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  1. well, my new thing is to browse the $windir$ and manually save the folder with the drivers and re apply them after the install. Once you check with your device manager also to make sure of what hardware is on the machine too... The good thing is, well that happens to me alot after xp-sp2 is alot of the drivers will be installed by default, so it saves you looking for them afterward
  2. Now we all im sure remembered the combination of ctrl+alt + arrow key (any key) to flip the screen in windows , ithink ive first seen it in windows 2000, it works in xp also.. what i want to know is , what exactly causes that to happen, because it doesnt work on all machines, it doesnt work on my windows xp home edition in work , but it does on the other pro machines.. I've seen talk online about it being available on only intel based graphics card, is this true ? im very sure my work machine ( dell 4600 ) has an intell card .... Any one care to shed some light ?
  3. i wonder why ppl are so against upgradin hardware for win 7 ... if your hardware cant run windows 7 proper then what ever your Os is now is probably on the slow side of the chain !! im already on the win7 side of things, but i have xp on my SATA HDD
  4. jus as with vista for the icons size Hold ctrl + mouse wheel to adjust the programs are normally in alphabetical order, what more can you eally want than that
  5. @ gamehead, thats what i thought / know... but it just goes to show alot of these so called mac users walking around like mac is the sh*t , and aint know the basics..
  6. so the other day, i'm in the mall checking out a windows xp machine ( virus problem ) i think for a store that i did networked.. anyways, in the back room, right behind me with a big window in it , is the DJ, radio/club DJ with his mac book organizin his lil playlist i guess.. Now i dont want to go calling the stores name, but its a sort of rasta man store sels all king of hemp products etc, so we have a lil back ground reggae music playin to compliment the store ... then two customers not local walks in and likes the music ... let me try an dialog this Customer : wow, i like this music , who is it Manager : one of our local reggae artiste Customer : can i get a copy of it or so Manager : thats no problem, we all about promoting the culture.. manager turns to the DJ ,( lets call him DJ "X" ) Manager : do you have a burner there ? Dj X : yes i do Customer : would it take long, ? we kinna running late ! Manager : would it take to burn ? DJ : of course not , its a Mac you know, its Mac ME : ?!? up to this day i never new being a mac meant u can burn cd's faster , i always thought it was the hardware that determined how fast u burn cd's etc yes its kinna long , but some one shed some light !
  7. So ive recently used a brand new Dell inspiron laptop cant remember the number and what i found really weird, inthat ive never seen it before or experienced it is, everytime i plug my flash drive into it it reads as a usb realtek sound card , so basically i can access no data on it .. i have one of those corsair flash voyager 16 GB drives, and never have i seen such madness... Any ideas of what cound be going on here ?
  8. OK, 1 , not me the wallpaper, secondly, i support neither apple or their logo, but the pic is nice From the few times i've used mac i dont really like it ( my preference i.e) the layout , etc.. prefer linix an all to it again thats my preference to do with the basic layout and operating , but i must reiterate, the pic is nice Screen Shots PPL , im always open to see ppl's layout !
  9. i like the wallpaper actually, its simple , just the way i like things.. STOP Hating on my Wallpaper .. LOL
  10. So, how many of you guys here, those who dont have a problem with the new windows 7 taskbar , actually use it to its capabitity ? And all the other features that are accesible from the desktop. Do you guys actuallu utilize them ? whats ur preference ? Personally i've unpinned all the icons in the task bar , remove all from desktop, and still using my rocket dock app. for such ... i like my desktop plain for some reason , you guys can post some screenshots on your win7 desktop , lets see how u like it
  11. i personally dont even see the problem with IE, it has'nt gotten me into any trouble yet
  12. man, its sort of either you for or against , i personally find the new start menu is faster with the search if you use it correctly ... but one can only hope( not me ) that they give you classic in a later build
  13. so now Eset has released v.4 beta .. any of you guys have tried it as yet ? leave comments on what you think of it so far .. i've now started using it so im not going to have an input jus yet .. but its loaded and still light thus far , which is very good
  14. 3.0 because of my 40 gig HDD parallel , its pretty old probably 5400 rpm ,
  15. Ok so i have here a HP laptop dv6324us to be exact.. i think it has " MCS" Mad Computer Syndrome the guy just said its not coming on, when i hit the power button the blue lights come on then cuts off about 3 times then it stays off. the monitor has no activity at all .. i connected my pc monitor to it jus to see what will happen. the amber light turn green three times to say signal i guess for about 2 seconds and then shut off.. so before i take apart ppl, what do you think may likely be the problem with it ??
