on your next reinstall, and see if it works now
  2. this update method is for servers only, if im correct? anyway, i wrote my own update tool for clients. it uses grep, wget, and winrar. it downloads the newest definitions from here: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...ges/US-N95.html and extracts and applies them. you need to have winrar installed in its default directory (you can also edit the batch file of course). i attached almost all the files you will need to run it. just extract the "update.zip" into any folder, and run "update.cmd". there is one file you will have to download yourself, because it was too big, to attach to this
  3. i like livestate better, i always had problems with the boot disk that comes with acronis true image server. i cant remember what it was exactly, i think accessing a USB disk didnt work. livestates boot environment seems more stable. and that will be the important thing if your OS doesnt boot any more, and you need to restore it. the downside is, that in the livestate boot environment you cant create backups. you can only restore or browse them. With the Acronis boot disk, you can also create images. Another thing: Livestate really has problems when other programs lock the volume (=hard disk).
  4. i imagine a batch script using wget, could do the trick - ah well, maybe ill write it myself. thanks for the suggestion edit: seems like i was too slow
  5. Yeah, when I was using live update I had the same problem...just find a 3rd party method and add it to your task scheduler <{POST_SNAPBACK}> like what for example?
  6. well i dont know what to say, i believe you but i have set my live update to check once every day, and my defs are only updated once a week...
  7. i cant agree with that... symantec updates their definitions twice a week, maybe three times but thats it! Other AVs get updates every 3 hours! I once got infected with a Virus i got in an email. i also scanned the email attachement before opening it, but no virus was found... until the next day
  8. maybe its a hardware failure? try booting from CD or floppy and scan the HDD and the RAM for errors
  9. hover over the file with your mouse in the windows explorer, or right click on it, choose properties and click on the version tab.
  10. linux with samba server and webmin, would be an alternative. it may take more time to setup but linux was built for these kind of tasks. we setup a samba file server at school, and it ran for months without a reboot, and we never had to touch it again after it was setup. if your working in an active directory based environment however, youre better off using a windows operating system.
  11. are you trying to create a multiboot dvd? if you do, make sure you edited "txtsetup.sif" correctly.
  12. have you tried "last known good cofiguration" when pressing "F8" during boot? thats the only thing i can think of, that you havent already tried.
  13. i like having everything i need in one pack! But i can understand that its too much for those still having dialup connections. Thank you for your work Neanderthal! i just read the integration steps, and asked myself if it is possible to integrate the updates if i already have SP1 slipstreamed into my administrative installation point? edit: i already changed the batch file to suit my needs.
  14. ok, i couldnt create the file - the test was successful, thx!
  15. is there a way to test if this tool really works? because i can still delete files on my HD from within programs startet with dropmyrights
  16. lol, the guy that shows how to use the dropmyrights tool, has a "warez" folder on his c-drive
  17. if you do not happen to have an CRT, try to lower the resolution of your LCD monitor. if the size of the black spots increases, its your graphics card. if the size of one black spot is the same as the size of one pixel of your LCD its the monitor.
  18. i tried it, but there are too many applications that need administrator rights. i had limited success when using the runas command but it is the ugliest solution in my humble opinion. especially if used with the /savecred switch. ive read exploits that show how to get administrator rights from almost every application started as an administrator. it works like this: you use the "open file" or "save file as" dialog, that is present in almost every program. navigate to the task manager in c:\windows\system32. right click on it and choose open. since it has been started through an application r
  19. what you need is the MUI (=Multilingual User Interface Pack) it only works on the english version of windows. youd have to install the english version and then the turkish MUI pack. If you wanted to have Dutch and Turkish, you would have to install the MUI for both languages. But the MUIs are only given to Corporations that are part of a volume licensensing program as far as i know.
  20. maybe BSPlayer resets its Priority to normal by itself. Ive already seen applications doing that. Maybe you can set the priority in the players options
  21. where have you got the msi from? Do you still have the link? i would need it also.
  22. thx lost soul, but i already fixed my problem! there should be a way to customize this in the gui. i imagine that many less experienced people have this problem, and no clue how to fix it
  23. SOLUTION FOUND! Windows Post Install Wizard actually ignores the CDROM variable! i left the cmd script that looks for the drive disabled and looked around in the .js files that the WPI is composed of. among others, i found this line: if (FileExists(li[i]+'\\WPI.ico')) the problem in my case is, that i dont use the wpi.ico file to identify the dvd drive. after changing the file name to the one i use, everything worked! i really dont understand why there is a script in the .cmd file to identify the cdrom drive, if that variable isnt even used in the cmd file itself.
  24. also disable the "restart on system error" in the properties of "my computer". if ts a blue screen thats causing the reboots you can then read the error message.
  25. that sometimes happens when the signal strength is too low. if that isnt the case, there is not much you can do. you can either disable the security settings which is not recommended, or you could buy a wireless nic from the same company that built your router. as sad as it may be but network components of different brands, do not always work together well. especially when it comes to wireless networking.
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