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  1. Does anyone know of a way to revert the default domain policy to its original default settings, short of a full reformat and reinstall (and preferably short of removing that role from the server and reinstalling it)?
  2. Why would the media release that it was an Xbox specifically? Why not just say "game system." Screwed up world we live in... <curses media> On the other hand, if anyone tries to sell you an Xbox now...it could be stolen goods ...especially you Chaosrat
  3. There's no arguing with the fact that the colors are the same...other than that, I like my eggs....
  4. Ok, cheating a bit...at home I have 56k...STILL but here at work/school, we have a direct connection to a multi-OC12 backbone....so it's....fast....
  5. I don't think it's being sold yet...otherwise, I'd have one...
  6. or rather..."paak teh caa in teh haavaad yaad" ouch ouch ouch... It's one of those like scottish people speaking english: it's really fun to listen to, but really hard to understand...
  7. What, you guys across the pond haven't jumped on the American low-carb bandwagon yet? I'm SO surprised... Coke C2 is Coke with half the carbohydrates (despite the fact that looking at its name from a purely mathematical standpoint would indicate TWICE the carbs...such is American advertising...) Pepsi Edge is the same thing for the other cola.
  8. That might take some time, even with the high quality explainers here at MSFN.... Suffice it to say, that a lot of people can't even understand what people from boston are saying...for instance, my parents were once asked if their automatic transmission car was in the park gear...it came out more like: "Is y'r caa in paak?"
  9. I've got a working Child domain, with GPOs enabled with loopback processing. When I add a machine to the child domain, it doesn't detect itself as being part of the group's it's part of...and it doesn't apply the machine policy, and thus, doesn't loop back to the user policy. It doesn't matter whether the computer has correct WINS or DNS addresses, or whether it was added interactively or by hand through the server. Any help? Please? I can provide any information you think might be necessary to solve the problem.
  10. Well, I'm an english major, so....Spanish! Seriously, though, English, and I'm reasonably proficient in Spanish.
  11. *feels old at 19* Welcome! I'll probably learn a lot from you...
  12. *Implores computer gods to give digital camera* I'll get one up here if I have to *temporarily steal* someone else's camera.
  13. That's higher than my 9600SE ever scored by about 200 points (with Duron 1.3 and 384 of PC133 in an MSI mobo) You have to love the 0 framerate in the Troll's lair sim So mebbe I should say that ATI is the best EXCEPT for the SE series...
  14. UGH, I don't like coke or pepsi, and by all accounts, their low-carb substitutes don't taste even as good as their full carb counterparts. Sorry Ropera
  15. everything there should say "not configured" if it's any value but that, it's been modified, and should be changed back to "not configured" alternatively, you might do a spybot/adaware/hijackthis scan of your system to see if you have spyware or tons of processes running. Best of luck,
  16. Check local group policy and see if anything's been changed from the default. This can be accomplished by start->run->"gpedit.msc" without quotes.
  17. Not just 512 MB, I've got 1.5 Gigs and an X800 pro and it STILL slows down. <extensive grumbling>
  18. Enjoy: So God decides to end the world...and decides that he needs to tell the three most important people on the planet so that they can prepare their empires adequately. Suddenly, George Bush, Tony Blair, and Bill Gates find themselves in the divine presence. "I'm sorry to inform you that the world will be coming to an end in a few short weeks," says the Almighty, and sends them back to earth. So Bush and Blair go on television and speak to the world: "We have some good news and some bad news: the good news, there is a God, but the bad news is that he's ending the world in a few weeks." And Bill Gates goes to Microsoft and says: "I have some good news and some better news: the good news is that God thinks I'm one of the most important people in the world." "What's the better news?" someone asks from the crowd. "The better news is that we no longer have to fix Internet Explorer." [Adapted from a joke originally printed in "The Prairie Home Companion Pretty Good Joke Book" compiled by Garrison Keillor]
  19. my sig should say it all....X800 Pro, 'cause I couldn't wait for the XT
  20. Very true, but I never much liked the classic skins
  21. When winamp 3 came out, I went to WMP9, but when Winamp 5 came out, I switched back to good ol' winamp, self-proclaimed whipper of llama asses everywhere. HOWEVER: winamp 5 still starts up too slow for me, even on the best hardware.
  22. That third one is my favorite...good work
  23. First, ATI all the way...though the 6800 Ultra seems to benchmark faster than the X800XT, I tend to trust boards made by the designers of said board. I'm not sure how much 529 euros are (being too lazy to go find a conversion website, but I got my X800 Pro for $400 US (Which I'm pretty sure is MUCH less, as the dollar has fallen against the Euro) ...and I'll never go back to slow cards. BTW, my machine, without optimizations of any kind (e.g. no overclocking, extra cooling, hardware tweaking), does about 7700 +/- 100 3DMark03 points EDIT: using Xrates.com, I've found that my card cost 325 Euros, and your price is 651 US dollars...I'd wait
  24. Put the TTF files in X:\$OEM$\$$\fonts\ where X is the letter of your distribution CD. It requires going to C:\windows\fonts after installation for the fonts to be recognized, but they'll all be in the right place.

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