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  1. Ah thanks! Yes, it was in the system32 folder. I tried searching for "sticky" but didn't find it. The file is named "StikyNot.exe" for some reason.
  2. Hey all, I used RT Seven Lite to create my custom Windows 7 install because for some reason vLite kept corrupting the files and causing my install to error out in the expanding files stage. Anyway, everything works fine except somehow Sticky Notes was not installed and I cannot find a way to reinstall it. I have tried going to "Turn Windows features on or off" in add/remove programs and have also tried searching for a download online to no avail. Does anyone know how I can get Sticky Notes back? My log file from RT Seven Lite is attached for reference.
  3. Hi, I used XP deploy tools to create an unattended text file, but I can't find out how to add the "DNS Suffix for this connection" and how to uncheck "Register this connection's addresses in DNS". Does anyone know the commands? If you go to your network adapter, then Internet protocol properties, then advanced, then DNS you will see these settings. Here is the network portion of my current unattended file (with certain objects blanked out) [params.MS_TCPIP] DNS=Yes DNSSuffixSearchOrder=XXXXX,YYYYY,ZZZZZ,WWWW UseDomainNameDevolution=No EnableLMHosts=No AdapterSections=params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1 [params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1] SpecificTo=Adapter1 DHCP=Yes WINS=Yes WinsServerList=xxxxxx,yyyyy NetBIOSOptions=0
  4. Can anyone make a slim CCleaner install or tell me how to make one where there are no context menu items for the recycle bin? This will be used in a domain environment and I don't want the users to have access to ccleaner. Thank you.
  5. Well...i just started from scratch and it was fine. I imagine it was a conflict between bashrats driverpacks and nlite. Nothing to fix on your part...nlite is still awesome .
  6. I just made a cd with all my customizations manually instead of using nlite. I didn't add any tweaks, options, or patches however. So if it works this time then its either nlite doing something, or one of the options/tweaks/patches i used with nlite. edit: yep it worked...must have been one of the options/tweaks/patches or anything else nlite did.
  7. For some reason, if I use my nlite cd and then install office XP with frontpage, it asks for the cd when any user logs on. This is a problem because i use the nlite disc for computer on our domain at work. If I use the regular windows cd and install office, this does not happen. Here is what I've integrated into my CD... RVM update packs (.cab addon) Driverpacks (bashrat's www.driverpacks.net) Unattended setup Removal of components The following programs by the RunOnceEx method: Spybot, bootvis, Oracle Calendar, Symantec AV 10, Firefox 1505, Adobe reader 708, real player 10.5, quicktime 7, winzip, java 507, windows defender, and a cleanup.cmd file. Could it have something to do with the SFC (windows file protection)?
  8. Well, I made a RunOnceEx as per the unattended guide and it works fine.
  9. Since adding the driverpacks, I've only used nlite to create the ISO and for nothing else. I'm starting to do more advanced things than nlite can do (like batch files to delete desktop/start menu shortcuts or adding programs that aren't SVCPACK compatible) so I've just been using it to create the ISO after I've edited the XPCD folder. If you want I can take screenshots of the contents of my XPCD and/or upload individual files.
  10. Sorry, what I wrote was kind of confusing. I randomly selected the list from the hundreds of "missing" files. Here is my txtsetup.sif. I've been using batch commands and Bashrat's driverpack integrator, but it worked fine after I integrated his LAN and Chipset drivers. When I went to integrate his graphics and sound drivers I had to remove some components so I could fit it all on the CD. I removed the printer, scanner, display, and WLAN drivers as well as a few other things. That's when setup started saying some files were missing. edit: attachment isnt working and i have to go right now...ill attach it/host it when i get home.
  11. My preset? Do you mean my "Last Session" file? Anyways here it is. I removed mostly drivers, such as printer drivers, display drivers, WLAN drivers, scanner drivers, etc. Here are some files that are missing. I randomly selected them from the hundreds of "missing" files. Many of them seem to be scanner drivers. acerscan.inf epsnscan.inf igames.inf (probably internet games?) irdasmc.inf mdm3com.inf Last_Session__2006.07.25_12.14.31_.ini
  12. thats manually deleting hundreds of entires . Isn't there another way?
  13. I removed several drivers using Nlite and when setup is copying files during the textmode setup (first part) it says "xxxxx is missing. Press esc to skip...enter to retry, etc". These files are the drivers i removed...how do i get setup to stfu without holding esc?

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