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  1. i have windows vista dvd without sp1 and want to Slipstream sp1 to it like we do at windows xp and make a bootable dvd from it is there any guide to how to make this thanks a lot guys
  2. just want one more thing just want to add the cd-key to it nothing more :unsure:
  3. thanks working fine with me shall i replace SYSDM.CP_ modified one with original one at winxp cd and works fine ??
  4. How Can I add It to my windows Xp CD ?? I don't want to change it manually every time I install windows .. thnx ..
  5. Hi I want to change "Version 2002" that appears at System Properties i made my Windows XP SP3 by the last SP3 released by Microsoft few dayes ago i want to change "Version 2002" to 2008 and add it to my cd which file shall i modify thanks a lot
  6. any help please i wanna to add Macromedia Flash Player to my Unattended Windows xp cd silent mode or any way else thanks
  7. Please help i wanna to know the silent mode for it or how can i add it to my win Unattended CD Thank U a lot
  8. ok i will try it i have another question if i cab the file sysdm.cpl and add it to I386 after modifying it will it work fine after windows setup ????
  9. sorry here is my logo i wanna to add http://www.freewebtown.com/mohamedyousri/oemlogo.bmp
  10. i still have the same problem i dont know what is wrong i do if u can upload sysdm file that modified and works i will be very glad i will attach the photo which i wanna to be shown at system properties thanks a lot
  11. i Cant Find dllcache ??? here is my sysdm file please help
  12. Same Problem Please any one have sysdm Modified and working well please upload it please help
  13. i Have The Same Problem can any one help please
  14. /SILENT "\"%CDROM%\\Software\\Yahoo! Messenger with Voice\\Yahoo_Messenger_7.exe\" /SILENT"; This works very fine with poth Yahoo! Messenger with Voice & Yahoo! Toolbar
  15. I think This will work but i wanna to know what exactly i have to do iam using Windows Unattended CD Creator so my way to make my unattended cd is RunOnceEx thanks a lot sorry for my english

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