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  1. Excuse me for being so late in getting back to this issue. Have been working on other problems as well as those on this system. "MagicAndre1981," On the dumps, NO, never done any of that, plus have not had the time to read what all is required. That will be my next project, yes, just to read something is a project to me. "Mr Snub," Yes, I agree with you on the consent.exe being the source of that warning. Not sure about other users as I am the 'Tigger' on this system, the only one. Yes I have recently installed or really re-installed a FW and AV software. They were running on my system together and suddenly one day the icon for my FW (CIS) disappeared. To make a long story shorter, removed them both and reinstalled them one at a time, FW (same problem still there) then Alwil's Avast!4, oops that did not get installed immediately as that is when that waring from UAC started and through searches on Google learned using the 'Safe Mode/CmdLine' would work in getting it reinstalled. To make an even longer story shorter I have now installed 'Smart UAC Replacement' and all things have fallen back in line or as they should be. Your last question can be answered by reading my sig, complete information or as much as is allowed. "Cluberti," You are also very correct as this is installed on a 230g H/D as this info is not listed in my sig but almost all of the remainder is. Thank you to one and ALL of you that have posted here on this issue,
  2. 'Mr Snrub,' You are correct about that being "*.*.*.255", it seems I get my numbers transposed or totally wrong. Thank you for the reply and excuse me for being so long in getting back to this thread. Have had other problems on my system that are yet to be resolved or any one responding with information. That is in another thread. 'Cluberti,' Well it is not 'both' machines, it is only one computer and it is mine. There are not any other on this connection. Thank you to you both for these replies and the info,
  3. Anyone know something about this little program shown in the subject line? I have been having some very annoying problems with UAC and have been advised to turn it off, WRONG!! That seems to be one of the only if not MAIN thingy that is either HELPING or Protecting my system at this time. I have had Alwil's Avast!4 antivirus software on my Vista SP2 system with very satisfying results. It has a feature you may set to run a scan of your system prior to Windows starting, in other words before possible installation of any RootKits or other damaging software. Which I feel is a very LARGE + for them, Alwil, and anyone using their software. NO, this is not any ad for Avast, just my opinion. On to my problem, in my attempts to discover what is preventing my FireWall from being run when I boot up, which was my original problem, I was told to remove any and all AntiVirus software and my Firewall which I did. Then reinstalled my firewall which did the same not starting at bootup. Attempted to reinstall my Avast antivirus and I received a RED UAC box telling me my Admin had blocked the use of this software because it is untrusted, or words to that effect. I am my own Admin and did not do any such operation. No help has been given to me to alleviate this problem. In searching for a solution I did find some help to get around the install of Avast and managed to get it up and running, but; could not do any scans as when clicking on the icon to run a scan that RED UAC box was back and would not allow it. Using the same method of getting around the RED UAC box popup I managed to run scans, with much difficulty but it worked. At that time I had two of my security softwares giving me problems and could not find what was causing this. Found this software "Smart UAC Replacement" and installed it and my problems are NOT there any more, gone I hope for good. Any comments about the subject software will be appreciated,
  4. My system is within my Signature, CIS is showing many UDPs sent from IP to and I do not allow any UDP or IGMP. I have one from " is traced to:Ningbo, China" (traced by IPILLIONdotCOM) just from today, that is not all of them either. Any ideas?
  5. After a short period of time, maybe 1/2hr, most programs that deal mostly with the system operations or security will not start from their ICON nor going directly to Explorer and clicking on the executable. I get the following boxes that come up: (RED circle) White "X" File system error (-1073741790) The above information comes from the first box and will have the path to the file that I am attempting to run in the top edge of the box. They all have the same system code. After that box is closed the below information comes in the next box and nothing else can be done until the box is closed. Microsoft Windows Consent UI for administrative applications stopped working and was closed A problem caused the application to stop working correctly. Windows will notify you if a solution is available. (Radio Button)Close I did look for a file with 'UI' as part of the title and found UI0Detect.exe, UIAutomationCore.dll, uicom.dll, and UIHub.dll all in C:\Windows\System32 folder. They all appear to be dated the same as when I first started this system last year. This meaning, to me anyway, that they must be some sort of system operations files. Any ideas would be appreciated, I need some one's HELP with this that is much, much, much, smarter than myself,
  6. It looks as though no one has any ideas on this problem. Intermittently I get an ICON that tells me Windows is blocking some Icons from being installed. Click on this Icon to Allow or remove. That is NOT all of the time just on occasion.
