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  1. I think you've just hit the nail on the head again prathapml...
  2. Oops Don't mean to kill a very interesting thread...I'm sure there are some really juicy stories behind all the responses...
  3. Best of luck to all in florida. We'll all look forward to hearing from you when it's all over.
  4. If you want flaming, you've come to the wrong place. We don't do that here. We all know that what we do here only has the value that we've assigned to it. If you don't want to do unattended installs, then don't, but don't defile the people who do. They do it for a challenge, not necessarily to make their lives easier.
  5. I use Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) and I find it to be satisfactory...though I'm in the process of becoming familiar with firefox, 'cause it seems better not to use something based on IE...
  6. ROFLMAO! It's entirely built on trust. If you manage to have a friendship with someone online, and it becomes something more, then you've probably built a relationship on values that run deeper than "Hey baby, you're hot, let's date." Instead you learn about the real person instead of the facade. Of course you have to be careful, but that's the case with any online communication.
  7. I think there's plenty of knowledge here...but pizza and cola not so much, unfortunately... Welcome
  8. Just got my SP2 Cd last night, about 3 weeks earlier than their lowest estimate (4-6 weeks=estimate, 1 week=how fast I got it). I've installed it on all my machines except my laptop, which is broken some good stuff in there, and some stuff I'll have to get used to ignoring all over again...
  9. I thought that was what I said!! Copywrite infringement! Call the RIAA! Or maybe great minds think alike...eh Gamehead? </offtopic> How about virtual networks?
  10. Except then they would be able to see each other without too much trouble...
  11. It took me a couple of months to finally register. Admirable And Welcome
  12. Okay, this worked for the servers, but I have another question. Can this be done in similar fashion to the local policy on an XP machine? Again, many thanks to all for your solutions.
  13. He's crazy, yes, but I'm glad he did....made me laugh
  14. Or you could just paste one of those tacky black bars over certain areas of Jay's beautiful work...thus spoiling it, yet allowing you to use it... OR...you could rearrange your room so that your monitor faces away from the door, and make sure to have something open if your parents come in...either way, this wallpaper's too good to pass up.
  15. I dunno, superman and spiderman have all those noble qualities...but I voted superman 'cause most of the comics I've read have been superman comics.
  16. It seems we're all fellow countrymen (people for political correctness). All hail MSFN! Welcome to the country, prinsen!
  17. Holy crap! I'm surprised he retained his grammatical skills until the end and didn't end up a quivering blob of insanity... This is hilarious, and oh so true.
  18. Innovative new way to keep the less technically-oriented from being able to give up their tech staff...thanks for a new way for me to keep my job, gamehead!
  19. No coffee for me...except for the odd monthly frappuccino
  20. Your introduction post after over 300-some posts? Welcome anyway
  21. Many thanks to all three of you. I'll try those things at once. @Br4tt3: We have a dual DC config here, and "here" refers to a development environment (which will eventually become a production environment if I get all the bugs fixed) at my university.
  22. "Lord of Combine harvesting?" Welcome
  23. Such a poetic introduction! May the sun always warm you when you're cold, and may the wind always blow in the direction you travel. Welcome to MSFN!
  24. Phyridean


    Just be careful, you might get ADDICTED! Welcome

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