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  1. Thank you. The driver is ASmedia ASM 106x SATA Controller, standard driver, works fine in UU and OS will boot off ASmedia controller. But cmdcons is a little OS on it's own. I see what you mean, floppy image on a flash drive. This requires more patience than I possess. If one could slipstream UURollup and the ASm driver, that CD will probably produce a booting cmdcons.
  2. winnt32.exe /cmdcons adds asahxp32.sys correctly, BUT asahxp32.sys needs the UU kernel to work. So I added the updated NTKRNLMP.EXE to cmdcons, makecab, done. But no boot. XP cmdcons works with w2k, I'd copy cmdcons from my XP but it doesn't have asahxp32.sys
  3. Yes UURollup. I used nLite to slipstream the Asmedia textmode driver, burned CD , then ran E:\\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons to re-create \cmdcons I actually don't know how to integrate drivers to an existing installation. Is it even possible? The OS with updated kernel can use asahxp32.sys but it seems cmdcons doesn't use that kernel, so it says, “asahxp32.sys is corrupted”.
  4. Is it possible to make the Recovery Console work when Win2k-UU boots from ASmedia ASM106x SATA Controller? I slipstreamed the Asmedia textmode driver, burned CD and used it to create \cmdcons, but console doesn’t load, “asahxp32.sys is corrupted”. BTW, Win2k-UU OS boots fine from ASmedia SATA Controller.
  5. I just made an HFSLIP iso with blackwingcat RC14 (above), testing as a VirtualBox VM, but Setup hangs at "Starting Windows 2000". I gave it 8GB memory, so I was really excited about that edit: Also, "The file usbhub.sys is corrupted".
  6. I have W2k on a Pentium II Thinkpad 770E running on 16GB flash drive (check my post from ~2 yrs ago). I wouldn't go lower than that.
  7. Ms office/word 97 works fine in win2k. You could do a quick Word macro to open files, save in rtf, close, repeat.
  8. I'm going to try 8-core eventually. As I posted above in post #21 I think it may run unthrottled. BTW, sorry for the missing pics in this thread, my AT&T ftp server went out of business.
  9. It's version 5.1.2599.63 Windows 2000 XP API Wrapper, PFW/BlackWingCat. Strange thing is, I'm also running a virtual machine Win2k-UU and there is NO kernelxp.dll in the file system.
  10. AVG is giving me virus alert in Win2K: WINNT/system32/kernelxp.dll Trojan horse Crypt2.CEIE Java/jv172w2k.cab:/KernelXP.dll Trojan horse Crypt2.CCBL nvw2k26658d/KernelXP.dll Trojan horse Crypt2.CEIE Any ideas?
  11. Intel may not work. AMD AM3 mobo with quad Phenom II and NVIDIA graphics would be the easiest for win2k.
  12. Hi. At first Uninstall old version Driver and delete Old oem*.* in %systemroot&\inf (only nvidia HDMI and graphics driver, don't delete other oem files) After reboot, install Graphic and HDMI driver manually with Device manager, and execute PhyXs,msi and setup cmd file and reboot. (nvidia.cmd is the command of reset selected "change resolution" ) Thank you. I installed 331.82, drivers work fine. setup.cmd runs OK but NVIDIA control panel is not loading, error. I added nv.reg but it doesn't help. Is setup.cmd successfully creating NVIDIA directories? 331.82 is a litle slower than 270.61
  13. Sorry. If you want to use NVDIA Control Panel , You must copy manually tools and execute regsrv32 dlls. The beta installer has not supported the tools installation yet. Is there a tutorial out there on how to do that? Thank you. I see 331.65 and 331.82 what is the best way to install?
  14. Could be a defective flash drive. Have you tried a different one?
  15. USB2 works fine in VBox though it is slow. USB3 doesn't. Is it a flash drive or what?
  16. Auto-update stopped working, hangs. I downloaded full version Firefox and it says it requires XP sp2 to work. Any ideas?
  17. Something shall happen if you just find enough patience to wait... or at least to read this thread. Thank you, yes it worked eventually. I'm running 4 OSes simultaneously on my workstation so I can't have XP hogging the CPU. My Linux host gets updated regularly without fuss or need for reboot.
  18. Same here, I run w2k as a guest VM under Linux all the time. Runs better, loads faster and you don't need any drivers.
  19. Same problem here, running XP as a virtual machine under Linux. CPU hits 100% and nothing happens. I think MS want to kill off XP hoping people will switch to Win8. Fat chance.
  20. So it works, the latest firefox version 23.0.1 auto-updated with "app.update.url.override". Thanks BWC.
  21. The only one I've installed is Windows2000-UURollup-v11-d20130312-x86-ENU.7z and it's working very nicely. I cannot image that the updater can do any harm since it's only installing some files and leaving the rest alone based on version check(?) The only thing that doesn't work is the latest Java 7 in Firefox 23. BTW, I've written a VBScript that does a live backup of W2k (or XP) to a different disk (or partition) and the copy is identical and bootable. I' be happy to post a link on my server if anybody wants to try it.
  22. Thank you. Can you try setting a suspend S3 timeout while flash video is playing? Some Flash containers keep a timer running even when the video is stopped (script loads with the page). I'm hoping that the days of Adobe flash are numbered.
  23. Just set auto-screen blanking to 10 mins and auto-suspend to 20 mins, then run some Flash video that is 30 min long or more, and you'll see for yourself. The machine will not suspend. Screen will blank temporarily, but then it will turn back on, as if it received keyboard event. I'm not too familiar with Linux APIs, but it could be that the Linux kernel can differentiate between real keystrokes and software-generated ones (whereas Windows can't). Whatever the reason, Linux strictly enforces system-wide POwer Manager settings. Microsoft has guidelines on what are inappropriate programming p
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