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  1. My desk machine is Office 2002 my laptop is Office 2007. Is there any way to use pst files from 2007 to 2002? Thanks
  2. I made backup of Outlook2002 signature and stationery graphics files then imported in Outlook2003 per MS instructions. But graphics don't show in 2003. I have installed SP1-3. What am I doing wrong? I'm using W7 with 22003, XP Pro with 2002 machine.
  3. At your suggestion, reinstalled in repair mode,AND total reinstall; no difference either way. Shall I completely uninstall and start over? (I want to resolve then install my 2007 update.)
  4. I copied and moved HTML Stationery and Signature files from my old computer with Office 2002 to new computer with Office 2003. But...Although I see files, their graphic elements (logos) did not move only the text. What did I miss?
  5. My Office 2003 says it has been activated; yet I still have to "accept" license EVERYTIME I open ANY program in suite, whether another program is open or not. How can I fix?

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