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  1. Wow, how did I miss this! Would this driver work on990FX Sabertooth R2.0?
  2. I've tried running w2k on z77 but couldn't do it. Too bad, the z77x-UD5H is nice hardware.
  3. It's easy to share files in networked machines, both Windows and Linux. You have to set it up in each OS separately, e.g. in Linux you can create an exclusive owner for NTFS partitions in fstab, and that will restrict all other users. Otherwise Windows permissions are ignored by Linux OSes.
  4. Yes and no. You need *something* that will clone/copy over the Disk Signature (or remove drive letter assignment in DosDevices, which I presume is the "small registry trick" you are talking about). And you might well get away with using vshadow and dosdev together with robocopy (in "one pass"). In any case it is the "base" approach which is not "right", if in a networked environment, you may get issues with SID, computer names and what not. If you need to deploy a "same" operating system install to several PC's you normaly use "deploy tools", such as Sysprep, or in the case of different hardware, Offline Sysprep: http://www.911cd.net...hp?showforum=43 (also handy in the case of "same" hardware) jaclaz Right, you need to tweak \DosDevices\C: , I do it by batch file or VBS. It works just fine, it should be a piece of cake if all machines are identical. Copies all files from running OS and the clone is bootable and ready to use.
  5. You don't need Clonezilla or Acronis TrueImage, the built-in robocopy.exe will do just fine. However, to backup/copy/clone a live running system you need an alternate method of copying the registry (like erunt) and then apply a small registry tweak to make it bootable. I've used this to create bootable backups for years, works in both 2000 & XP.
  6. Intel graphics HD-3000? If it works in XP maybe the driver will work in 2000 as well. Have you tried?
  7. I have Win2000 running on the latest asus sabertooth with UEFI bios and no problems at all. I expect to run 8-core CPU soon.
  8. Have you tried opening the System hive off-line from another instance of Win2k or XP? REG.EXE load "HKLM\_offline_" ...\system Then it's just a database.
  9. Have you tried \system32\regedt32.exe > Security > Permissions ?
  10. I have downgraded two times on my netbook. First from the slow Windows 7 to the faster XP, and second from XP to 2000. The only thing missing is, aside my webcam, the other core of the Intel Atom. Win2000 supports dual core CPUs, even quads.
  11. Since only 5 people bought Windows 8 maybe MS should publish an update for Windows 2000 for $10 license fee to all registered users. I would gladly pay the $10 provided they don't screw it up like they did with their other OSes.
  12. fsutil is giving me "access denied" fsutil file setshortname "C:\Program Files" C:\PROGRA~1 Error: Access is denied.
  13. jaclaz I ran the following batch in recovery console. So renaming doesn't generate SFNs!? set AllowAllPaths = True ren "Documents and Settings" "Documents and Settings1" ren "Program Files" "Program Files1" ren "Documents and Settings1" "Documents and Settings" ren "Program Files1" "Program Files"
  14. lol, I was hoping somebody would give me answers, like some utility that re-generates SFNs. I don't have PE, new SFNs work fine now, I'm just surprised that chkdsk doesn't fix it.
  15. I have 2 storage dirs, one has all the files needed by W7 and the other Win2k. I move one OS out to storage and the other one in, and vice versa, so I share the partition between 2 OSes, follow? I do the moving in Linux, that’s how the SFNs get destroyed. I thought renaming to something else and back would re-create the SFNs.
  16. Dir /x shows no SFNs, NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation = 0
  17. I have an installation where "Program Files" and "Documents and Settings" have no short filenames. I know how the short filenames were destroyed but don't know how to recreate them. A running OS won't let you rename them, so I renamed them in Recovery console, but still no SFNs. Any ideas?
