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  1. So do you have an ASmedia driver that will work with Asus Sabertooth R 2.0?
  2. Right, good idea, that has happened to me before, Win2k rebooted 3-dozen times to reconfigure but worked.
  3. Try Linux Mint 13 MATE, has classic start button & customizable taskbar. My current uptime is 26 days and no more Windows BSODs.
  4. I did try, thats why I started this thread. We need Intel AHCI driver. Video for the HD 4000 would be nice too. AMD is much better, it's a straightforward install on the latest hardware, I expect to have Win2k on 8-core Vishera and Steamroller without any problem on the latest Sabertooth.
  5. Any news? Has anybody booted Win2k on the z77 platform with integrated hd4000 video?
  6. I use vlc, version 1.1.11 is the last that seems to work in Win2k. and MPC-HomeCinema, version 1.3.1249.0 works, more recent ones don't.
  7. Maybe this? Yeah that works, I use it here for example, but it's only useful if you know for sure that the share is available. If a machine on your network is off line or suspended then what?
  8. Yes, r1/r3 are for error handling, strValue is a pointer to the actual string. It was just an example, snippet only. To make it work you can first run: REG.EXE load "HKLM\_offline_ to load any registry file (e.g. \system32\config\system), then at the end: REG.EXE unload "HKLM\_offline_" For testing purposes, I used an off-line hive so I don't screw with my actual registry.
  9. I don't know but probably will work. I think I just enjoy playing around with these CMD scripts In this particular case probably gsar will be indeed better as yesterday when I was running the script CMD.EXE ate up almost ~2GB of RAM 2 GB huh, lol, that must have been a bad memory pointer. VBS might be better for large string manipulation. MS officially states that REG.EXE cannot write binary values to the registry, but it can be done very reliably, example: const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002 strComputer = "." Set StdOut = WScript.StdOut Set oReg=GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" &_ strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv") strKeyPath = "_offline_\MountedDevices" r1 = oReg.GetBinaryValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,"\DosDevices\Y:",strValue) r3 = oReg.SetBinaryValue(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,"\DosDevices\Y:",strValue) For i = lBound(strValue) to uBound(strValue) StdOut.Write Hex(strValue(i)) & " " Next
  10. There's no driver for 2K and the one for XP refuses to work (at least on my system) I tried the XP driver too, it didn't work. But on a brighter note, win2k fetches network shares faster and more reliably than Win7. The only problem is that it doesn't remember network share passwords and prompts you every time.
  11. I'm googling but can't find ASMedia SATA driver for Win2k. Any ideas? Also, how do you get Windows 2000 to remember your network share passwords?
  12. I am completely failing to see what has in common "installing Windows 2000 on a CF card" with "installing Office 97 on a WIndows 7 OS" jaclaz You'll see if you read the post. I was installing Microsoft office 97 in win2k on CF card.
  13. It feels intimidated by the size of the OS install? It is most probably some "supporting DLL" and/or Registry setting (and filesystem pemissions) that has changed, it should be possible with some tweak/tricks, but it seems to me like it is an "isolated" problem you are having, there are several reports of success in installing, BUT the issue you should be aware is this: http://news.softpedi...ge-130365.shtml If I were you I would try in a "fresh" Windows 7 VM, first. The issues with installing seem to come with the SR's: http://www.win7heads...indows-7-a.html jaclaz Thank you. I ran into this when I was installing Windows 2000 on a flash drive. The answer was to copy the install CD to the OS partition and installing from there. I have old VBA scripts that I use for financial applications, and I really don't want to buy a new version of MS office and rewrite the all the VB code (because I only use it once a month). It's much simpler to run Win2k in VM.
  14. I have grammar/spellcheck for 3 European langueages in Word 97, it wasn't included though I had to downlaod them. Do you know why o97 doesn't install in Windows 7?
  15. Thank you. The last official version that works is jdk-6u31-windows-i586.exe, free download form Oracle.
  16. I added 2 lines to BlackWingCat's NV4_DISP.INF in the right section: NVIDIA_DEV.1244.01 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti" %NVIDIA_DEV.1244.01% = Section005, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1244 So now win2k does not reject the driver. You can also select GTS 450 (near identical GPU to my GTX 550 Ti.) Win2k rocks !
  17. Most wireless managers work but make explorer intermittently hang for 1-2 minutes... except for BVRP Connection Manager Lite, download the older version (Engine, it doesn't hang.
  18. I found the same with Gigabyte mobos, they boot an existing installation just fine but get stuck in text mode in a fresh install. Could be a BIOS bug, you'll do much better with Asus boards. I did get it installed, as you can see, but it was a lot of work. Maybe it just needs the newer 2004 version of ntldr.
  19. What's wrong with running Windows 2000 as a virtual machine? I run it under Linux, it doesn't need any drivers and uses the host's resources including USB 3.0 and SATA 6 GB and everything works
  20. What kind of errors did you get with UURollup? Have you installed any other unofficial updates (perhaps any BlackWingCat's updates)? I was copying a dir tree to a Win7 partition and error msg said that it "does NOT support long filenames". BSOD I don't remember, but if it's somewhere in the event viewer I can get it for you. I had no other updates, it was vanilla w2k + Gurglemeyer's service pack + BWC ahci and video driver.
  21. Thanks, it didn't work. The NVIDIA drivers in you link aren't loading, and I had to remove UUrollup because I got NTFS incompatibility bug and 1 BSOD. I was getting this: So I actually loaded the RIVA driver which didn't work of course, but somehow it activated the driver database so I was able to select GTX 580 Anyway, everything works now: Unrecognized PCI devices are ASMedia AHCI on PCI bus (no drivers fro win2k?). USB devices are USB3 (no driver). The 5 Unknown Devices are NVIDIA hight definition audio (BlackWingCat's driver nvw2k26658d doesn't include it?). //
  22. Something seems to be wrong. On my hardware configuration Win2k performs in Cinebench (very slightly but still) better than Windows 8. Even if there's a difference it shouldn't be that big. You may also want to test the system using CrystalMark. Thank you, do you have a link to UURollup? You'll notice that Cinebench shows 4C/4T for Win7 but only 4C in Win2k. So, Cinebench at least thinks that Win2k isn't capable of multi-threading.
  23. BlackWingCat's driver doesn't have an NVIDIA installer, so you have to install it through Device Manager. But when I point to the driver directory/INF Win2k doesn't find a hardware match, no driver. I can't remember how I did it the fist time... there was no GTX 550 Ti on the list, the closest was GTX 570, so I picked that and it works..
  24. ok some screenshots... 990fx, AM3+ socket, runs Bulldozer FX CPUs, also the upcoming Vishera maybe even Steamroller. GTX 550 Ti looks like GTX 570 System summary, page 1 System summary, page 2 Cinebench, the same system in Windows 7 gets 4.00 but under Win2k it gets 3.71, win2k CPU driver not as efficient... But graphics kicks butt, "D13P1-40/PCI..." is the NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti //
  25. Thank you, I just run Windows2000-UpdateRollup2-x86-ENU, it took forever. But now I have another problem. I had installed an NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti and used BlackWingCat's driver nvw2k26658d. I can't remember how I installed it but 550 Ti was not on the list so I selected GTX 570 and it worked. Now I put in another card also GTX 550 Ti but I can't install the driver. Any ideas?
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