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  1. Exchange a non-SP1 Win7 DVD for one with SP1 integrated?

    I don't go to the Gigabyte website that often, but when I have I've never had any issues. Ever since I posted that link to my mobo the site has been really unresponsive. Yeah, I know it's a Socket 775 board. I vaguely remember looking at some socket AM2 boards at one point but in the end I went with Intel. My CPU is a Core 2 Duo E8400, and after doing some research I see they can go for $15 or less on the used market now (wow!). The cheapest upgrade with my current hardware would be replacing it with a Quad version. To upgrade to a Core i3/i5/i7 would be quite a bit more expensive. As far as how I use my PC, I think you might have been unintentionally misled by what I wrote. I'm not hard on it at all. Editing big .wav files is the most that it's asked to do. I don't use an aftermarket cooler, just the stock fans. System temp rarely gets above 42C, and CPU rarely over 32C. I'm not a big gamer and only have a Radeon x1550 video card. I have nothing against having a state of the art PC, and it's pretty cool to run a bunch of benchmarks and see awesome numbers, but to ugrade to the next level would require a new mobo and CPU, so probably at least $375-ish if not more, vs. installing Win 7 on what I have now. I have another question but it's eluding me at the moment.
  2. Exchange a non-SP1 Win7 DVD for one with SP1 integrated?

    ??? There's a link in my post above yours to the Gigabyte mobo I have.
  3. Exchange a non-SP1 Win7 DVD for one with SP1 integrated?

    Thank you both for your replies. I checked out the links and on the surface things look promising. I will definitely look into things in more detail as I get closer to the attempted Win7 install. FYI, my current hardware will work with Win7, but I'm not sure if I want to use it or not. It suits me fine, and I'm not sure if the cost of going to more modern stuff will benefit me for how I use my computer. When I build a PC I do my research and choose parts that fit my needs, but after I'm done I stop following what's going on in computer technology, so I don't know what's out there and what I'm missing. My Gigabyte mobo is limited to SATA 2.0 and I think PCIe 2.0. USB 2.0 as well, but I know I can add an expansion card to upgrade to USB 3.x This is it, if anyone wants to offer any opinions on sticking with what I have vs. upgrading: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=2629#ov
  4. I have an original, unused Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade DVD (not OEM) that I bought back in 2009. Naturally it doesn't come with SP1 integrated since SP1 didn't exist at that point. What I'm wondering is, does Microsoft offer any kind of exchange program that would allow me to trade my non-SP1 Win7 DVD for one with SP1 integrated? All I need is the media, correct? The product key I have now has never been used. With XP (my current OS), I slipstreamed SP3 into an original installation source with one simple command line entry and that was it. I've been reading about integrating SP1 into Win7 and it's a different and much more involved process. The websites I've been on talk about using RT 7 Lite, and then when I read the reviews of the process everyone says RT 7 Lite is buggy and doesn't work, or that you can't use XP as the host OS to run RT 7 Lite on. They also suggest installing from a USB flash drive, but the ones I have are too small. Honestly, I'm just not motivated to jump through all the hoops if there's an easier alternative. Looking for suggestions, please.
  5. I have an OEM copy of XP Pro that I've never used and I don't know what to do with it. What do you think the odds are that someone would want to trade a copy of Win 7 for it? Can you buy laptops with no OS in them? I don't have a laptop and don't really *need* one, but if I could get a no frills one for a decent price I guess I could install it in that. Any thoughts?
  6. Could anyone explain why these 3 particular files are automatically listed for removal in nLite's Components section > Advanced where you can specify additional files to remove? I've always just left them there, but I'm curious as to WHY they're there. I normally don't add any additional files for removal, but in one of my nLite test builds about a month ago I added the names of all the user account pictures except for the one I knew I wanted to use, so just a bunch of 7kb BMP files. You'd think that woud be no big deal, but after installation I had all kinds of weird visual things going on. The desktop wallpapers were acting up, and I had several red errors in Event Viewer. The only difference between this nLite build and another one that worked perfectly was the addition of the user account pictures for removal. So it got me to wondering about the clock.avi, yahoo.bmp, and swtchbrd.bmp that are always listed there by default. Earlier today I did a new nLite build without removing these 3 files. Clock.avi is now in my Windows folder, but the other 2 files weren't found in a search, although they're listed in the TXTSETUP.SIF file. Thoughts about any of this?
  7. Replacing Parents PC

    Agreed. I was just looking at things from a price perspective.
  8. Replacing Parents PC

    What kinds of things do your parents use the PC for? Are they just browsing the web and sending e-mails? Do they even need a DVD-RW? If the motherboard can handle more RAM then upgrading from 320MB would be a huge improvement. Any why do they have 320 MB to begin with? Is it a 256 MB chip combined with a 64 MB chip? I was in a similar situation not too long ago. All my parents use the PC for is e-mail and web browsing, but they told me it was running really slow. My dad's friends send him all kind of e-mail with large attachments and the HDD was practically full. I set him up with a Yahoo e-mail account, forwarded the stuff he wanted to keep, reformatted and reclaimed 75% of the HDD space and it's back to running at a speed that's fine for their needs.
  9. Can anyone give me a link for downloading sp3 updates?

    What's the preferred method for month-to-month updating of an already up to date system but you don't want to use the Windows Update website with Internet Explorer?
  10. Add programs to 7 install

    Please edit your thread title. Everyone knows this in the Windows 7 forum; naming your thread "Windows 7" makes no sense whatsoever.
  11. windows file protection

    Just leave it disabled for the install and then turn it back on immediately afterwards. The free trial version of XPlite will do it for you. http://www.litepc.com/xppreview.html
  12. Download ALL Windows Updates after SP3

    I've used Xable's update pack with zero issues. http://xable.net/
  13. Are there any transformation packs for Win ME?

    That should have been the subject line to your thread, not "Question" http://www.msfn.org/board/welcome-forum-t3...tml#entry269823
  14. Taking out windows tour

    -X- is correct, at least from my experience. I had the same issue for quite a while until I changed the UnattendSwitch answer to Yes (from the default No). My unattended install now boots directly to the desktop.
  15. How can I install win 7 on my p4 512 Ram

    Is there a reason you won't add more RAM to your PC? My friend has had a P4 with 512MB RAM for 4 years. This past weekend we tripled his memory when I put in a 1GB chip. He couldn't believe how much more responsive everything was. It was older DDR memory, but it was only $30.