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    Funny Video

    This is a like a remix of the original ... lol if you have ever been in a maxi , you may relate
  2. when i use media player i dont get this problem, what are you playing from ? a cd or just regular mps or wma tracks on yuh pc if its off a cd that means when they compiled the cd they didnt remove the pause between tracks so its spacing out on u ... and as everyone say, use winamp
  3. what i need to know how to do is to combine or pack the 2 files into one executable file to launch when doubled clicked . i already know how to make it run at start up, i have d registry file prepared and i have my program done aslo i need to make them one an specify where d program goes
  4. ok, so ive created a .reg file which basicaaly makes my program launch at start up, and i also have d program to launch. two things i need to know now . (1) How do i specify which location the program goes or can i set it to a certain location or do i have no control over it ? (2) what program software do i use to do such a task (3) how do i make it install my .reg link like other such program without the prompt only unless u have 3 party apps like windows defender which would tell you ? ..... i thought i said 2 questions.. lol
  5. but its a fact, that if al of us here were sales men selling these products to comercial businesses adobe would be product of choice not because its name is out there but the fact that ppl in power like to have a lot of stuff they dont use .. lol i like my pro reader cuz i can pdf tutorials online an couple other stuff that i dont like ppl editing , now take $450 when 1usd is 6.3 in mines :-(
  6. Basically foxit is motor car and adobe is a dump truck , the car sure is fast but it doesnt offer the services i tried this one it sure is quick and portable
  7. Now where/ how do i start to do this ? its not like i can just vlite it now can i
  8. open pword : msfn print pword : forum
  9. http://rapidshare.com/files/123504416/BIOS..._CODES.pdf.html I uploaded it , now its tellin me i need a premium account to download it back ..lol, tell me if you get through
  10. I have a pdf file here id like to send to you, how do i send it ? i have pword protected it and also made it unprintable unless u have the second pword !! ( 2 differeent passwords ) I never even know that you can easily go pass ofice encryption !!
  11. acrobat pro offers encryption similar to that in office 07 , which prompts for a pword to open files ... does Foxit have it . i constanly create pdf documents so this is good for me plus it can pdf IE7 or 6 with one click once d page is loaded an keeps the form fill options
  12. Have anyone found a way to slipstream office 07 into vista as yet ? i have my slipstream vista with sp1 and id like to have it with office 07 also .... Any progress
  13. i kno its not an error msg, i was half way through a scan an i stopped it an ran system restore to yester day (way faster method) anyways, its gone now ... i left a girl on my pc an u kno these women apparantly likes to click colorful stuf saying " you won"
  14. http://fast-viruscanner.com/id/4912933/4/1/ -- this is d pop up page associated with the pic i uploaded here Its linked to IE antivirus page ... Im currently running a full scan with updated modules on eset , any suggestions guys ? i just lent out my pc for an hour and this is what i get
  15. Well i havent got around to using Foxit as yet, but i have acrobat reader professional 8 . Have any of you guys who used both here seen the difference . I like pro because it can pdf web pages as i look at them, txt files pictures i can pdf with out opening and i can save as .doc ( office 03 ) format almost instantly ... Well i kno Foxit is lighter and what not , but wha other good features does it have ? Vmware didnt slow down my pc, so acrobat cant !!! lol
  16. I remember when i was doing A+ sum yrs a back, this was one of the questions !! what i want to know is , if the standard is the same on a basic LCD an CRT . Is the CRT stil giving betetr Video for like picture editing etc..
  17. It happens all the time , from the time the pc boots up its there. the same all the time its windows xp sp2 on a dell dimension 4600.
  18. i have windows xp home edition on work ( lol ) my eset since a couple days back seems to be loosing sumting , a part of the gui . it runs ok, but its annoying to see it doing this , its the only program i have that is responding this way . i tried uninstalling and re installing but the problem persists. IF you notice on the pics attached, the missing eset logo banner to the top on the window and the black spots on the scan screen over the buttons .... any suggestions to fix this ?
  19. http://home.eunet.no/pnordahl/ntpasswd/bootdisk.html Maybe im doin it wrong, but this isnt working for me at all even after twice shuttin down witthe safemode option , im gettin ntfs errors an when i dont the changes i make arent their what must i do
  20. AdobeR.exe msvcr71.dll autorun.inf i just found these 3 files on a usb flash, eset quarintines the autorun.inf automatically, the other 2 is hidden files . when i manually delete them an reformat the flash it keeps comin back as i insert the flash ? - <COLUMN NAME="Time"> <DATE>6/5/2008</DATE> <TIME>11:16:34 AM</TIME> </COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Scanner">Real-time file system protection</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Object">file</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Name">F:\AUTORUN.INF</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Threat">Win32/RJump.A worm</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Action">cleaned by deleting - quarantined</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="User">NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Information">Event occurred on a new file created by the application: F:\AdobeR.exe.</COLUMN> </RECORD> this is a copy of an file from in the quarintine section in eset.. what do you think is causing the file to come back .. an everytime it comes back it recreates the autorun an eset removes immediately How can i stop this ... my eset is up to date (3161)
  21. There are two accounts on the pc , the one that you basically set up on install whichj i think is suppose to have admin privilages and the other which was created later on , but it cannot access data on the original account because it is pwrd protected ( i hope im not confusing u here ) lol the problem is the original account which was set up, the customer lost their pwrd so they cant access it , there is important data on the account also whch needs to ne retreived . What are my options here ? i heard there is a hidden Admin account which i cant with the "net user administrator /active:yes " ... If i do this would i be able to browse the acount which i lost the pword too ? Or if i jus remove the Hdd an slave it to another pc to retrieve all the data i need , would that be better to do then wipe the system an redo an partition the drive properly ? HELP ME HERE PLZ !!!
  22. Recently i was looking for a way to remove the boot screen off of system which was created by Mandriva linux 2008 which i dual booted with xp pro sp3. The amount of links which google provided showed a lot od drawn out methods to do this simple thing. So for all you here who sometimes like to come out of the virtual environments like me and dual boot other types of OS. as in my case ifu want to restore your windows to the original Boot screen do this : (1) Install Recovery Console . if already installed previously, Re install it ( it wont be working after u install linux ) Ntldr error . (2) Restart. and select " recovery console " (3) Log into the C:/ etc .. (4) Run fixmbr when prompted type " y" + Enter same thing with "Fixboot " And you are done !! On that note, have you guys seen the new linux-xp ( http://www.linux-xp.com/ ) Download site : http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=04833 Torrent link : ftp://downloads.linux-xp.com/pub/linux-xp...DVD.iso.torrent anyone tested it yet ?? Looks rather flashy i must say
  23. The owner ended up using the recovery cd, he lost all his data also that i was goin to recover for him ... oh well. will still want to know some other ways around this problem incase i encounter it again on a later date
  24. explorer.exe encountered a problem and needs to close. This is an error msg that i got after scannin a laptop which was loaded with viruses. Now im encountering this problem before it loads the desktop, right after the log in screen. I cannot launch task manager either i get a similar error msg. I tried booting in safe mode and using ctrl+alt+del to access task manager, which works. then i go to file and use the sort of rum command box there and launch msconfig which loads and from there i use system restore... system then restores till before the AV' was installed but the problem still persists !!! what else can i do , right now im thinkin of using my linux live cd's to retrieve important documents and restore the laptop back to the factorey settings with the cd provided !! Any suggestions ?
  25. well i have windows PE but im not too familiar with it ! maybe if i get a waslk through on how to use it an solve this problem that would be good !! **checking the google option **

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