  16. i think we still thinking in the box here ppl, now facts mentioned above while may or may not being accurate .. Look at it from the standpoint of say a web browser for instance : windoes=IE , MAC=safari, Linux=Firfox .. now basically these 3 have there own which basically allows you to do the same thing, browse, download ,etc. Now just as M$ issues its copies of office for both windows an MAC , if the virus of today basically came in three flavours to cause the same noted behavior patern, weather it is to slow down, or restart or crash..... As a technician which would you probably think would be the easiet or atleast the prefered OS type that you would deal with , fresh install being your last option think of it as , there are 10,000 virus for windows , linux and MAC , which basically cause them to do the same thing, like a ferrari with a flat tyre and a nissan sunny with a flat tyre !!
  17. the fact also that u can pin shortcuts to the new task bar also for easy lauch so u can keep your destop clean ( the way i like it ) but i use neither i rocket docked it removed all from the task bar and desktop, and of course clickable thumbnails] but the share options have become a lil more complicated , more options now
  18. yes yes , you guys are stating the obovious, but, put all on an equal playin feild market share wise 33.3 % each. do you think it would be any easier to fix or troubleshoot a MAc or Linux .. ive barely touched Mac's but as for linux the most times i get problem with that "thing" i see my hairs greying !!
  19. Now i may be wrong but.. there are 3 different breeds of OS's (1) Microsoft Windows (2) Apple Mac (3) Linux well this is the three we are dealing with for now in a little proportion .. Now as we know Windows OS's and Virus go hand in hand , nice like a marriage " make you wanna throw rice " For Mac virus is a hardly issue and for linux apparantly no one is that bored yet to really start writting them ( they may have , who knows ) . Now so if we are supposing that these three Breeds got the same feed or load of virus to affect the same parts of the OS , ( which ever way it be ) . What do you think would be the turn out ? would ppl still stick to windows or jump ship to Mac or just use a free open source build ? Now i pose this for you guys you obviously have ran atleats 2 or all three different breeds mentioned above ..... Whats your thoughts ? Just Supposing ?
  20. i unpinned everything from the superbar in my win 7 , now messenger sticks there i prefer messenger beta behaviour then , some one told me that doesnt happen in vista or xp ?
  21. As Jaclaz said early up , clean the registry to begin with .. ive used ccleaner on some machines runnin MCE and you will be shocked of the actually difference in performance .. If not then i guess u can really check the spark plugs and flanges , lol but defrag and ccleaner does most of the work for me , note that u usally have to run them multiple times
  22. So apparantly its no longer a beta " ( hooray i guess ! ) the new live messenger 2009 . so i inatlled it today its a lil differerent from the beta but the one thing i cant seem to let it do is to minimize to the icon notification area , as all other messenger apps previous to this ones does. im using on windows 7 and when i close it (X) it jus goes to the taskbar . is it jus a windows thing wy its behaving so or is it also happen on xp anf vista alike ?
  23. yes there are speakers but no beeps at all, even the molex connectors arent even power other devices like the cd rom etc when its hooked up properly .. i tested the power supple else where and it working also tried a new one on the same unit with the same problem , i removed the cd rom tried it on another unit and it worked perfectly , so i was guessing the motherboard too , but its the 3rd time this pass few months ive encountered it ,im just baffled as to what will cause it to act this strange ???? i dont want to be a change parts technician but rather understand and explain to my customers what and why this happens etc ...

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