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  1. Gosh i want to try it your way, i try my best to do things a manual way with out free ware soft ware. but what i need to know when exactly do you use the f10 +shift command is it when it is installng ? when the tine remaining to completion is present on the screen ?
  2. Gosh i was kinna following u there. when do i shift +f10 and use the net user admin stuff > during the install or after it completes and if im doin a repair in gui, wouldnt i be able to change the pword anyway ?
  3. Here's the problem. a guys bringing a pc for me to help him out with, now i have a slight idea of what to do. He says all the Admin accounts are pword blocked and no one seems to know who did it. so the only of accessing the pc is through a limited user account. Now if i want to over ride the admin account i remember there was a net user command that could have been used to do it. ( net user administrator * ) something like that. i done know if it will work from a limited user account.. is there any other way to do this and regain proper control on the pc ? your help is appreciated !!
  4. yes one actually crosses through the start button. the graphics card i have is a geforce 7300LE an vista recently updated the drivers on it, i had before a radeon ati 1550 512 mb ddr2 card with an older board an i used to get the same problem. but this is a new pc i built an it still continues, now im wondering if it is something that vista does. i tried searchin on different sites for answers, but none so far although i see ppl complaning about the same problem
  5. i have vista ultimate, i installed it a couple days ago and now after about 13 hhrs online i come back on the pc to see the explorer crashed!! when i try to click the start button , it shows up with no details, the 3 other folder that was on the task bar moves an is mixed up, one actually crosses over the start button .. i used the task manager to kill explorer an then re launch it, but i find it to be irritating... is there anyone who found a solution to this problem HElp me ... my pc is but 2 weeks old, new hardware 1 gig ram, ecs mother board, 256 mb graphics card vista ready, 3200+ sempron
  6. i havent gotten any problems as yet, i cant remember which version i have but i came with my nokia 6230i, but because i use my phone as a modem i cant update the drivers. the only problem ive seen so far is i cant access the phone like on xp to put stuff directly to it with out software

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