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  1. Did you perhaps mean the opposite? Yep blackwingcat released a new version of his kernel some time ago and I'm going to add those files to UURollup-v11 daily. You can expect it in the next few days. When you install an updated UURollup-v11-xxxx, do you have to first uninstall the existing one?
  2. AVG for Linux will scan NTFS partitions, ext4 partitions, mounted network shares and virtual machines.
  3. There's lots of bitching about it in the Adobe forum. Just run some youtube video and you'll see.
  4. Thank you, I know how to do that, Sysinternals has command line utilities too. But it doesn't solve the problem, Windows will still not auto-suspend based on Power Preferences, because page scripts are sending bogus key events. Linux works fine for some reason.
  5. Using Firefox, Youtube does it, all Flash containers do it. They're trying to prevent screen blanking (or machine suspending) while video is playing. It's known behavior, many have complained about it.
  6. No, I think that Flash scripts generate bogus mouse/keyboard events on a timer.
  7. My win7 machine is a home-theater, used like a TV in many ways. I have a suspend timeout of 2 hours in Power Preferences. If there’s no keyboard/mouse activity for 2 hours I expect the machine to suspend S3. However, if there’s Flash video in the browser, even if it’s not playing, the PC will never shut off. It looks like this malware-like behavior is by design, and that the user’s system-wide power preferences are being defeated by web pages scripted by ignorant people. Any ideas how to force auto-suspend?
  8. I'm getting the black background in the taskbar, but About Firefox dialog looks fine. Must be a transparency issue, a trivial matter considering FF 23.0 works just fine. BTW, Firefox Auto-update works, so you don't have to download and install manually.
  9. I managed to get version 2.15 started with Compatibility Launcher. Is it safe to run? It seems to recognize only the newer NTFS format, i.e. Win7 in my case. If you set "Show Unmounted drives", General tab in Options then all drives are listed.
  10. 640x480?! There's no need to go back to the 1980s, you can use the latest AMD 8-core CPUs and NVIDIA video including USB 3.0.
  11. I've tried, there is no Win2k graphics driver for AMD APUs or Intel z77 or any CPU with embedded video hardware.
  12. I have no anti-virus at all in win2k. I run mostly Linux on the same machine and check both w2k & w7 disks with AVG Free for Linux.
  13. I think you can also create user.js in profile directory and add: user_pref("app.update.url.override", "https://aus3.mozilla.org/update/3/%PRODUCT%/%VERSION%/%BUILD_ID%/%BUILD_TARGET%/%LOCALE%/%CHANNEL%/Windows_NT%");
  14. OK, new name = app.update.url.override Value https://aus3.mozilla.org/update/3/%PRODUCT%/%VERSION%/%BUILD_ID%/%BUILD_TARGET%/%LOCALE%/%CHANNEL%/Windows_NT%
  15. Thank you. I have in about:config , "app.update.url" with default value "https://aus3.mozilla.org/update/3/%PRODUCT%/%VERSION%/%BUILD_ID%/%BUILD_TARGET%/%LOCALE%/%CHANNEL%/%OS_VERSION%/%DISTRIBUTION%/%DISTRIBUTION_VERSION%/update.xml" You said to create new key "app.update.url.override" and replace "%OS_VERSION%" with "Windows_NT% 20 (x86)" ?
  16. ok it worked this time, default download is "Firefox Setup Stub 22.0.exe" but full version "Firefox Setup 22.0.exe" works for mauall install. I wonder why it stopped auto-updating though.
  17. I'm running Firefox 21.0 but "check for updates" says "Firefox is up to date". If I download the v22.0 installer it says it needs XP sp2.
  18. I could not get the video working on A8 APU either.
  19. Don't know Brazos, for 15h CPUs you can use AMD PSCheck for Windows, and there's a new Linux utility similar to k10ctl.
