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  1. Right and Right, no matter how inefficient it may be...
  2. Wow, I think Zilevoli has hit the nail on the head, so to speak. I think we could all use one of those anti-agression sweater-knitting genes...
  3. It's not the schools' fault, at least not entirely. They have to prepare their students for work in an economically competitive world (where software companies can charge upwards of 50,000 USD for a product to do a single task), where the software that the companies use is extremely expensive. Thus the schools must buy that software to keep their students competitive. In this respect, it's the companies fault, and if they suddenly decided that freeware was the way to go, they would lose the software companies' business (yes, all business is related this way). It's a circle of businesses who all depend on each other for revenue, so they buy other companies' products in order to keep their own profits high.
  4. At least what they were doing wasn't violent...we had someone drive a car through the front of our high school after I left, while the people at gamehead's school were just being dishonest.
  5. And anyone who does will get my undying admiration as well...
  6. I get an error in line 4, character 1 (Permission denied)...and I'm no VB expert. Help?
  7. What has everyone found to be the best way to add certain printers on client computers automatically according to group membership? I've tried vbscripts and modifying printui.dll with a batch file, but both of these require admin privileges, which I don't want to give my users. Ideas?
  8. As long as you have enough room left over on your primary partition for the windows install+mp3s. You'd have to (prior to install) create a new partition larger than the size of your mp3s, then move the mp3s to that partition. Then, you'd reinstall windows (formatting the primary partition, where windows is, but your mp3s aren't). After that, move the mp3s back to the primary partition using windows, and then delete the mp3 partition.
  9. You can also try Belarc advisor (free) from www.belarc.com I dunno if it's what you need, but it may work.
  10. As far as I know, such a thing doesn't exist. There's simply too much variation in hardware implementation strategies to create a unified driver for all of them.
  11. Just so there's no confusion about foreign languages, the first response asks what the problem is, and the second says, essentially, "Tell me what your problem is, and I'll tell you if I can help"
  12. Is there any search engine on the internet that allows you to search for an image by its dimensions? I know google images allows you to search by "small" "medium" or "large" image size, but I want to be able to put in "124x236" and have it find images of that size. Any ideas?
  13. That may be because it's still beta and they want to make sure that anything they send you gets to you....or it may just be that they dislike google. Who knows. I love my gmail account (thanks again prathapml ), despite how little I use it, and I haven't found anything wrong with their user agreement that would make me want to quit...
  14. You'll probably be coming back more than you think....this place is as addictive as cigarettes without all the negative side effects Welcome!
  15. If they were giving him a good reason to pay attention, he probably wouldn't be looking for a solution like this in the first place. Any fix I can think of for this would leave the rest of the computer as a gaping security hole, not just for you. You can go to start->run->gpedit.msc and (if possible) right click on "local computer policy" and click properties. Click the two checkboxes, install your software, and then unclick the checkboxes. Might work, but probably not. My college is a bit more understanding. That, or you could just get a laptop....
  16. Maybe someone should look up the pertinent law just in case...though I doubt it's legal anyway, it WOULD be helpful for some of us who no longer have our original legal media and want to use it. Anyway, welcome, sovereignscorn
  17. Welcome! This certainly seems to be the site for you...as well as the few thousand of the rest of us...
  18. LMAO! I know some people who'd believe you could drive to japan from here. We have our good and our bad in terms of intelligence....but the intelligent community here is losing ground....I'm surprised that Low-Carb hasn't become an ethnic food group here, like Italian or Mexican....
  19. And Prathapml comes through twice in the same day for me...more kudos. I now have my account, and when I figure out how, I'll send invites to people who request them here.
  20. Kudos to Prapthaml! Edit: <Sigh> stupid Hotmail filtered Prathapml
  21. Hey, I'll jump on the bandwagon...now the contest is who can offload one of their invites to me FIRST! You guys are awesome...

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