  7. It seems that Windows is causing this problem of NOT installing the ICONS in the system tray, intermittently I get an ICON that Windows is blocking the installation of some programs. Need to click or right click on that ICON to Allow or Disable those programs that are being blocked. It seems Windows Defender is the culprit in this problem, now how do I get them to "PERMIT" my allowed programs to run automatically? Any suggestions would be appreciated,
  8. submix8c, Thank you for that download site on what I am looking for. Have not opened that as of yet, at least this will be a start.
  9. My system is within my SIG, NO I do not have any of those.
  10. I have been attempting to follow some instructions at Microsoft and they tell me to use Gpedit.msc to disable my autorun of any feature that is set to autorun by Microsoft. Also before doing this insure KB950582 is installed, and it is. My system has not an installation of that Group Policy Editor nor any other that would be used to edit that area. Anyone have an idea as to where I can find that file?
  11. I have posted here several times in the last couple of weeks and never received an E-Mail notification of a reply or posting in that thread. Do I have something set incorrectly or just a slip of the auto notification? Thank you for reading my complaint,
  12. IcemanND, Thank you for this information, I was hoping some one would have a gimmick or some method of getting around that problem. Was given that computer without a CD for XP and now it seems to have gone BYE! BYE! Guess will just have to give it up.
  13. I have a computer given to me by a nephew that had problems from the very beginning. It finally died and I moved to this one, in my sig, the other one was on a 30gig WD HD and have moved it to another system I have that is even older than the one given to me by that nephew. The system will not boot up it requests the original CD to run Repair and I never received any CD for XP with that system. It was on a 850gig Pentium III processor and the one I have it with now is AMD K6II 350MgHz. Is there any thing I can do to restart that system? #1. Is to recover some data that is still on that NT system and maybe even be able to work with it again. #2. I do not like giving up on exploring and learning about another system even though I am not a Computer Expert. Just a simple user that is very curious and likes to work with these systems. Thank you for reading my post,
  14. Excuse me, In my attempt to make a quick reply, answering teley here, and other necessary events that need attention, I neglected to apologize for the double POSTing. In attempting to trouble shoot problems on this system, Vista, XP, ME, & 98SE, not all on same computer, some things slip through the folds of my brain and I get carried away with passing on information or asking questions. Some times asking on two or three different forums will produce faster and more complete answers or get questions that point me in the correct direction. Do not mean to cause problems, I have enough of my own and do not want to cause any for another. Feel free to slap me when I do that, double post or repeat my self in the same message,
  15. Geek, Thank you for this information, it has been run 'as administrator' and never thought to disable the UAC, thought that was to protect the system from attacks and dumb users that had restricted access. Never thought it was to keep Admin from doing what needed to be done. On to Culberti, Tried that java script:(navigator.userAgent) ,as shown here, with this as a reply er window? Windows cannot find 'java script:(navigator.userAgent)'. Check the spelling and try again. Oh, by the way, after much searching and attempting to download IE8 there was finally a place where there was success. It is now installed here as my sig will verify. It really makes NO difference what they support or NOT, I still use what I want and keep MS's browser for backup and when they require me to use IE for specific downloads. They, my ISP, really would like for me to download their browser, which is IE, that has all of their bells and whistles and their tracking devices or some other monitoring device. NOT for me! As for disabling UAC may have done the trick, but; I wanted to keep it up and running as it should be to tell me what I wanted to know about anything that should NOT be placed on my system would be shown. Thanks to your site and a couple of others I am learning much and hope to continue with that,

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