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  1. I'm getting the website and the latest version of SFXMaker online again in a few days, therefore you will find the links there Please feel free to submit any messages if you feel that SFXMaker project should be continued/developed.
  2. Thanks for the translation, it will be included in the next version
  3. Hello, My little tool is used basically to create switchless installers of the installers provided by software developers. It packs that installer in a self-extracting archive which, after executed, will run it with some parameters, silent switches, so there will be minimum, preferably none user interaction over the installation process of that application. What is this useful for ? Just think how much time you can spare if applications will install by them self, of course, with the default settings, but sometimes configurable through the silent switches. This is applicable to Windows installation process (if you want to include your favorite software), or when installing the same software on, let's say, 100 computers (i had to do this, but lucky me had SFXMaker covering my back). Basically this is it ! I let you discover other things Yeah, it can do what you exemplified, as long as the application is registry independent. Actually ... screw that, it can make installers for applications that use Windows registry, as long as you include the registry along with a batch file and the application itself. But that's more like a portable application, which is not the purpose of my tool. Got it now ? I know my website is just a piece of junk (i made that when i was learning web-developing), i'm actually working on a new one. Stay tuned !
  4. Just run SFXMaker.exe with the /debug switch and it will make a file called "debug.log" where SFXMaker.exe is. Then, just post the contents of it here
  5. Run SFXMaker.exe with the /debug switch and post debug.log here please
  6. Hessam, i identified the problem, but it may be caused by two different things, which one i don't know for sure. If you would like, i can send you a test version, so can you give an IM ID ? Y!M will be preferred
  7. Please run SFXMaker with the /debug switch and post debug.log here please.
  8. Can you describe exactly what you are doing ? Can you replicate the error again ? Additional information will be very useful
  9. Sure, it will be included. Sorry for not including in the current version, i couldn't find it anymore, that's why i asked you for a link

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