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  1. hello guys where can i download the windows 98/ME drivers or 9x for sound blaster SB0680
  2. well i got cable modem and it has to ways of going into the computer by USB and ethernet so i can make a home net work with 3 computers and with internet ?
  3. hey can i make a network with ONLY a switch since am getting a net work card and a switch and other stuff in one big bulk of hard ware from ebay so can i just make net work with just a pci network card and a switch?
  4. lol ya it does sound like warez lol sorry cant tell you
  5. lol Zenskas i got a better laptop which plays battle front on full graphics HAH plus yea newer games their all right you know but older games are just so good and you never forget the oldies like supermario and pokemon but i bet ya in 2 years you wont hear crap about Prey,Crysis ,COD5 and cod 4 what ever crap short name it has i mean in the first year of new games come out they get forgotten fast i mean you never forget games like perfect dark ,golden eye , killer instinct ,star craft,star wars jedi knight jedi out cast, that rally game on nin 64, zelda both on nin 64 , and much much more lol. plus Zenskas it anit all about graphics lol its about having fun Lol
  6. see about the usb brakect thing if its a usb 2.0 bracket but the mother Front panel USB connector is usb1.1 then will the 2.0 bracket go as 2.0 speeds or 1.1 speeds? this guy said For the USB ports on a bracket to provide USB2, the motherboard header must go to a USB2 controller. whats a motherbored header???????? and can i make it go to a usb2 controller or do i need a other mother bored lol
  7. its not new its a 2005 model Lol so idk i downloaded the drivers just to see if it will start and it started but said cant find any soundblaster sound card so i dont know if they will install but looks like it will since the installer started.
  8. RetroOS am getting the card soon lol and if its not going to work on windows me am not sure what i will do cant you tell from the model name?
  9. hey where can i find the windows me drivers for the sound blaster 5.1 SB0680
  10. remember that most newer games are boring and crap why i recommand such an old game buy star wars jedi knight or starcraft star craft is the best dont matter what gerne you are you will like star craft and it will last you for life if you play online lol
  11. thanks zen and DL dl you found the page i was looking for Lol thanks
  12. if the bios is now allowing it then it probloy cant be fixed see it probloy going to explode if you put it more then 235 Lol overclocking can destory the mother bored so make sure that you dont over clock it to much plus you may have ready done that so look at your temps
  13. ok thanks just one thing does the sound blaster SB0680 support eax
  14. If you need some of them, you basically get the other ones for free. well are you saying that say i needed the sould blaster am getting so cheap that the other stuff is free any way like the sound blaster would be llike $20 right? plus in the picture of all the stuff i see the USB port (2 port) its like a thing piece of metal and has a power thing to put into the power slot so does it run by its self or some thing? i thought they all gointo pci ports
  15. i know i uesd to get the hang on shut down when i uesd win me with a geforce 4 mx 440 se pci 64mb the way i fixed it was going into start and then run and then typed msconfig and then went to the eirvonment tab and turned off every thing there
  16. what about the sound blaster SB0680 is that any good? you better not buy it zenskas i really need this stuff lol
  17. is this worth $10 aus x1 3 port Swann Lucent PCI Firewire card x1 Sound Blaster sound card - model; SB0680 x1 Realtek network card - model; 8139 x1 USB port (2 port) x1 10/100MBps 8 port Ethernet switch; model SH-9008P with power adaptor x1 RAD SHDSL modem - model; ASMi-52 with power cable x1 x52 speed CD rom; gigabyte x1 sony DVD rewritable rom x1 Hi-Speed 2.5" External HD Case USB 2.0 new in box - includes installation mini disk, mini USB cable, screwdriver, leather case - Please note; this is missing 2 mini screws (easily replaceable) just gotta know
  18. lol star wars jedi knight jedi out cast haha made 2001 or 2000 but i think they still sell it i have at least finshed that game 9 times over a few years its a good game not sure if its what your looking for but mabye resident evil 4 that was good but not sure if thats what you want as for Weapons Of Fate looks all right but some people on game spot gave it a 3.5 and 7.5 and if i remeber star wars jedi knight jedi out cast got like 10s lol
  19. that site dont work since i tried it and it didit have the link no more and i know google is a wonderfull place just needed to know which driver is the best
  20. where can i get the lastest sound card drivers(and best) for the cmi8338 OS: windows ME
  21. if you go to this post http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winme/1238433239 that guy states that avast will stop supporting windows 9x at end of the year so what do we do for anti AV and spyware?

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