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  1. @Jaguarek62. Thanks for the input. But after further testing, it appears the PCIe bus locks out add-in network cards with Win8 drivers. PCIe video card and USB ethernet work fine but not my add-in network card. Weird.
  2. Anyone had any experience with Z590 Motherboards and 11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake and Windows 8? I've installed Windows 8 and Linux on two different z590s (Gigabyte & Asrock) but couldn't get the NiCs working and there were assorted PCI network drivers errors. The MBs otherwise worked OK, although NVMe PCIe 4.0 M.2 performance was a little slower than advertised and full Thunderbolt support was missing. I'd be curious about anyone else's experience. I've seen complaints about bad NICs on other forums but wanted to find out is this a feature of the chipset or just bad drivers..
  3. @Sergiaws. I'm with you on Office. The ribbon on the newest versions is a real productivity killer. I still use Outlook and Word 2003, with the MS upgrade that allows Word to create and read the .docx format. But I bit the bullet and upgraded to Excel and Power Point 2010 because MS added some useful features that I needed. Otherwise, my oldest frequently used software is the backup app Copy to Synchronizer v.3.3 and IObit Uninstaller v.2.4, both of which came out about 15 years ago and still work even on Windows 10.
  4. Amid the enless rush to upgrade Windows and MSO, I'm curious about the oldest piece of productivity or utility software people still use on their computers, not including games.
  5. Using Double Driver 2.0 and another driver backup tool, I've tried exporting and integrating into the Windows 8.1 setup files the USB drivers for the two USB controllers I have on my motherboard (Intel and ASmedia) but Windows 8.1 still won't install from a USB 3.0 multi-card reader (Transcend), only works with a USB 2.0 card reader., Any suggestions?
  6. @jaclaz. Thanks for that link. I'll give that solution a try.
  7. Can anybody recommend a modern Windows 8 compatible laptop, a laptop that allows a user to downgrade to Windows 8? I currently have an LG Gram and it's not possible to downgrade that laptop. It won't boot to an external CD or a USB.
  8. I was about to join in the fun and rollback from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8 Pro. I did so successfully last week with the retail version I purchased years ago. But I did a reinstall after an errant driver hosed the OS and now Microsoft said it won't activate and I must upgrade. Anybody else have this issue?
  9. @jumper, yes, I've tried that. It doesn't work. Even after un-registering and re-registering the .dll. I think Microsoft is so insistent that users upgrade Outlook 2003 and Word 2003, that the only way to install higher versions of office without over-writing Outlook 2003 is to do it manually. Oh well...
  10. I have created unattended install packages for MSO 2003 Word and Outlook (because I prefer those versions over their counterparts in MSO 2010) and for Office 2010, from which I install Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher and instruct setup "do not remove previous" office versions. But if I execute the automated 2010 install after 2003 I get the infamous "mapi32.dll corrupted" error when I try to launch Outlook 2003 and neither reinstalling or repairing Outlook 2003 or any of the online fixes floating around on the Internet work in restoring Outlook 2003 functionality. In addition, Outlook version 2010 has a shortcut in my start menu even though I instructed OCT not to install Outlook 2010. If I install MSO 2010 manually, I don't have this issue. Is there a way to create an unattended 2010 install that won't overwrite Outlook 2003 (and again, I selected the option "do not remove previous versions" in the 2010 unattended setup).
  11. There's a mistake in the uninstall path and display icon entries for scheduled tasks. But this is a pretty nice collection of tweaks.
  12. Yeah I ended up doing something similar: creating a hotkey from my clip app to autopaste the path I want into the dialog windows. The problem with the suggestion above is that windows clears those file location crumbs when I reboot or weed out my registry. But thanks for the suggestion
  13. I'm interested in fixing this default icon browse location, too. It would save a whole lot of mouse clicks. I suspect in six years there's no solution but, ANYBODY, got a clue?
  14. ... meanwhile in the UK , JFYI: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3200291/Farmer-sick-poor-internet-signal-built-DIY-mast.html jaclaz Oh yeah! My kind of hacker

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