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  1. Qtadressbar Removes Automatically after 2nd reboot. Then i Uninstall & reinstall but don,t work. WIndows XP SP3 PRo Retail Dotnet framework 3.5 SP1 Intel Core2Duo 3.00 Ghz overclocked to 3.4 Ghz 8 GB DDR2 Hynix Ram @ 1066 Mhz Asrock P35 chipset board. LG DVD-RAM drive. 250*4 sataII HDD raided
  2. you can use windows 7 activator to activate windows 7 and remove nag screens found at keznews.com but i recommend you to rearm as it can be done 5 times in W7 i.e. 150 days means till it expiry period after that even activated windows7 expires.
  3. microsoft stops beta downloads as i think. Because first time i download the iso after completeing download it says iso is not stable by download manager supported by microsoft. Second time after 10% it requires authentication & download stops. Another region is that all beta keys got distributed so you have to download it from some torrent or warez site.
  4. Not possible for xp. Coding only shows 10 MBps that u can change through reshack.exe.
  5. windows 98 unable to utilize much ram as it is designed for 16mb ram. Try shifting to windows 2000 pro you get blazing performance.
  6. After how much time it closes? also is it working fine without modem?
  7. Extract swfull.msi and u get an exe file use that. Then it will work.
  8. Toshiba don,t support one key recovery feature. Check laptop bag there must be cd,s in it.
  9. USE cab installer included in vista update toolkit by Legolash2o
  10. u r building some new processors
  11. Remove LAnguages,keyboards, drivers,windows file protection
  12. No key problem after nlite But i suffer from driver problem
  13. don,t like aero peek & aero shake.
  14. all score exceeds 7 but my harddisks scores only 5.6
  15. I can,t understand what u like to say. Clear your problem
  16. I have no such problems dear.
  17. i don,t like windows 7 shadow. so i disabled it.
  18. WHere you r using AMD pc ot EMT64 CPU both have same updates. so download 64 bit updates from AMD cpu works fine for intel also. So don,t confuse between updates names.
  19. There is no problem with ur configuration. I
  20. DEP additionally checks computer memory from running malicious codes. It is beneficial but Always on is not recommended as many applications malfunctions so it always better to set if for OPTIN. You can integrate yellow updates without fear. 4 gb fix already included in SP1 as i m using 8 GB Ram But actually vista can access only 3GB Ram. Acc. to my experience you can,t change administrator with something other name.
  21. you have to make 2 different dVDs one for each version
  22. apply & rebuild during vlite removes other version & make wim file compact
  23. try to install them in compatability mode with windows XP x64

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