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  1. hey guys i got a logitech quick cam web if uesd to work fine untill now i tried to talk to some one in msn with vido when talking the person on the other side will come out of my speaker really strange and weird like bigs bang sounds and some one breathing mega hard and all these retarded sounds when i use a head set and tell it to record it works fine so theirs some thing wrong with the web cam recording thing i tried reinstalling drivers and theirs no new ones now your thinking its probloy stuffed cam but when using windows sound recorder and i record sound and save and then play it , it sounds fine
  2. you did make sure its the right drivers yer? and their for windows 98 SE
  3. you did make sure its the right drivers yer? and their for windows 98 SE
  4. hey guys you know any sound card mixer ? that i can download who made by some guy i mean like creative audiohq or sourrond mixer becasue i didit get a cd for my creative card and got no thing so i can turn things like eax off and put speical effects off and on
  5. i can only pick up as my dad wont let me do any type of post so i do 25kms raduis of my town
  6. well retroOS that makes the sound card work fine but things like Creative Surround Mixer and AudioHq i did not get i tried your things but the audiohq kept asking about not enough space on the hard drive(got like 14gb left lool) and the Creative Surround Mixer installed but when i would go into the program the thing would never load so does any one know wherei can get these programs made for the card not for the LIVE! ones and EMU10K1 chipset... how do i tell ?
  7. yer i did all of that but when i go into my next work places it says unableto broswe the network windows is unable to gain acess to the network. this may be for a number of resons for infomation click help
  8. i got a old 256mb pc-133 pny ram from a old computer(probloy uesd a lot) using it on my old win me works fine looks like PNY are good but i got a other 256mb Pny but it was high density and the mobo woundent work with that so make sure its low density ram
  9. so you saying the card i got is crap ya? or you talken about the one i saw on ebay? well i think i do have EAX support since in star wars republic commando i can go up to eax 2.0 with the old onbored i woundent get any eax at all
  10. lol keeps saying stuff about you needing a newer opearting system says it supports win me what rubbish
  11. ah thanks puntomx but will it supports my SB0680 says it will support all EMU10k1 and EMU10k2-based PC soundcards what the hell is that lol i do i know if i got one of those?
  12. well if you can find the exact setup for the audiohq and mixer then just get them from any cd newer probloy be better
  13. lol flood gee unexpected well thanks any way if the cd is damaged and sorry gamehead about the edit i forgot about it lol
  14. and Audiohq i didit get no cd with the sound card and so i got no apps with it i only have the drivers which dont come with the apps for some reson
  15. hey Tripredacus can you give me the Creative Mixer from your sound card CD? i heard its not the full cd its a setup file some on the cd
  16. ah i see well can i have the link for it any way just to make sure it wont work lol and sorry about ur name lol and do you know what EAX this card has? oh ya no need to get angry lol just kidding hah
  17. can any one find the tech specs(manuel) for the sound blaster 5.1 SB0680 i just want to know the specs so i know what EAX version this can go up to i looked at the manuel at creative but its quite useless lol does any one know what year this card was made also? and is their a tool for like turning off EAX and effects and turning em on? becasue in the creative manuel it says you get this(i didit get a cd with the card as its off ebay) Creative WaveStudio Creative Recorder Creative PlayCenter Creative Mixer nirtoshift gave me most of em but their made for the augidy and they didit install so where can i get em? all i want is the creative mixer so i can make effect go on and off lol i just saw a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS PCI 7.1 HD surround sound card mabye i should just get that as its 99c at the moment would that be any better then the card i got now?? comes with two games :thumbup
  18. its a windows me to windows me with internet now i did every thing here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/814235 but didit work i see thats for windows 98 so any win ME ones?
  19. ME is not for DOS-Freaks. ME is a modern Multimedia general purpose OS for a networked multimedia Home or a personal Laptop. ME is the most evolved Win9x OS and is more stable than 95,98 and SE. Don't buy the "Me is Beta" phrase that everybody badmouthes ME. The Truth : it shipped with prereleases of IE 5.5 and WMP 7.0, now what's that about - install IE 5.5 final or IE6 and WMP 7.1 or 9 and voila everythings solved. In fact the german ME edition came on two CDROMs : one OS, and one with WMP 7.0 final plus some bonus stuff to satisfy customers. The systemresore bug is a bug indeed, but theres a well-known and available hotfix and afterwards its solved. Systemresore works exactly like in XP and it is very reliable. It's few glitches can all be worked out, in generally it depends all on compatible Drivers : ME had the same problem as vista - when it came out there were only 98 drivers around, but ME wants WDM only. Otherwise ACPI wont work and system stability is in danger.Another thing to consider is that ME needs a lot of CPU power and RAM. 500 MhZ and far more than 128 MB will work wonders. ME has capabilities not found elsewhere in win 9x : full ACPI aware: improving cold boot time, pre and post-logon boot times and time required for resuming from hibernation, OS-controlled ACPI S4 sleep state and other power management features without manufacturer-supplied drivers WDM Driver modell throughout the OS, less use of VXDs for more stability. Needed for ACPI to work its magic. Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) instead of TWAIN , still used in XP, support for PICT-Cameras and Scanners ( lots modern devices use this protocol ). Universal Plug and Play ( UpNp) , detects devices on the network automatically. Built in Windows 2000 TCP/IP and NDIS networking stack and architecture, more reliable, full-featured, stable and offered better performance over the 98SE stack . Support for networking over FireWire, IrDA, ( Bluetooth capable with 3rd party drivers like Toshibas famous stack ) a network diagnostic troubleshooter, outstanding Home Networking Wizard which let people share folders,printers or set up a connection-sharing with offline-machines. native USB support for Mass-storage Devices and external CD/DVD devices, better USB-printer support. native Firewire support, for DV-Camcorders and the like (think of the Moviemaker application ) far better memory handling than 98SE, especially if more than 256MB Ram is present. Depending on mainboard you wont have to workaround the 512MB - "bug", I have seen PCs with 1GB and ME without any tweak running stable. