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  1. I've found the problem (I think): Basically it haas to do with these two lines in the Nlite.inf file: And with this line in Cmdlines.txt What happens is that Cmlines is processed when actually logged on as Default User so there is a RunOnce entry made in de Default User Profile. What is supposed to happen in the Nlite.inf files after the first person logs on is that NliteReg should be run again (?why?) and afterwards the RunOnce key should be made empty using the nliteinf,S command. These commands are actually removed from the HKU\.Default key, but when I use regedit to load the Default User hive (ntuser.dat), I notice that the RunOnce entries are still there! So whenever a user logs on the RunOnce entries are proccessed causing an Advanced Inf Install Error. I have worked around this problem by adding these lines to the cmdline.txt: And nlite.inf I've removed these 3 lines. What the exact problem is, I do not know. Anyone?
  2. Installing a Dell Optiplex I get the Found new hardware wizard during the installation of Windows XP SP2 when I use a non-Dell screen. Setup continues after a while, but is there a way to get rid of this? It's not in de driversigning policy, I've tried that.
  3. [moved topic, sorry] http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=19&t=32004
  4. That's what is says in setuperr.log after installation. If never actually been able to use a NLite modified I386 in my network install though. That might be it...
  5. Just to make the instruction complete. It doesn't say where WMP10.cab is supposed to be. It says to create it, but where? Running test right now!
  6. Sanks a lot Just make sure you don't call it Makecab.bat, else you'll get a loop
  7. Looks great, but for one thing: How does one do that? If tried makecab, but I only get 1 file at a time in the cab fiie. I've tried googling, but nothing I can use. Can anyone tell me how? If I've got it all, I'll post my findings.
  8. try a -x to extract and then update -s:[path to folder containing I386] to slipstream.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm the one responsible for the installation of the workstations Hence me joining this forum
  10. How about getting rid of your profile. Does it happen if you log on as a different user?
  11. The AC3 filter comes with most of the codec packs like the K-Lite Codec pack. Did you install any of those and then removed it again? Or cleaned house in the Program Files directory?

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