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  1. I agree aviv00, win7 is more like vista second edition, its just ms is calling win7, and not vista SE. (am sure u knw why ms wouldnt link vista name with win7) Anyways, we will have to wait for beta 1 to see any performance increase over this pre-beta, if there is more speed compare to this pre-beta build, then we can expect more tweaks and more speed in beta 2. And the same performance of win7 can also be gained with vista sp2 (am pretty sure)
  2. I have a strong feeling, vista sp2 and server sp2 will have very similar performance to windows7. Vista SP2 will have the tweaks microsoft applied to windows 7 to make it more reliable and run faster (so similar performance compare to win7). But still we will have to wait for the final results when the final version of sp2 releases, and by then we will have windows 7 beta 3 (hopefully). I think Microsoft as usual thinking bout money money , and sp2 vista will be the same as windows 7, but microsoft will charge full amount for windows7 jus for few extra features, eg touchscreen stuffs..
  3. No, its vista sp1, coz there is no vista sp2 64 bit yet, and i only use 64bit OS, (maybe SP2 x64 is out now, nt sure) I think sp2 does fix those common performance issues, and adds alot reliability to vista os. Going to wait for sp2 x64 before i do vistax64 vs win7 x64
  4. No time yet, going to test server 2008 vs win7 soon. Am pretty sure it will be faster than server as well, and if it is then, for the first time am going to say "Congrats Microsoft"..lol
  5. I also tested it with 2gb ram win7 x64, boot time was 45 sec. But the overall peformance of win7 (non-vlited) compare to a vista (almost everything removed) is awesome. Windows 7 is not even a beta 1 release, and the performance its showing is very promising.
  6. Legolash2go did mention it does not work with build 6801..
  7. Great driverpacks for vista..check it out http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6703
  8. same here, i removed windows mail, and few other stuffs, and had the same problem. Then i installed vista again, this time without removing anything but just disabled few uneeded services, and it worked fine
  9. The best way to install apps on vista, is via WPI, as ricktendo64 mentioned above. IMO its the best method!
  10. Theres many themes out there, to make it match with vista themes. Am using a theme, downloaded from devianart, that matches these icons Look in deviantart for vista themes, theres plenty of them
  11. Download vista-tools, and open the folder, there you will find "Readme.txt" The readme.txt is your guide
  12. Huge vista driverpacks, and also has lots of upto date Intel Marvel / Matrix and nForce and AMD SATA-RAID Drivers. DriverPacks for vista
  13. People who may have been experiencing BSOD with their vista lately, Please read below! I thought i let everybody know this Quoted from foxs extreme tech Fox's Extreme Tech
  14. Your absolutely right. http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/39788/140/
  15. Mount your vista image "install.wim" and then go to "windows\winsxs\pending.xml" delete that xml file, then commit changes and unmount.
  16. Please can you tell me where do i put this into my XML doc... Thank you in advance.. Autounattend.xml
  17. Yes, these are rhor icons, but they are organized to vista's correct resources, and i also modified some rhors icons as well eg, the bmp's and 2 or 3 new icons i made to make it more eye popping
  18. Does this require the digital BDA patch and all of the Vista files, or does it just require the registry settings posted here? Thanks. It requires the BDA digital patch and also this registry settings as well. (Registry settings required only if your using analogue) @Wima Great job, you got the analogue to work, and also figured out the registry settings as well
  19. Some really flashy icons for vista. They look awesome, as i am currently using them. I organized all the icons to its correct resources and its icongroup numbers, and still working on it... More to come.. Enjoy this cool icons Screenshots Download Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/153346283/New_Resources.7z.html NOTE: Some old icons you will see, are from Vize project by xpero, i just replaced most of them, added a few more icons, and also EDITIED some icons to match vista.
  20. Install WAIK, and then copy the 32Bit Version of the wimgapi.dll from the WAIK installed folder into your vLite folder.
  21. They are illegal to use, and you should know why...
  22. Your vista's UxTheme Files need to be patched as well. http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16977
  23. Restorator 2007 working perfect for me with x64 files. btw Restorator 2007 does not support "PNG" files, you MUST convert them to "ICO" then use Restorator 2007 to replace icons.

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