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  1. how can i play things like xbox and nintendo 64 on a lcd pc moniter that has a vga plug is there like a plug that has video and sound out that plugs into a vga port can you find any thing on theses shops as their close to my house http://www.lmc.com.au/obs/website/index.php http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/default.php and my cd and dvd drive is plug with a 40 wire ide cable if i plug in a 80wire one will it make them faster? and is it worth it as the cables are really mega cheap and are these the right ones? http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/produc...products_id=347 and one more http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/produc...products_id=345
  2. yea they uesd to make software so much better now it takes at least 10 secs to load ms office xp LOL but thats on a much powerful computer with vista lol its probloy just vista Lol
  3. nah it should work fine once you done what dencorso said
  4. hey guys i hear theres a Killer Instinct on xbox is this true i mean i love Killer Instinct gold on 64 man i love it i still play it now lol even if theres no Killer Instinct XXX on xbox can you list all the Killer Instinct that where ever made if any one knows or some of them or some thing please lol i love my nintendo 64 i still play perfect dark and golden eye
  5. just to let ya know i try installing it and it wouldent work and gave me a error messerge so i type the messerge in google and found out it needed a file named setver.exe so i searched my computer for the file and found in system folder so i that file in the cabs folder of the install and started the install from dos on a spare hard drive i had and it install fine so i will be installing it on the computer i want to install it on soon
  6. well that thing they found the calendar thing they found that was like 10000000000 years old and its a calander thats ends 2012 so every one probloy be dead or some thing lol jks! or it may be real i forget what the thing was called now
  7. nitro shift you got it wrong you get one of those water guns with the mist shot and open your computer and spray the water to cool it down lol oh oh and putting some oil in the dvd drive will make cds and dvds spin faster * MSFN is not responsible for any damages, directly or indirectly. lol
  8. hey nitroshift people have been having probloms with light scribe like the hole drive dying have you tryed light scribe and if so have you had any probloms with it i havent had a chance to try light scribe on the drive yet
  9. its allright Fredledingue its working fine now so noo need to change to both slave
  10. it is possible just that you would have to be really good at programming or some thing and waste about a year on just making the beta ' but i dont know i probloy wrong Lol
  11. ok its just that i didit know you can get that thing vista has in 9x just got this thing on a cd and it said it was installing mircosoft speech(dont worry it wasent a bad cd it was nero or some thing) and just went away so i gussing it was crap and didit worry about it but a week later i looked in my control panel and found that lol
  12. ah fixed it i put the old cd rw on master and the new drive on slave seems to work fine now just need to get a pack of dvds and see if the burning is working
  13. you know the speech thing for windows vista the thing that talks what you type thats in the control panel well did you guys know windows me can get it did you guys ready know this
  14. ok i put the jumpers on the dvd drive as master and the cd rw as slave should i put the dvd as slave and the cd rw as master??????? or put both or them as cable select?? and the psu is 200 watts not sure how much the drive needs and i got a 40 wire cable also one thing i tried the drive in a other computer with win 98 and tried one game cd setup and it was going all good intill the install sheild thing was starting a bit and it came up with a blue screen so it amost worked in that strange eh!
  15. ok i did what dencorso said to do and it seems like it did some thing its reading disks fine now dont know about burning since i got no dvd discs left so the only probs now is that when i put a game or program cd or dvd in and i start setup and ora exe it will say things like the whatever.exe(setup exe or some thing else)file is linked to a missing export kernel32.dll.. and after that says this Q:\whatever.exe A device attached to the system is not functioning or you dont have admin rights or some thing (cant remeber how it was but some thing like that) and when i try copy the contents of the disk to the hard drive it says this cannot copy setup: windows is unable to find the file. this item might have already been deleted or moved. press f5 refresh the view of this folder really does sound like the os to me but am not sure Lol one more thing when i tried putting the drive in the computer by its self so the other cd rw drive was not pluged it said this in the bios and would not go away intill i put the cd rw drive back the drive is not atapi compatible or some thing like that
  16. mabye trying older drivers may do some thing
  17. well i just got the DRW-i8i4BL but when i burn things with nero it burns then at the end of it burning it says buring has failed but it burnt a cd fine and when i put cds and dvds in the drive and say it a install disc for a game or program you will go into the disc and then you start setup.exe and it will say things like unkown has casued a error in unkown or setup.exe has caused a error in unkown or some thing about kernel32.dll or some crap but when i put any cd in the normal cd drive i had for years it works fine is windows 9x bad with dvd roms or is it just a bad drive?
  18. ok i want to buy a light scribe drive but i just found out that light scribe wont work on windows me or 98 so what we 9xers do when we want lightscribe have you guys ready made drivers or using a different program or some thing?
  19. ok but nero can do the same thing right? i got nero 7 with all the tools and theres some thing for that
  20. try older or newer drives the drive you say you have are 4.09 which are very old but am not sure which ones you can get for win 95
  21. ok thanks nitroshift just one more thing does light scribe support windows me????????? or can i just use nero
  22. ok last post is the ASUS DRW 1814BL any good its nice and cheap and supports light scribe :thumbup :thumbup

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