  20. I think k10stat doesn't work with Family 15h CPUs.
  21. I just double-clicked the IE6.0SP1xxxxx ... I thought "root" is only in Linux. Anyway, I reinstalled and applied the two IE6.0SP1 before the UURollup and everything worked. I left out the ASMedia driver, the 30 sec. delay/timeout is too annoying. The Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 is the best mobo ever for win2000. I'm gonna try the 8-core AMD Steamroller when it comes out. ... and a correction: the latest driver from NVIDIA did not install with directX support. And I think it only installed partially because I had already installed and tweaked your "nvw2k26658d", otherwise "nVIDIA Display 270.61 for Windows 2000 " is the better solution. Thank you.
  22. So the fatherland security service is spying on us with itty-bitty drones? What should I do? Get my own Linux-controlled drone-lets and shoot them down? What if vaterland sicherheitsdienst sends even bigger drones? Can you just swat them with your tennis racquet?
  23. I re-installed without the ASMedia. Windows2000-UURollup-v11-d20130312-x86-ENU.7z -- ok IE6.0SP1-KB2792100-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE -- error IE6.0SP1-KB2797052-WINDOWS2000-X86-ENU.EXE -- same error Crypto service is loaded. Both ie6 updates get to the install form but unload it immediately and pop the error msg. Then I tried the newer Windows2000-UURollup-v11-d20130427-x86-ENU.7z ... same error with ie updates. Firefox Setup 21.0.exe -- OK with Compatibility Launcher, Hardware accelerations is on but FF is still working. Latest Flash 11.7.700.202 -- ok Latest java from oracle jre-7u21-windows-i586.exe -- OK Latest fron NVidia 314.22-desktop-winxp-32bit-english-whql.exe -- ok but only manually through device mgr. gdi++ is awesome, without it win2k would have been unusable. Anything else to install?
  24. I guess there are no drivers for HDMI audio(?)... I think it's only needed if you use an HDMI cable out. I noticed the suspend delay right after I installed the ASMedia SATA driver, so that was easy. Then I looked in event viewer and there it was -- asahxp322.
  25. There is also a 15-30 sec. delay when shutting down. If anybody is troubleshooting asahxp32.inf this is what I get form sysinfo: Item Value Name Asmedia 106x SATA Controller Caption Asmedia 106x SATA Controller Driver asahxp32 Status OK PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0612&SUBSYS_84B71043&REV_01\4&39632889&0&0020 Device ID PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0612&SUBSYS_84B71043&REV_01\4&39632889&0&0020 Device Map Not Available Index Not Available Max Number Controlled Not Available IRQ Number 44 I/O Port 0xD050-0xD057 I/O Port 0xD040-0xD043 I/O Port 0xD030-0xD037 I/O Port 0xD020-0xD023 I/O Port 0xD000-0xDFFF Driver c:\winnt\system32\drivers\asahxp32.sys (69016, built by: WinDDK) Name Asmedia 106x SATA Controller Caption Asmedia 106x SATA Controller Driver asahxp32 Status OK PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0612&SUBSYS_84B71043&REV_01\4&7596680&0&0028 Device ID PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0612&SUBSYS_84B71043&REV_01\4&7596680&0&0028 Device Map Not Available Index Not Available Max Number Controlled Not Available IRQ Number 46 I/O Port 0xC050-0xC057 I/O Port 0xC040-0xC043 I/O Port 0xC030-0xC037 I/O Port 0xC020-0xC023 I/O Port 0xC000-0xCFFF Driver c:\winnt\system32\drivers\asahxp32.sys (69016, built by: WinDDK) Name AMD SATA AHCI Controller Caption AMD SATA AHCI Controller Driver ahcix86 Status OK PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4391&SUBSYS_84DD1043&REV_40\3&267A616A&0&88 Device ID PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4391&SUBSYS_84DD1043&REV_40\3&267A616A&0&88 Device Map Not Available Index Not Available Max Number Controlled Not Available IRQ Number 19 I/O Port 0xF040-0xF047 I/O Port 0xF030-0xF033 I/O Port 0xF020-0xF027 I/O Port 0xF010-0xF013 I/O Port 0xF000-0xF00F Driver c:\winnt\system32\drivers\ahcix86.sys (207664, 3.2.1540.53 built by: WinDDK)
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