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  1. so what i do just go to reg regedit and add"TransparentIcons"=dword:00000001 this to[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop]
  2. but web check and auhook does this to AUhook {BCBCD383-3E06-11D3-91A9-00C04F68105C}|C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\AUHOOK.DLL||||| web check E6FB5E20-DE35-11CF-9C87-00AA005127ED}|C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WEBCHECK.DLL| they seem to be all: registry machine shellserviceobjects when i change it to some thing else they work fine so its some to do with :registry machine shellserviceobjects
  3. it looks cool that why lol well if you want the old one back i havent tryed this but other people say it works http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/index....showtopic=11627 its a simple reg file but the reg file wont work for me i think its becasue am trying it on a windows me
  4. ya but theres programs that clean the ram i show u one http://www.download.com/Memory-Defragmente...4-10851069.html this one is great it works great it makes games go faster and every thing that why i wanna know if u can do the same to graphics card memory
  5. just wonding is there any why of defragging your graphics card memory. becasue you can do it to your ram is there a program that can do this
  6. this may fix your problom http://bubble.ro/Cannot_Open_the_File__Mk_...or_Message.html
  7. any one know how to get the new nvidia control panel on windows me this is the old nvidia control panel: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a115/dav...trl_panel01.jpg and this what the new one looks like: http://www.tweakguides.com/images/NVFORCE_6a.jpg
  8. well whats a .chm file lol well try opening it with the program u uselly open it with e.g open .bmp with paint and then right click on a .chm file and go to open with.. find the program and click open
  9. C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\UPNPUI.DLL||| thats my problom the ||| but when i go to edit in code stuff and take that away it will show up again this wont go away just keeps coming up with |||
  10. with out it on i cant go on internet exploror i will open it and it says iexploror has caused a error in <unkwown> this is where its found C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\UPNPUI.DLL||| code stuff says that it cant tfind the file so the file must not be there
  11. with that code stuff i found out whats causing the problom its UpnPMonitor is this needed for windows to work good
  12. that code stuff thing is the best it fixed my problom. thanks for the help you guys
  13. has any made a vista/xp start menu for windows 98/me something like uberskin not something like star dock becasue their system hogs and has any one made google sketch up work on windows 98/me
  14. well i did a repair install to fix a few probloms and every time i start the computer that will come up i cant do a system restore becasue i just did a repair install plus before i did the repair install i had no system restore becasue i toke it away with system restore remover pro am gussing that it may be a start up app but i unclicked eeverry thing in msconfig
  15. what happens to the other core will that still work in games and stuff
  16. well i have a nvidia geforce 4 mx 440 se pci 64 mb,192mb of ram,766 intel celeron, tell me if u need more or different type of information
  17. i have just done a repair install of windows me all is fine but every time i start my computer it will show up Explorer has caused an error in <unknown> and i will click close but it will come back after 30 secs
  18. well my problom is that when i right click or try to delete some thing its will hang for about 2 secs and restart lol it dont happen every time but most of the time i think it may be some to do with zone alarm becasue when it does this and does a error check it finds (most of the time it finds this) tvdebug.log and says it has a error and repairs it so zone alarm must be doing some thing in the back ground becasue it happens when zone alarm is on or off. oh ya and under system devices in device manager theres a yellow ! next to plug and play bois extension and i go into it and it says : the NTKERN.VXD device loader(s) for this device could not load the device driver (Code 2) and says update the drivers but i click update and it cant find any drivers for it. i remeber it being there a long time before this so its not a new device i think it dont tell me what plug and play bois extention it is so i wouldent know where to get the drivers for it from and has any one ever made google sketch up work on windows me i have windows me 766 mhz intel celeron 64mb nvidia geforce 4 mx 440 se pci 192 mb of ram and forgotton the others hard ware
  19. hey has any ever made google sketchup work on windows 98/me i tried the google earth that people make work on windows 98/me but cant find any google sketchup any help would be good

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