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  1. im supposed to go and check out a network in an internet cafe tomorrow, but my networking skills is very limited. I NEED HELP apparantly only 2 of the pc out of 8 is having access to the net. it was working b4 also. i think they run cafe client pro software also from their main machine and the internet is wireless . what exactly should i be looking here
  2. i use CCLEANER , ive seen that program make xp move from ole lady to later 20ś
  3. After installing vista sp1 i noticed one main difference. When i go into system properties (winkey +pause ) it says windows ultimate edition sp1 lol thats all i got so far
  4. i wonder if i can add firefox3 in an unattended version of xp an remove IE7 hmm... or maybe Ie may come in handy knowing M$ , i really dont like haveing 2 browsers on my pc
  5. i used firefox 2. ? before on several occasions and it worked like a linux OS ( talk about pressure and headache) now most ppl rate software but when it comes to visible performance you cant see ... on first use i can see it and i like it !! BEST of all there GUI is simple and not chunky as the older versions at default ( i like simple) reminds me of IE7 .. lol
  6. FIRST disconnect the first drive or the one in which vista is installed on . Then do an install of xp on the second hdd when you are finished , shutdown an reconnect everything. normally when the machine is going through post there is an option to choose the boot device (press f12) or so . when u hit (F12) you will choose which HDD to boot up off , now when the pc is loaded you will still have access to both hdd incase you want to take files from one to the other ... WELL this is one way i know will work cause i did it already !
  7. supprising to me, since ive never really seen much of a difference between the previous versions and IE , in terms of performance. FireFOx 3 is actually really good!! loading time, etc . i know its way lighter cause my hdd does cry out when i launch Have you guys tried it ? for the first time " I " will give this a thumbs up, for noticable difference ... it is really good
  8. maybe the virtual machine is suffereing from ESD, have you touched any virtual componets b4 discharging !! lol there is an unattended guide available if u look to the top of the page, its for sp2 but the steps are the same for sp3. when i used nlite i never got any problems, so u may want to screen shot the window when the error appears or if you are using vmware you can actually record the whole operation to be played back so you can haltthe footage and read it
  9. lmao .. did u try the unattended link onthe top pf the pages http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/
  10. yes it happens in dafe mode , we end up fresh installin the os but now the wireless lan drivers from the manufacturer cd doesnt work ..... this is a new cd by the way .. the recovery partition still remains , i was wondering if there is a way to boot up an install of it , it will solve the problems with the drivers
  11. so this guy is installin office on his vista business edition laptop ( DELL vostro 1500 ) then it sticks and all of a sudden NOw everything opens in a txt note pad file in an unreadible form !! u try to launch command prompt same thing , system restore , IE, everything launches in notepad , looks similar to when u change an .exe file to .txt ANy body here can tell me what is possible going on
  12. http://www.gtopala.com/siw-download.html its also a portable app
  13. In each user lil corner where you see their avatars and stuff , it would be nice to be able to display the country when you use the cursor and mouse over their flag . im watching some flags here and i dont know where half of them is for, at least ill be able to place you all to your specific country instead of just being lost here
  14. What do guys think is the dreadest OS+AV combination for a laptop if u really want to hurt it and slow it down from what ive seen so far on a standard hp6000 series lappy its ...... **Drumroll** Vista + Norton whats your guess
  15. ok i got it solved !! There was an OEM feature in nlite which was disabled , once i enabled it everythign worked perfectly !!
  16. ok i now moced it from system to system32 and apparantly its working on my runnin OS but the xp i was customizing through nlite didnt show up the info even when it was in the system folder .. Does nlite have any features which may be blocking it from showing up ?
  17. im running windows xp pro sp3, i was acustom to puttin it there since the first time i realised that i can tag my system, even on windows 2000 i used the system folder not system32
  18. it usually works for me in " C:/widows/system" folder .. The only time i actually ever saw it in the system32 folder was through a programme an script i got from Felix' link above
  19. i worked on about three (3) Dell Dimensions all about power supply and i never got this problem although there was slight difference within the units build . The only difference between a standard Dell PSU and a regular ATX PSU is a white wire connected to the 20 pin P! connector , but i never got a problem with it so far
  20. ok everything copyin over to the system32 folder but there is still nothing in the system properties box ! yes i did this and it is set
  21. Now this unit came to me after the owner had his share of interference with it . The problem basically is no beeps, when the 4 pin P4 connector is plugged in to the motherboard the processor fan does not come on , when i tested the voltage through the molex connector i various entries of Zero (0.06) When i disconnected the P4 and left the 20 pin P1 connecor in, it powered up the fan spins and everything . the reading on the molex is as it should be 12v ,3.3v respectively . So what suggestions are there to check next ??? the guy said once he saw smoke ascending from the mobo but the unit was still working then . So what do you think i can further do or check ??
  22. So ive tried this a million and 1 times , still i reap no sucess on the unattended guide which is linked from the is site , when remodelling if u may your xp cd . For some reason i cant get the OEMLOGO to show up or even be copied across to the machine in which i install the xp !! is there that is not listed that should be done on the same page in which its listed or is it something i doing wrong Is it possible to import this info if this is the only thing im importing . ?
  23. For one reason , If it is i've used spybot 10 times in different casses , 100 % percent of the time it didnt help :-( Avg is kinna wack, i personally find Thats a lot of stuff to put on my machine

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