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  1. Hi Jaclaz: Wow! U r genius on it, I even not discover the length of BIOSes are differents... BTW, don't push u, but look forwards of u on it... Once again, thx very much~ Ken
  2. Hi Jaclaz: Thanks! This is the different between a developer/programmer and a electronic hobbist. Look forward your BIOS reverse engineering Yupp, I know Nibotor can fix the checksum, but since Pegatron BIOS is quite special, thus Nibitor seems can't interpret it well, I am afraid if it can correct the checksum if you mod the BIOS by Pegatron one. Best Regards, Ken
  3. Hi Jaclaz:: Yupp, I got the BIOS from a physcial card of a HP Slimline from my real world friend by nvflash, here it is: backup (, Work one).rar And these are the BIOSes which I tried: Nearly all of them can make the card works, but many of them will halt / scrap the screen after loading the driver. Yupp, Both tried, Gainward G210 one could work, but missing energy saving function on different loading of the card (If I remember not wrong). Note: 1) In Nibitor, All downloaded BIOSes from Techpowerup can display the RAM/Clock speed correctly, but the BIOS from my friend's HP G210
  4. Hi Jaclaz, 1) Yupp, I have tried all the 512M DDR2/DDR3 BIOSes there(The Pegatron G210 is a 512M DDR2 card, Hynix 1GBit RAM x 4), finally find that only MSI/PNY BIOS can use (XFX one do, but it so wired, after loading the driver, the fan will STOP!!!!) 2) And U r right, this is the MSI BIOS which I tried and work fine with the card (beside the fan speed issue). 3) No, since the old SOP8 Eeprom IC was dead, I have resoldered & changed an good one from another dead display card. I just want to make the card alive again as I am a electronics hobbist. http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,694223
  5. Hi Jaclaz, I tried there b4, otherwise I can't get my card work again. The only working BIOS there are MSI/PNY 512M BIOSes, others got halt the computer after loading drivers. Even they worked, but the fan is always run at 100%, it make the card so noisy. The Pegatron g210 BIOS which I got is from a HP slimline Desktop, which work, and the fan will reduce the speed after loading the driver as b4, but the upper VGA 15pin is disabled by BIOS, as a result, I can only get VGA out by a DVI->VGA adaptor if I use this BIOS (MSI/PNY BIOS can use upper VGA plug as normal, but the fan speed..... Err.
  6. Hi Jaclaz: Thanks for your reply. I have tried Nibitor, and according to the info of Nibitor, it only partial support G210 BIOS, as a result, the fan speed can't be change in it. Yupp, it is a Pegatron G210, D10M1AB1H Rev:1.00, this card is OEM in wide range HP Desktop series. After a hard search on the net, I can only get the BIOS of this card in low profile, which is in HP Slimline series, and that BIOS is disable the upper VGA output. But the fan speed is correct. BTW, use MSI/PNY BIOSes, the upper VGA output OK, but fan become so noisy... It is why I look for the BIOS. But till now, I st
  7. ORz.... Several days past.... But still no luck on it.... Beside here, HP Forum, TechPowerup also no luck, sniff.... *==*
  8. Hi there: Really long time no come back to MSFN... The new forum really run slow on my old Win9x machine, heh~ BTW, I am looking for the BIOS of the HP G210 display card BIOS, the exact outlook is as below pic: http://partsurfer.hp.com/ShowPhoto.aspx?partnumber​=586382-001 I pretty sure my card's BIOS is corrupt, since I tried to flash other brand (MSI/PNY) G210 BIOS to this card, and it becomre alive again, but the side effect is that the fan becore so NOISEY, its why I look for the original BIOS for the card. This card is in lots of HP/Compaq desktop computer, if some MSFNers see this post,
  9. Sorry for my late reply once again. I don't have any problem to install my USB 2.0 Cardbus card. All you need to do is updated your WinXP to SP2 or later (SP1 doesn't support USB 2.0) before you plug the card in. After so, all necessary files (included driver files!) are lay in C:\Windows\I386 directory, & don't need to Windows CD. You even don't need the driver CD which come with the card since XP SP2 or later native support USB 2.0 (Otherwise, you may need the driver CD if you want to use the card under 2K or 9x). Best regard, Ken Yaksa
  10. As I know, there is 3rd party add-on software products for XP/2000 can do so. But both are come from Taiwan/China. The 1st one is "BeTwin", which can turn a computer for 2 users using (2 Keyboards, 2 Monitor, 1 Desktop) And 2nd one is "Buddy B-680", which can turn a computer for Max. 5 users to use at the same times! Since both has no english web/infos (Chinese Only). What I can tell is getting some Pics of them from its adv. here: BeTwin: Buddy B-680: BTW, both of them are not free, there is a free solution which can let your computer for 2 or more users at the same time by adding more d
  11. If I remember correctly, the SMI MPT support CD ISO below 650M only. (Coz, it emulate CD only, but not DVD....)
  12. Hi Bristols: Sorry for late reply. Well, I am using an unnamed China made USB 2.0 4 port card base on VIA chips. Which is only US$8. (Similar as below pics) For better performance and lower CPU usage, you can buy one base on NEC chips. As Cardbus is based on PCI bus, the CPU usage is lower than 16bit PCMCIA card coz of its Bus Mastering function. As mine, which will use around 10% CPU when full loading file transferring. Even the CPU is unweight to make full usage of the USB 2.0, it still faster than the built-in USB 1.1 alots. (For mine, around 20M/s, I bet NEC chips will faster). Best Re
  13. Yep, I agree with jaclaz. Just keep your 5400rpm 40G HDD for your DELL, there is really no great improvment beside if you got a 16M cache 7200rpm HDD for it. But I think that you better save the money to buy an external USB HDD for your DELL is more better (don't forget to buy an USB 2.0 Cardbus card to use with it). Best Regards, Ken-mkII
  14. After checked the spec of Dell Inspiron 3700, I confirmed that its' PCMCIA slot is 32bit car compatible, so use an USB 2.0 cardbus card is not a problem. BTW, your notebook is similar as my old Samsung NV5000 in spec, so I can give you some upgrade info to it. 1) RAM Since both my NV5000 & Inspiron 3700 are 440BX base, the RAM upgrade has limitation on it. You can ONLY use 16 chips PC-100 DIMM 256M for 440bx, 8 chips PC-133 just WON't WORK! Coz 440bx can only handle 2M x 4bit RAM refresh & 256M Max for single slot. Just remember that PC-100 16 chips 256M DIMM is MORE expinsive than th
  15. Well, it lead me to remember my old ages when I first instaled Win95a on my 386DX-33Mhz w/ 4M RAM & 340M HDD too. Ken
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