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  1. i wonder how much did this cost
  2. how much L2 cache does the both processors have, whats the mother board FSB speed , yuh have to state this too
  3. @ vilig i tried my flash on windows vista and 3 different windows xp pc's, same problem i think it just isnt detecting the memory on the stick but if u get through be sure to let me know
  4. well its not my laptop its a guy's own that i have to upgrade from 512 to 2 x 1024 next week so im just tryin to get a head start on the operation. all the laptops ive seen open so far change ram from underneath, but all the toshiba's that i saw online tutoriols about did from above, under the key pad
  5. ok guys, i was checking a couple sites online on how to replace the SO-Dimms. so far what i have seen on the toshiba machines is that u have to remove the keyboard to get to it, but i didnt see any for this particular model. so any of u guys who have one or who have done it to the model can u give me a better heads up on how to proceed
  6. @ Joker, its not to clear the browsing history, its to clear the history in the " run command " so ppl cant retrace my steps. i dont use the conventional way of : start-all programmes-accesories-system tool-defragmenter i prefer dfrg.msc <--- jus for e.g so i dont like ppl tryin to figure what i just did is launching commands etc
  7. do what i did to the last Dell that was giving me problems. SLave it to your pc, install the os in it when its finshed switch it back . i did this twice so far an it works
  8. yea its like doing a repair install, i did it already just to change a serial key. i havent encountered any problems yet but a clean install is always better
  9. D_block


    to make sure u can go to the run command and type "winmsd" without the commas it will give u a listing or since it is that u are u sing vista, hold the windows key and press pause. here uwould see the system rating, click on it an then when the page opens it should tell u whats in ur pc, there is also another link on the page to see everything, i cant remember what it says right now cause im in class on a machine running windows xp
  10. anyone who has access to a dell dimension 2400, can u access the bios settings an tell mw what ypur default values are, becasue mines seem to be hanging alot at the boot screen. it also seems to be doing it when the hdd is plugged in , i dont know why !!
  11. ok after a lot of doing i got to install it on my pc, i switched back the hdd an its working one more problem though , how do i get it from prompting for me to press f1 after post and it takes really long on the splash screen, it never did that before, and when i disconnec the hdd it doesnt do it either Help plz
  12. yea im sure its a 40 gig that it came with. a maxtor 40 gig, i did a fresh insstall because the pc was laggin when u try to boot it. 6 hrs after its still copying its now on 78 % . i also tried my 40 gig western digital hdd on it, but it didnt work. i cleared the cmos also because it was not booting at one point, now it takes really long during POST Even when i used the 40 gig maxtor on my pc an tried to install xp on it, after copyin files an restarting the pc screen just went blank
  13. i just wiped a 40 gig maxtor hdd containing windows xp home. i tried to put back windows xp pro on it. when it finshed copying the xp pro files and the GUI part of the installl starts with 39 mins left, the pc freezes up, the flashing lights to the bottom of the screen stops. I dont know why now i inserted me windows xp home cd, the pc starts to move extra slow now, its over half and hr an it still cant finsih copying the files it needs to start the set up . i still dont know why Any ideas guys its running on a 512 mg or ram an i cant really remember the processor speed
  14. Just click start then shutdown and click cancel. Now the start run menu is clean <----- Are you sure this method works cause it doesnt for me
  15. its 1.5 x minimum and 3x maximum i think , as for the slow performance, it depends on if u started getting it before or after you interfered with the swap files
  16. i ordered this from on amazon, im in trinidad and tobago, its not that easy to carry back oh well i just gonna buy a markvision i thinks its about 500.00 TT
  17. it stopped again, WDF man !! i just tried it in my net plus class, its giving problems again !!! i wonder if transcend wants me to troubleshoot this pc also
  18. x86-64 is a 64-bit superset of the x86 instruction set architecture. The x86-64 instruction set natively supports Intel's x86 and was designed by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), who have since renamed it AMD64. This architecture has been cloned by Intel under the name Intel 64 (formerly known as Yamhill, Clackamas Technology, CT, IA-32e, and EM64T).[1] This leads to the common use of the names x86-64 or x64 as more vendor-neutral terms to collectively refer to the two nearly identical implementations. x86-64 should not be confused with IA-64, the architecture of Intel's Itanium series of processors. The latter is not compatible on the native instruction set level with older 32-bit x86 processors. USE GOOGLE FOR FURTHER REFRENCE !!
  19. All for the " get an upgrade fund " say " I "
  20. im very sure ponch, i instaled every thing on my pc i know whats there listing . its a 5 in 1 card reader, with usb port being the 5th. L therefor would make it 6 anyways the thing started back to work, after i keept playin with it. first the light came on then it wasnt reading no L: drive then it started back readin with no light. then it just began to function properly WTF <-- lol i hasd also sent an email to the tech support from transcend, they emailed me back with sum instructions, if it ever happen again ill try it and see The funny thing about this is, transcend send me sum troubleshooting instructions in a email. But all the instructions point to my pc being the problem , i specifically stated in the email i sent them that it was not working in either my pc or the dell dimension 2400... why dont compaies take blame for their own products ?
  21. I have a Transcend 8GB flash drive ( JF V10 ), i was using it to transfer music from one pc to another. From a Dell Dimension 2400 to my generic build. so i took off some of the music just fine, but i didnt tranfer it across, couple hours later now when i plus it in, my pc is reading it as a removable device, like a card reader i cant access anything on the drive, its like fit was not present. The flash does even light up anymore, and windows cant read it as a transcend drive either, as it usually does, only a usb removable drive. Is this the end of the FLash ? i barely had this a yr now. Or is there some way to get this back up and working ?
  22. 32.Fakerecy is a worm that spreads by copying itself to removable and mapped drives. Note: Definitions prior to January 19, 2007 may detect this threat as Trojan.Horse. arget of Infection: Spreads through mapped drives. When W32.Fakerecy is executed, it performs the following actions: Creates the following files: [DRIVE]:\autorun.inf [DRIVE]:\Recycled\desktop.ini [DRIVE]:\Recycled\INFO2 [DRIVE]:\Recycled\Recycled\ctfmon.exe %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\desktop.ini %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ctfmon.exe Note: %UserProfile% is a variable that refers to the current user's profile folder. By default, this is C:\Documents and Settings\[CURRENT USER] (Windows NT/2000/XP). Spreads by copying itself with the hidden and system attributes set to a fake Recycled folder, which it creates, and to mapped drives. Now its easy to removethe virus, but its how to get back my device drive to work with out formatting is the thing
  23. Anyone getting sound problems with vista codec pack, i think i have 4.5 something and im still not getting sound on my dvd movies. i have a sound blaster audigy 7.1 card which is fully updated through the latest software updates that vista picks up. AVI movie files play with no problem but the dvd movies i have on disk provides no sound, in media player or media centre .. any advice guys, on what i can use to get my fully function sound on my movies

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