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  1. the Pc behaves like the power supply is dead , no response when the on off switched is pressed . when it was replaced with a brand new one the same thing occurs . when you remove the P4 connector from on the board and press the power button everything lights up ( system doesnt boot ) ive seen this for the 3 rd time dis yr , once on an AMD unit an Twice on Intel machines , what can be the cause of this problem ? im thinking it may be associated with the mother board , what do you guys think ?
  2. well if u have ur setup cd u can always do a fresh install , why really would u install a beta though over your main OS ???
  3. so after playing with the beta 6801 ppl . What are your comments on it ? from what ive seen after running it for like 2 hrs i think since ive installed it , its like a more detailed vista to me , a bit quicker especially in the defrag category !! after adjusting the taskbar it wasnt that bad to peer at .. startup still too slow for me personally although my pc psecs arent that good the most problems im having with this so far is IE8 since my basic test with browsers is yahoo pool an youtube ( basic test ) to see if ill get any probs but its not doing the pool thinig for me , so google chrome comes in for that . all the other software i had on vista and xp also works with no problems so far so whats you guys First Comment on 6801 ?
  4. If i want to map a drive or partition from my pc to another pc which is not on my network, being that this pc maybe my neighbours or in a next country etc.. how exactly do i go about doing this ?
  5. well it is a problem for me because , im going to do a fresh install on a dell machine but i want to preserve all the data on it , i have access to the original Administrator account so i normally use net user to clear passwords to do my back up ... plus ive got this same problem before where there are two words in the id an i jus got fed up of trying an used " Bart PE " to do the job.... so its jus info on my part ill tell u which one worked !!
  6. i more lost now than when i started ..lol an example will do guys and as i said b4 i also get this problem when the account name is 2 words for example " tall man " you know it is very easy to create a limited account on your machine an try doing what i say im getting the problem with , for hands on experience
  7. well once is the case that i've met the the "&" sign , but the other times it usually is double words like " sexy chick " or " tall man " .. what i remember is that when executing the net user command if i going to change your pass word its basically the same process. "net user <account> <pword>" now by using a log in id with 2 words or more im thinking that maybe windows is reading it as a user name and password ?
  8. try using a media centre edition if u have , it may serve as a bridge.. i got some similar problems on hp once
  9. when using command prompt in win-xp , the net user command to be exact there is one problem i cant get around. i dont know if its the same on vista too but ... For e.g: if i launch the net user command it normally states the accounts that are on the pc. so say for this instance the accounts on the windows machine are : Administrator, John, sharon, K & S Towne and off course the normal help accounts which are default . given that John has Admin privilages and sharon and K & S Towne are limited users. when im logged in as the Administrator ( which normally is hidden from view ) and all the other accounts are password protected, i usually use the " net user John * " then the return key twice to remove the passwords depending on who or what i, doing , the problem is now. How do i execute any such commands on the K & S Towne Account ? As many times that ive met accounts with more than one word the net user command does work with them. is there a way to execute the net user command on Accounts which have multiple word or names on its ID E.G ( K & S Towne ) Any help will be good !!
  10. well firstly the pc aint mines , its a company i did a lil work for previously . the guy who usually does the graphics told me he was gettin problems with a banner i cant remember the size exactly but it was much bigger than 12ft i think they are on a dual core machine at present with 2 gigs of ram , im not sure the precessor speed though but the machines is about 3-4 yrs old
  11. yea a username is needed but it was saved on the 6211-13 modem , its usually the lan line number and 12345.
  12. ok guys. for a heavy user of adobe photoshop and cs suite products on a whole , looking for a new system which wont lag or hang when opening large products like banners really large ones at that , what kind of hardware do u suggest having .. all comments welcomed !!
  13. dsl modem ( 6211-13 ) is the model . WRT54GC is the linksys router.. i think the problem is with the linksys router , but i never configured one before so i dont know where to start
  14. here is the problem !!! i am hooking up two pc's a laptop and a desktop to a network . so i am using the internet provider blink modem and running it through a linksys router G broadband switch WRT54GC . The problem is when I hook up the network there is no internet connectivity... the connections works fine between the 2 units but i cant access the net on either machines unless i use the service providers modem directly the either of the machines .... is there something i should know , or that i may need to check as to why i am getting this problem >><?
  15. I did a reinstall and its performing quite normal now, just as it should . i think what had happened was a result of "fast hands" !! i had begun to wonder if vista basic an windows 98 are the same lol
  16. now this is my first run it with vista basic , its on a dell machine as i mentioned in the header. the problem is when i inserted my flash the first time i didnt install drivers for it nor did it show up in " my computer " but i plugged my ethernet line into it an b4 long it was installin drivers. what i want to know is, Does vista basic lack this capability of using flash drives by default from the drivers it comes with ? or is it maybe an error with the OS , that it may be broken an operatin incorrectly ? "
  17. like i was late with this one lol
  18. i like msn over trillian and yahoo for a couple of reasons. 1. my yahoo have about 3 contacts 2. my yahoo still has 3 contacts and when im conversin with my ppl on msn the integration is much better when its msn to msn messenger .. i heard ppl say that msn leaves a big foot print on ur system, but so does cs3 and vmware and none of them actually slows my pc down a considerable amount
  19. well i've just installed it , jus because is google , so im going to test run this boogie and see if its any good or not .. Have any of u guys had any experience with it ?
  20. Choose which Distro you prefer/ like to use. Pro's , Cons etc.. specify which you like since they also come by different versions .. Note : my option in the poll is limited to mainly what " I " have run already ! so if u didnt see an option u like u can specify and so on ...
  21. Does All/ most laptop carry the same standard of hdd, or is it specific to the build an brand of the laptop ?
  22. http://www.cybercafepro.com/downloads.asp thats the link to the software above, does anyone here have any experience with this software ?? apparantly the control station is no longer connected to the clients and the clients are locked in an inacessible mode.. IS there a way to by pass this ?
  23. ok, so i went an cheked out the operation , apparantly, its their software Cyber cafe client pro thats isnt connecting the the client pc's . so now the clients are locked with the software boot sceeen an d main one has lost connection with them ,
  24. thanks @ rendrag will do ill let you guys know how it goes
  25. ok cool, i did it couple of times never had any problems. so i guess i was lucky then ... the only problem i know of unplugging the hdd is there would be no boot screen, so in order to boot to different os u will to chage the boot device

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