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  1. Issue when cloning XP to identical PC

    Well, I went back to the office... First thing I did was double check my BIOS settings. And for some reason the original source PC *was* set to IDE, and I had only changed the other three to AHCI. I don't know how that happened, I must have forgotten to save the changes when I exited the BIOS. I had intended to choose AHCI for its potential performance benefit, and then it occurred to me that was why I used nLite in the first place, to ensure it had the correct driver prepared. I switched the other three computers back to IDE and they all booted immediately. Though I guess I need to start over now anyway to get everything "legal"... Thanks to everyone who helped, and especially to cdob, I probably would have spent countless hours assuming I already had the proper BIOS settings, I only double checked myself because of your mentioning it.
  2. Issue when cloning XP to identical PC

    It is indeed 30 days. Not knowing how long it would be before I had the chance to set up the rest of the computers (it's *not* a part of my job, I volunteered to do it in my free time as available), and not wanting to fight with potential nag screens, I activated it.
  3. Issue when cloning XP to identical PC

    I suppose that means I will have to make another installation without using nLite (which I only used for convenience in the first place and wasn't necessary in the least, for some reason I was thinking I needed to run it through nLite before I could install from USB), and reinstall from that on the "source" PC... What about the license for WinSetupFromUSB? I don't see any mention of it in the thread, am I allowed to use that? If not, then I have an entirely new set of questions: What *can* I use? I do have 5 genuine and valid XP Pro licenses for my office. Legally I can only use one key per computer, but after each machine is configured I can activate them using their own keys. Aside from accidentally misusing nLite, have I broken rule 1.a? Edit: The "source" PC is already activated, because I needed to let the other employees use that computer for a while to make sure it was working fine and everything that needed to be installed was installed and everything that needed to be configured was configured. This way I didn't have to do the same thing on 4 separate computers, I just did it once and then *hoped* I could just make clones. The license issue never occurred to me, knowing that I had 5 available. Edit 2: Also I thought that creating the image and restoring using the Universal Restore option in TrueImage would have cleared up exactly that issue of using the drive in another computer. That's precisely what that feature of TrueImage is for, to be able to restore your backup to a hard drive that's going in a completely different PC using new hardware.
  4. Sata HDD not recognised

    How long did you wait for it to boot? Windows XP can take a very long time to boot if there is a hard drive installed that it has trouble accessing. Sometimes it will be stuck indefinitely, and sometimes it will eventually make it through and finish booting. If you have a mechanics stethoscope (or similar), you can listen more closely to tell if the drive is spinning. The sounds it makes on startup are very telling in what the problem may be.
  5. Issue when cloning XP to identical PC

    I see this thread was moved, however I originally posted in the general WinXP subforum because I wasn't sure that my issue had anything to do with either of the tools I had used in creating the initial installation. I mentioned them because I thought they may be relevant to the solution. I see no mention of that on nliteos.com. It only says Freeware, with no other stipulations specified. If that is not the case, then that was my mistake... Yes, it was 0x0000007b, not having the exact code next to me I just left out the obligatory 0x00's. There was however no other message or description aside from the generic text on every BSOD screen. There was no name or description. I did not make a note of the following codes (if there were any) because it was not my intention at the time to post here for assistance. And now that I have, I am not currently at the office so I can not confirm any further codes at this very moment. If needed, I will do so later. I've had a look at that page, and another linked at the bottom that sounds even more specific to my case (KB314082: You receive a Stop 0x0000007B error after you move the Windows XP system disk to another computer), however that one suggests the problem should not occur when the secondary computer has all of the same hardware. Other things mentioned in KB324103 (viruses, driver issues, etc) sound like they should also result in the cloned drive causing a BSOD when it's installed in the original "source" PC, however that does not happen. All three clones boot into Windows on the original PC. But all of the clones have the same BSOD when installed in the other three PCs. BIOS settings on each PC should all be the same defaults except for changing the SATA ports to AHCI, rather than their default which if I remember correctly was RAID. I will double-check my settings and report back. I suppose I could also try using the RAID and IDE settings instead of AHCI.
  6. I've built 4 identical PCs for my office. I installed XP Pro SP3 on one of them. I used nLite to include an Intel AHCI driver and pre-configure a few things. I also used WinSetupFromUSB because none of these PCs have optical drives. I installed all of the other required applications for work on it and let it free within the office for a couple of days to make sure it was working well and everything was set up as needed. Then the goal was to clone that drive to the remaining three, which I did with Clonezilla. I assumed that it would work fine since all of these computers use identical hardware, so Windows shouldn't think it's on new hardware and crash with the usual BSOD when you move a drive into another PC. But, each of the cloned systems start to boot, they show the XP boot screen for a short time, and then a BSOD with error code 7B. To confirm that my clones were successful, I removed a cloned drive and installed it into the original "source" PC. It boots right up, the same as the original. I figured I would just do an XP repair installation and everything should be fine. I started the repair, it seemed to finish successfully, then on the first boot I got a BSOD with code 6C if I remember correctly. Rather than begin troubleshooting this new issue, I figured I'd go back to step 1. I tried cloning the source drive again, this time using Acronis TrueImage, and used the Universal Restore option, installed the clone in a new PC and get the same BSOD 7B. Then I tried running sysprep on the original installation. I put the drive in another PC, BSOD 7b. Put it back in the original PC and it boots. I have some boot CDs (BartPE, UBCD, and the like) that may help diagnose or repair this issue, but they are on CD and as I said before, none of these PCs have optical drives. I also don't have the capability of plugging in an optical drive, as the motherboard has no IDE ports and I don't have any SATA optical drives available. It may be possible to get these boot CDs on USB, but I'm not going to go through the trouble on the off chance that one of them *might* be of some assistance. I do *not* want to set up three new computers from scratch, installing and configuring all the required software manually. But I'm running out of things to try to get my clones to work. Any suggestions? Or more information required?