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) , Distributed COM+ ,MDAC and JET database working in background like in XP, mainly used for diagnostic-wizards and the PC-Health services like : SystemRestore, automatic Regstry backups,Signature-Checkers for Files ( ME uses *.CAT files like 2000 and XP ), resulting in System File Protection, automatic recovery of overwritten or deleted core-files ( that's why a Servicepack is hard work, you cannot simply overwrite OS-files with custom ones ) Help and Support Center is by far more userfriendly and interesting to use than 98SE's HTMl-Help. You can access the Microsoft Knowledgebase / Support website inside this application. When you click on the support options you get access to DXdiag,Systeminfo, WMI,Dr Watson and all other system-diagnosis tools. Built in wizards and Troubleshooters. Multimedia inside, unseen in any Consumer-OS before : MovieMaker , WMP , Internet Games, DirectX Voice chat,DVD,Onlinestuff, MS Agent "merlin" as your talking OOBE- wizard makes this the total multimedia-Windows out of the Box . DVD player supports software decoding for playback of DVD movies without a dedicated decoder card Better and feature rich Windows 2000 like Explorer : Image Preview: In Windows Me, images can be viewed by using the Image Preview utility. It allows users to rotate an image, print or zoom in/out an image. Image Preview supports images with .BMP, .DIB, .EMF, .GIF, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIF and .WMF file formats. Compressed Folders: Windows Me includes support for ZIP files through a shell extension known as Compressed Folders; allows users to create, access and extract files from ZIP archives similar to a regular folder in Windows. The user can also restrict access to files with a password. Search facility is integrated into Windows Explorer ( very much like the XP one ) Accessibility extras : Onscreen Keyboard,magnifier, Speech .. prettty good for people that need it. Well.. that's not all, but the topnotch argument to choose this over 98 my friend. last my own extra Remark : I have a MS wired keyboard 500 with multimedia buttons, pause/play/Home/Favorites/Calc and such.. In Windows 98 and 2000 I need " the Intellitype software" to make them work.. Only In ME and XP they work without any running software at all ;-) Those little surprises are worth it, believe it or not.. Like I said it is NOT for DOS-freaks.. but for XP-feature seeking and multimedia-loving people on older or less powerful hardware or the need to have games and apps running fast as possible ( I do a lot of Photoshop 7, Poser 5 on a 256MB equipped ME Machine - dont even think of that under XP !). yer good one smartie windows me is the best i rather have it then windows 98 becasue i never had a problom with win me but probloms with windows 98 like needing to get drivers for usbs from the internet and really slowing down after a year use (i only played games on it like pharaoh) and dont say win 98 is faster becasue win me boots much faster then my 98 machine i mean you gotta tweak win me a bit like get rid of sfp and system restore and once thats gones it a great and stable
  20. um what is this thing ment to do ? and i thought all you people say windows me is crap and useless so why would you make a thing to make win 98 into win ME?
  21. yer i connect them alll up its just that i dont know what to do next
  22. hello guys i need to make a net work with only a switch i got two ethernet cards in the computers and both are win 98 and win me what i done is plug em all up and every thing is pluged in so what do i do next? what do i need to do with windows so i can see the other comps drives and stuff ???????????? becasue it dosent do anything yet ,i can get on the other computer from the win me or win 98 yet sorry i never made a network before on the switch theres 8 ports for ethernet and then one port that says uplink
  23. er what asssoft gave me Dear Daniel, Warm greetings from Microsoft Customer Service. My name is Johan and I will be addressing your enquiry. As I understand it, you are enquiring regarding obtaining updates for your windows ME. If I have misunderstood, please let me know. Daniel, please note that Microsoft has ceased its support and updates for Windows ME on July 11, 2006. For further information regarding the support lifecycle for Windows ME, please refer to the link below: Microsoft Support Lifecycle http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/?LN...mp;x=20&y=9 I hope I was able to address your enquiry to your satisfaction. Should you have further questions relating to this enquiry or any additional enquiries, please let me know. Alternatively, for immediate assistance, you can contact one of our Microsoft Customer Service Representatives on 13 20 58 (Select Option 2 followed by Option 1) from Monday to Friday, between 8am - 8pm AEST. Thank you for contacting Microsoft. Kind regards, Johan Adam | Customer Service Representative | Microsoft Customer Service | Australia | Phone: 132058 and what i said back: oh i was just hoping that you would just give it to me lol because my old pentium 3 wont work with win xp so good and this automated messege came up i think Dear Daniel, Thank you for your response. Daniel, I am afraid that we are not able to distribute Windows updates for obsolete Microsoft products. I hope I was able to address your enquiry to your satisfaction. Should you have further questions relating to this enquiry or any additional enquiries, please let me know. Alternatively, for immediate assistance, you can contact one of our Microsoft Customer Service Representatives on 13 20 58 (Select Option 2 followed by Option 1) from Monday to Friday, between 8am - 8pm AEST. Thank you for contacting Microsoft. Kind regards, Johan Adam | Customer Service Representative | Microsoft Customer Service | Australia | Phone: 132058 lol they wont give meeeeeeee the updates I WANT THE OFFICAL UPDATES llol it would be cool if some guy on these fourms worked at asssoft and just stole the updates for all win 9xs lol
  24. every one is waiting for starcraft 2 lol hopefully it will work on a pentium 3 and geforce 4 mx 64mb lol nah jks i play it on my laptop or some thing

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