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  1. Is there any plan of Vista project? Happy B'day btw.
  2. owikh84

    need a sig plz

    I'm trying my luck! they are awesome Mazin. I really love them. thx alot!
  3. i heard net 1.1 wont work if net 3.0 installed
  4. What nice pieces of arts! Well done Mazin you are so artistics! Keep this thread hot!
  5. sometimes it is not Booggy's wmp11 addon that causes theme service to disabled. u should define the theme correctly which including visual styles, sound scheme, screensaver, icon.
  6. I don't think this will work. I think it got to do with the driverpack integrated which cause this problem. Nothing could to done.
  7. thanks but i thought this is add on forum. not an installer..
  8. I got this error when trying to run the exe in your SVPACK:
  9. owikh84

    need a sig plz

    Can anyone pls make me a nice sig? Something like Vista environment...
  10. wpi can also be called from your winnt.sif file Add this line? [GuiRunOnce] "%SystemDrive%\WPI\WPI.hta"
  11. Here I made an add on to permanently replace the original default sysdm.cpl located in Windows\system32 Download: Sysdm MD5: 622BFAD78A19EEC7E5CFA57F3000F9D8
  12. For those who experienced the "Show Desktop Icon" missing from Quicklaunch after IE7 final integration, I made an add on to re-enable it. Download: Show Desktop Icon MD5: BE683918C075D43B24F72EBD4341597A Tested on real machine with nLite 1.2.1 and original IE7 setup exe downloaded from MS.com Note: Make sure you arrange this add on to integrate after IE7 add on.
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