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  1. Hi, I've a D-Link DGE-528T Gigabit Ethernet Adapter PCI. Connected to Dell OptiPlex GX620. Built-in NIC is disabled from bios setup for the machine. Running on Windows 8.1 Pro WMC 32x with 3 GB Ram. I am using CAT.6 cable connected to a D-Link Gigabit Switch. There are another 4 identical machine in the local network and all are reading 1 Gbps except this one. Cables are all the same for all machines and same copy of windows with exact image using arconis true image. I've tried all trouble shooting using google but no way out. I updated These are the settings from device manager for this device: So please help as this is very urgent for business purposes especially that vendor says it is working and nothing wrong with it. Thanks a lot.
  2. what is the best software to copy dvd without errors
  3. Yes, pci cards, cables cat6, switch dlink. I found it slow with these software, what is the speed you get?
  4. Hello Urgently for business ... looking for the most fastest software for data copy or data transfer in internal network between computers in the same network I've goggled and found TeraCopy and RichCopy to be the most fastest tools around When I test both of them I've found it is maximum 9:10 MB/second ... which is really slow for our needs Please advise for a tool free or paid that could be as fast as possible? Note: lan is about 20 node ... and daily data traffics in between is about 150:200 GB/day ... Yes we do work in that volume in a daily base ... so please advise for a suitable one? Also all computers running windows 7 and XP
  5. This is the gigabyte tool installed with motherboard disc software isn't it the overclock tool set!?
  6. Ok, Thanks for the advise. Yes, I consider MSFN is one of the best places where I can get advises when it comes to paying moey for buying something, and this is the reason I was waiting for an advise. I am just want to buy another new computer and I've 1000 usd and want to know your advise to buy the exactly the same I've just bought or to change or replace something with another? Ok, Thanks for the advise. Finally, sorry if I was not polite enough with any one of you as you are all really nice and helpful.
  7. Did I said or did something wrong? I am not used to find such ignorance. Also, is it because I did not followed the exact advise and bought an i7 instead of i5 as advised? (it was because I've got some extra money). Really wired. Thanks!
  8. Hello, It is me again. Please I've a 1000 usd budget, and will buy another one and would like to know your recommendations for such a thing as soon as possible. Also regarding the motherboard and the vga card, it must be an invidia one because of the cuda. You did helped me more then you think last time and I do hope to find the same help again. Thanks a lot and too much appreciated.
  9. Thanks for your help and I do hope if someone can help with the nVIDIA CUDA issue in case of two cards bridged.
  10. Please how to enable over clocking with it?Also what is the recommended over clocking settings?Will overclocking increase the video encoding speed?Also if I've connected another nVIDIA card (the same), will it be bridged together? and will it be double the speed and performance or it does not matter?
  11. I do not understand this part correctly, please explain it more and clear if I bought the wrong one. Yes it is up and running and already bought it few days ago. I've followed the advises you said but changed only the CPU to i7 instead of i5 because I've got some extra money, and the motherboard was not existing in local market and only z68 one exist. You know that I am not technical like you guys here are but I do know that your words and opinions counts and worth.
  12. You mean it is not good enough and need to be replaced? The reason I did not got the mentioned 67 one is that it is not any more in local markets. Do I need to replace it with something else? Also regarding the rest, any other comments?

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