  18. Pretty snazzy. Can you give Mint a Vista/Win7 (or even Longhorn) look? --JorgeA Mint has stayed away from transparent windows and other Windows-like bling. But there are Theme editors so you can bake your own. Same thing with gkrellm (right side of my desktop), a very useful app but its UI is very ugly, so I tweaked my own Theme with a text editor in less than 5 minutes. I’d be happy to upload it if anybody’s interested. Ububtu is the most advanced distro but has the W8-like Mickey Mouse UI, however you can install Ubu 12.10 then add the MATE desktop with instructions in http://mate-desktop.org Lots of choices
  19. OK 1. Link is not downloading but appears to be Gurglemyer's SP51 2. IE6 -- can skip if you're using Firefox? 3. For people that don't know HFSLIP can they just nLite OnePiece_Windows_2000_Post-SP4_UpdatePack_v5.0.2_FINAL_ENU.7z instead? 4. nLite Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-d121114-x86-ENU.7z ? Or to simplify creating an install CD -- nlite items 1,3,4 above in that order?
  20. And, again: .... and since they run connected to an UPS and there is a backup Power Generator serving the building, these machines were NOT ever switched off in case of power outage (only for actual hardware faults or intentionally for due maintenance/cleaning). kids today, just kids having fun ... http://www.imdb.com/...es?qt=qt0298600 jaclaz Yep, Win2k and Win2k3 are definitely the best OSes MS ever made. Mint has a ready-made WinME/2000 Theme for those that prefer simple windows with no pimping (see screenshot above).
  21. And we all got what you meant , the only difference being the stance on this objective piece of info: Tripredacus thinks that measuring uptime and using it to make a point, *any* point about "good" or "bad" OS is meaningless metricsjaclaz thinks that while it is generally speaking meaningless metrics, the actual amount of uptime used in the given example is so trifling small that even IF uptime actually had some meanings, 26 days of it mean nothing anywayjorgeA thinks that uptime is meaningful and - in order to prove it - compares the meanigless 26 days of your Linux with his meaningless 1 day uptime experience with 7 BTW, anyone with enough hardware power can run multiple Operating Systems in multiple Virtual Machines, if you want something more "real" (in order to make a comparison) get CoLinux : http://www.colinux.org/ jaclaz My best uptime is Windows 2000, it runs for months and only goes down when there is a power outage. I only mentioned uptime because when I installed Windows 7 on the same hardware it BSODed regularly coming out of suspend S3. More importantly VirtualBox was crashing and W7 put in "compatibility mode". So I deleted W7 and installed Mint 13, which has never crashed so far, and VirtualBox runs better under Linux than it does in Windows (probably by design). So here is Mint 13 on my 2nd machine running Windows 7 and 2000, everything is in Windows Classic Look. Uptime as you can see on the right-side window: 7 days, 23 hrs
  22. I've said that if Microsoft doesn't make it so that I can avoid their Metro thing altogether, then when Windows 7 support runs out my screen will start looking like this. --JorgeA What distro is that? Mint MATE 14 was just released, has latest kernel to support Intel z77 platform. Here's my old Ubuntu, with only 8 GB memory, can run simultaneously Windows 2000, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview.
  23. I think that Phenomic was making the point that his Linux system is less crash-prone than Windows is perceived to be. Why, I have a brand-new Windows 7 machine, and got my first BSOD one day into owning it when I tried to install the graphics card driver offered by Windows Update. --JorgeA Thank you, yes that's what I meant, my new Mint OS has not BSODed or required a reboot during the first month. And for whatever Windows apps I need I'm running a Windows virtual machine as a guest OS with VirtualBox. With 16 GB memory you can easily run 4-5 OSes simultaneously.
  24. wow, you guys are doing so much work! So from your list I need "898465 Scsiport.sys 5.0.2195.7071. SP5" whereas I'm running 5.0.2195.7059. I wish I had time to play with all this, with the failure of Windows 8 win2k remains MS' best OS ever. I still wish there was one file that any user can download and run to have all updates (perhaps with an uninstall option for only for modified KBs that have not been thoroughly tested.) I noticed your note at the bottom re. Hotstream, if it has to do with vbs script to modify registry I'd be happy to help.
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