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  1. Yes thats exactly whats happening . The administrator account has become a limited user account , when in safe mode and off the domain the we have access to the default admin account which we use to recreate the account . we beleive it to be something on the domain but cant seem to pin down what exactly may be causing it..
  2. I have been experiencing an issue on work solely with windows 7 laptops and desktops. our domain is set up an working normal for the most parts, using server 2012 . the problem is once the machines are on the domain the local admin accounts somehow turns into a local account , randomly . in order to restore we usually have to boot into safe mode use the default admin account which is usually turned off and recreate the local account to be granted back access. have any of you guys experience such with windows 7 machines ???
  3. No i dont ... but the official drivers are installed from acer support site and i also tried it through windows update, it says its working it just cant find the wireless networks
  4. i recently did a clean install on an acer one d255 netbook , after i reinstalled the wireless and lan drivers ( atheros) i realize that the machine is not detected my home network or the other two from the neighbour. ive since updated the bios on the machine and updated / uninstalled re installed through device manager/ installed the driver from the acer support website, same problem . sometimes on a cold boot it recognizes it and works other times it doesnt . when i check the device manager it looks as if everything is fine with the hardware . the task bar msg when hovering over with the cursor says that there is no wireless network available. * cant remember the exact wordin* but thats what it says basically .. so before i order a replacement from amazon, im looking for a second opinion . prior to the clean install it was workin, but the machine had drastically slowed down and was exibiting wired symtoms any thoughts appriciated guys thx
  5. thought about reinstallng the win xp, but the fact that the drives boots proper in my machine made me stop and rethink doing it , it will suck do to all this backing up of data for the same problem to occur
  6. BIOSTAR :: MCP6P M2+ AMD LE 1640 Geforce 8400 Gs 500W PSU ( the ones that comes with those cheap cases ) Maxtor 320 G HDD i've tried different power supplies, same problem
  7. this pregnant girl comes to use my pc to type a letter pregnant girl : i want to use your machine ME : ok, you know how to use the pc right , just press the button and it comes on pregant girl : *Sigh* * sits down* ME : log in wit the account name selma , the pword is logon Pregant Girl : Logon ? ME: yes, LOGON !! As i was about the leave shortly i said Me : Now if you type logon to logon the machine , you know what to type to log off right ? pregnant girl : yes, off course " logoff " Me : hahahahahahahahaha you real sad yes girl, you dont need a pwrd to log off then i left the office .....
  8. ok, so im working on a desktop machine, one built with low end lame parts , AMD Le processors etc.. The problem is the machine isnt booting, basicaly it hangsat 2 places (1) after the line during POST (2) after post where the machine usually boots from he hdd, ( it goes blank where the xp logo normally apears to load ) so i thought it was a hdd problem so i disconected the disk, attached it to my machine and it boots flawlessly, Removed also the gpu it worked then stopped switch ram, that didnt work when the hdd is unplugged how ever the main board boots( through POST) and beeps normallly , it seems perfectly functional. it boots sometime with the hard disk, the other times it hangs eeven through safe mode... this is the weirdest behaviour ive seen so far what do you guys think?
  9. well apparantly ill be getting a new one ( hopefully ) with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 instead of the 47 series gpu it shipped with... 3-4 weeks now .. hmmm
  10. We can also issue system exchange with like or better specification. The lead time would be 3-4 weeks. The exchange can be offered only at US. So they system has to be sent to US for this to be processed. 4) Refund can be processed as requested by you. However there would be a Depreciation of 40%. Restocking fees, Warranty Charges, Shipping Charges and Tax would be deducted as applicable. The payment would be refunded back to the original mode of payment, i.e. Credit Card or DPA. The system would have to be sent back to our Depot in US. this is my real options from the email they sent me.... 40 % talk about robbery
  11. Not really angry, bored actually.. im stuck on the desktop now *sigh* cant use my DVS in the mean time ....
  12. i just had to post this one guys.. So i am or actually was the owner of the Dell studio Xps 1645. core i7 720. 4 gigs ddr3 1333, 1 gig ati 4670 . so despite all the little wierdness i experienced with it i made it work for me. Now on friday afternoon while using it, it just went dead !! Even the charger went out.. long story short its the motherboard that went dead.. barely 6 months with the machine and the motherboard died. So i contacted tech suppot, they said they can change it, i really didnt want a fixed machine at 6 months so they said they can change it, replace the whole unit, i asked for my money back because i cant be spending money on this thing every six months, so i await a response today. ( monday ) i wonder whats the possibility that they will actually refund me? And how are they going to replace my unit when i think the 4670 is not available no longer with that specific machine.. hmm.... ill keep you guys updated.
  13. Generally speaking, whats the best thing for pc's/laptops ? Is it best to shutdown or sleep . Does it post any treat to the laptop sleeping for long periods of time or does it just slowly drain your battery. I know usually the start up of machines in generally is more demanding that the constant running of it. so with the pc's whats the best thing to do ?
  14. So i was working on a dell inspiron 1525 recently. the problem was a lot of vertical lines ( i didnt count how many )always in the same spot. i booted in VGA Mode, Safe mode even in the bios they are showing up. so i know its not software based or driver error. but i dont have a dell inverter or lcd panel to check it either to test.. btw, i tried the external monitor also and it works flawless. so my question is, whats most likely the culprit here
  15. so there has been a lil buzz about Microsoft's Security essentials antivirus software, so i for now have switched from a trial verion of eset smart security x64 to give it a lil try. Despite the fact that i know how to avoid gettin infected despite the AV of choice, have any of u guys done any comparisons and test on the app ? see if it evens compares to eset or bitdefender etc...... so far the foot print seems smaller than eset's .. but have any of you guys did any extreme or indepth testing with it ?
  16. Two things , anyone knows what the retail version of win 7 build ? and is there any noticable difference between the RTM an Retail versions ?
  17. 2 things, why regress to the old menu when the new one is much better (2) why use winkey + r when u can run all those commands in the search bar in the start menu ?
  18. For me, Im in love with the indexing features cant get enough of it. After 6 days of running + straight, no restart or anything , there is no errors it doesnt even seem to slow down. The Glass effect is nice and moderate , performs smoother than xp.. ( ive actually removed xp from my hdd ) I havent experienced any security threaths as yet so i cant really say , oh and it dont crash out an lock up like vista and stick to shut down
  19. Ok, so ive been playin with windows xp mode beta in win 7 and i have one problem. After installing my own version of xp-sp3 i cannon get it to integrate to win7 , when prompted for logon credentials it keeps sayin incorrent username or domain etc.. Now is there suppose to be a difference between the regular logon info and the credentials in which its requiring ?> Any help will be good !
  20. i vwonder if this also works to anyentent on MAC's with built in intel gpu , ?
  21. i know the shear enjoyment you refer too ive experienced one problem with win7 though, buid 7106 . error says "Address 0x0" but apparantly the error doesnt happen on 7000. Also couple small apps dont work like Data Doctor recovery other than that, i keep forgetting its a RC im using
  22. isnt the 9500 a crappy card ? i think the 9600 is supposed to be better while space for fitting the card is one thing, do you have proper cooling for your system because over heating is going to have fun with you
  23. hey, i normally leave business on the mall connections open, yuh never really know when you may need a lil connectivity .....

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