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  1. Support for install.WIM bigger than 4 GB is possible without stripping anything.. http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...amp;#entry32491
  2. I also integrated all hotfixes and extra's except for language packs, and my install.wim was over 4gb, so i just stripped out all languages with vlite, and it was all fine then. Anyways glad to know its all good for you now
  3. Same here, just tried downloading now, but still nothing....
  4. My vista x64 is pre SP1 integrated, and i also had the same problem, because i integrated all dreamscene video updates. The only way i could fit all hotfixes into my vista x64 dvd was to ONLY integrate hotfixes and NOT the dreamscene packages, and the other junk extra's. In your situation, just integrate ONLY the sp1, and post sp1 hotfixes, and leave the dreamscene packages out. This should do the trick. And also dont integrate the "Windows6.0-KB948609-v6001-x64_Net_3.5" and ""Windows6.0-KB948610-v6001-x64_Net_3.5" if you have downloaded these update packs from Micro nova or any other sites (because they take some huge space on your install.wim) . Also avoid unneeded language pack integration as well. You can also strip out other vista images with vlite to gain more space, eg, business, home premium etc, and only keep the image you want to install.
  5. http://www.foxs-extreme-tech.info/Forums/s...ead.php?tid=309 Or http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6228 I prefer the first link, because its always up to date.
  6. Thanks for a great tool. Really usefull for making addons, Just cant wait for the final version. Keep up your awesome work
  7. ANALOGUE is possible on server, as it uses the same kernel (core) as vista. Its just some files and registry entries are missing, that needs to be present in server installation for it to work properly. Maybe you can try importing some registry keys and files from vista to server to see if you can get it to work. I am not on server anymore, so wont be working on this anymore Thanks
  8. Thnx, but where did you get the info about windows 7?
  9. <Themes> <CustomDefaultThemeFile>%WINDIR%\resources\themes\VistaGlass.theme</CustomDefaultThemeFile> </Themes> Your Vista needs to be activated on 1st boot, for this to work.
  10. Thanks hannubys for this info. Avivo, can you please post a simple guide on how to remove Vista components using WAIK? Thank you
  11. and at 370mg... it'll be a piece of crap... it's getting worse and worse stick with 8+ Not only that, with nero 9 more MB size means more bugs!
  12. I tell you which is better..."an OS which uses the available ram to the fullest so that your most frequently used programs load faster"
  13. I believe in this case, you can open that EXE file with WinRAR or perhaps Winzip. Good luck! Some "exe" files cannot be opened with winrar or 7zip, so just click on the setup.exe, this will extract its files to "Temp" folder, then go to that "Temp" folder, and grab the drivers from that setup.exe pack. Sometimes "exe" files extracts as "binary" file, so in that case, install the setup.exe and use some sort of driver grabber to grab these driver files.
  14. Hi Is it possible to remove vista components using latest WAIK instead of vLite?
  15. First thing is, ANALOGUE DOES NOT WORK ON SERVER 2008 (my batch setup has no analogue files) Secondly You must run the batch file as administrator to avoid access denied error. And lastly, not all tv applications work under server. Dvbviewer works great! Sorry as i can not help you much on this one, as am back to using vista. My server trial period has expired, and i was only running server all this time for experimental use!
  16. The problem is, NOT all tv card work under server 2008, (even with this BDA setup pack) and i guess thats the case with you as well. Mine is working fine, i can watch HD tv chanells. The problem is not hardware related, but generic BDA framework.
  17. Easiest way, is to just copy paste this code in notepad, and save with "reg" extension and merge. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] "ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin"=dword:00000000
  18. Redmond (WA) – Microsoft is beginning to build up interest in its next-generation operating system. The company confirmed that it will be handing out a pre-beta software at the PDC 2008 event next month and if the conference scheduled is any indication, Windows 7 will focus on five key areas: Graphics, communications, energy-efficient applications, multi-touch and a first step into Web 3.0. It appears that Microsoft is well on track with the development of Windows 7. Barely 10 months after the company handed out its first “Milestone 1” version of the software to its closest partners, the company is now ready to share what it has been working on with a much larger developer crowd. In a post published on the website of the Professional Developers Conference 2008 (PDC 2008), Microsoft said that “keynote attendees will be among the first to receive the pre-beta build of Windows 7.” Microsoft is referring to the keynote of Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president of the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group. Sinofsky has led most of Microsoft’s public outreach relating to Windows 7. Following a rather lukewarm reception of the demonstration of Windows multi-touch features by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer at this year’s All Things Digital conference, Sinofsky squashed all rumors that Windows 7 would be an entirely different operating system in May of this year. According to the executive, Windows 7 will be based on the kernel of Windows Server 2008 kernel, which is an evolution of the Windows Vista kernel. The executive highlighted driver compatibility, saying that Windows 7 will not come with a new driver model. “We're very clear that drivers and software that work on Windows Vista are going to work really well on Windows 7,” he said. Since then, Windows 7 has largely been expected to become a Windows Vista on steroids, or, if you will, a Vista SE that will bridge the gap between Vista and completely new operating system that may be released in the late 2011 or 2012 timeframe. And the PDC 2008 scheduled appears to support these expectations – there will be some new features, but no surprises. Microsoft has dedicated a substantial portion of the conference to the new operating system: 22 out of 155 sessions will directly new features in Windows 7 – which makes the software the second-most covered topic (behind cloud services with 26 sessions) during the event. The lion’s share of all Windows 7 sessions is dedicated to graphics - the appearance of Windows 7 and applications. Four tracks will provide information on the Windows 7 graphics architecture, new API’s to find, organize and visualize, new text and graphic API’s and Windows 7 taskbar integration. There is lots of content that will deal with Direct3D and how developers can take greater advantage of GPUs, but we know that these sessions will be restricted to graphics and that Windows 7 will not support the use of GPGPUs. Two sessions focus exclusively on performance (of background processes) and energy efficiency of applications under Windows 7, and other major tracks will zero in on communications applications, native web services and how developers can develop applications that will take advantage on Windows 7’s multi-touch support. A look at new Shell user experience APIs also looks to be an interesting briefing. If there is a surprise, then it surely is a touch of Web 3.0 in Windows 3: Software development engineer Dan Polivy will lead a session entitled “Windows 7: New APIs for Building Context-Aware Applications” targeted at experienced Windows developers. There is no information on this session available at this time, but if Microsoft is putting a greater focus on context-aware applications, Windows 7 may have a secret killer feature in store for us. Source
  19. Looks like you removed NET Framework from your vista image (as you mention you edited vista with vlite before having this problem), as vLite requires Net framework to run properly (correct me if am wrong)
  20. This vista update loop is a major problem, not only with you, but many people as well (i have been experiencing as well). If someone can please point out which component removal causes this, then please let us know. Thank you
  21. Do you use any other compression tools alongside 7zip? also winrar. but i never had this problem before using the final release 1.2, maybe because of an update. Weird, never had this problem. Try using the 7zip beta version with its silent switch ( /S )
  22. Glad to know your happy with your overall experience with your stripped down vista. But if it was me with these specs, i wouldn't even bother stripping down a vista to run on these specs, specially with 512 ram and a 700mhz CELERON cpu!

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