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  1. Hi! Windows 7 may look good, but I feel like sitting in front of a Mac, because of small issues hampering my effectiveness. Almost feel al ittle handicapped 1. no file size summary in the "details pane." Only shows how many items. Now I have to select all files and choose properties and then i can see what size they use. 2. can't "breadcrumb" up to the desktop 3. few windows are actually affected when changing window color 4. must go to Advanced - Monitor to change screen refresh rate. 5. can no longer close windows by right clicking their tab in task bar and pressing "c" on the keyboard. 6.
  2. I'd like to change the window background color to something darker to save my eyes for the glare, yet still have good contrast and brightness in games and movies, but since windows Vista this has been less successful. In Windows 7 it seems to be a bit better, Control Panel seems to use the window background color I set.
  3. Build 7057 has sweet soft user image shadow on logon screen notice the soft shadow under my logon name, I hope they make desktop icon labes same. Active window shadow is still thick.
  4. Hi! Notescraps is a WPF program and uses 0% cpu when animating (changing notes) and scrolling, and looks sweet when zoomed in. Windows 7 however... WDC, like in Vista, is of course accelerated on the GPU. But not the old GDI+. This means that Windows 7 is one step behind OSX Leopard If you look at the three Quartz implementation diagrams in sequence, you can see how the video card portion of the diagram has slowly expanded over the course of four years to encompass more and more of the display layer. The reason is clear when you look at the bandwidth numbers: 30GB/s between the GPU and VRAM,
  5. I found this to work with 7000 x64 http://half-open.com/
  6. Maybe something nice and soft like this:
  7. Anyone else also think the active window shadow too "thick"? Maybe move it a bit to the right too?
  8. After two months I reverted back to Quick Launch + standard Taskbar. The recent list was so large, it was difficult to hit the "pinned" My Computer and D:\ shortcuts I had over 19 recent items and two pinned. Much easier to have direct shortcuts and go from there. The recent item list is changing all the time so forget about remembering the places. It's much easier to switch programs with the standard taskbar. I use two lines so I can still see the names even though I have lots of windows open. It's just too difficult and slow to use the thumbnail previews. Again much faster to just see the
  9. Hi! When I press a key in a folder, the selection automatically go to the first folder or file with that key first in its name. In Windows 7 however it skips all the folders! Any way to make it include folders?
  10. I have windows 7 7000 beta x86 and found this hid driver to work. It only modifies the mouse driver. Quake 3 is super smooth at 120hz screen refresh, 120fps and 500hz mouse rate. http://www.overclockers.ru/lab/15925.shtml its russian but archive has english instructions You can access newest version at this link: http://sweetlow.at.tut.by/download/hidusbf.zip or at this alias: http://at.tut.by/sweetlow/download/hidusbf.zip
  11. Wow thanks for the warning. This is not good considering the language support modules are huge. Maybe make a thread in kmplayers forum asking for a "pure" english version, or what is the source for this limitation.
  12. please! I'd love a tweak lite this myself, I don't like big explorer windows disturbing my drag-and-drop routines and I'd rather not use apps like zMover and AutoSizer.
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