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  1. THese are some more listign i found http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/index.php/taxid;790908123 http://antivirus-software.topchoicereviews.com/ http://www.6star-antivirus-reviews.com/?Re...SvirusSprograms
  2. i see ppl with 3 or more toolbars on their pc's yahoo, msn, google etc its so sad most time their pc's are always being infected with some sruff, they cant help but click and install everything
  3. i had a ati radeon before 512 mb card agp, and its rating was 4. something on a NF3 motherboard , i want to try to get my video up there, so im wondering if that will take a new board or the fact that the card is able to do more and its just being limited by the 8x pci-expres speed im sure i saw somewhere that you can get about 3.8 off of the card, is there some way to calculate this ?
  4. here what guys i need a lil advice here, i have a cheap system running right now. I have a Ecs 6100SM mother board Amd athlon dualcore 4800+ 1 x 1024 ddr 533 mhz ram and a geforce 7300 LE graphics card now my vista WEI rating is 3.0 thats becasue of the graphic card, so im studyin if it makes sense to upgrade to a better card to get my rating up to a level 4 . but although the mobo is a pci-express it only runs at 8x speeds, so im wondering if this is the reason why the graphic rating is so low or if its even contributing to it .. so can any of you guys give me a lil insight ? http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/411 <---- mother board info
  5. oh yea, i washed a video card once with squeezy dish washing liquid. it was a geforce mx 4000 agp card, well it still works so i guess it wsnt bad after all
  6. For the IE users , cause im not sure if mozilla and opera actually get these addons. which toolbar(s) do you use or have connected to your pc ? personally i have none, i find them to be a blasted waste and it slows down my browsing
  7. i got a friend who doesnt like norton one bit <-- (thats him ) so i was showing him this thread on this site with the listing and he disagreed with it so he used google to look for a next top 10 the funny part is norton was rated #3 , nod32 was number as usual though i cant remember what numer two is the guy didnt say anything again on the matter
  8. @ spacesurfer , i too had NIS2007 and never got a problem with it, wheather virus, spyware or just eating up resourses . my pc was booting in the same time when it was not installed as it is when it was installed . but it was a 3 months trial, so i changed to NIS 2008 it running sweeet its like 360 and 07 in one and it actaully makes my vista boot faster, if thats even possible. i for one will stick with norton untill it fails me. most time to me it seems the resourses that are bein spoken about is the difference between a stick of ram running 667 and 800, its really not visible to the nakd eye
  9. since when @ nitro i thought once it registers yuh have to get a second one
  10. well i must admit due the fact that most times my pc's os life doesnt extend pass 3 months ive been using a lot a 3 months antivirus. cause im not goin to pay for a single user antivirus every 3 months lol
  11. This is the spd tab, are we talking about the listing above or the one below
  12. ok i just tried out cpu-z i like how you dont have to install it but one thing is puzzling i have a 1024 ddr2 ram 533 mhz but its reading differently in cpu-z so this is very misleading if im using it to buy ram for a pc under the spd tab it reads it as 266 which is only half anyone care to explain
  13. yuh see in kost casses you would have an idea what type of ram the pc supports,but when you want to do and upgrade from say 512 to 1024 you would need to have the both sticks of ram at the same speed . and it thee case that there is no internet available , i thought there may be a way that windows may have displayed this info
  14. how do you find the ram speed when the Os is booted ? i know you can find it in the bios most times , but when your pc is fully booted up and stuff where do i go to find it ? i like to know for XP and for Vista !!
  15. no my hdd is sata my dvd is on an ide cable with a cd burner . i just threw in a amd athlon dualcore 4800+ ill see if its still doing the same
  16. Fou you guys who use nero 8 on your vista machines. Does it freeze your pc when burning a disc ? dvd or cd ? im getting the problem where the whole pc freezes, it burns ok but you cant access nothing while its burning the response time is terrible i have a ECC 6100 mobo. 3400 sempron i gig ddr2 533mhz ram
  17. THanks for the info digerati , i like your style, test first comment after conclusive results. Unlike folks who is still living in 05/ 06 versions .. 1
  18. well im not sure if its a virus but what you can do if you havent as yet is remove the avg and comodo and restart and then see if the problem persists . Then you will know if its your new apps. causing this problem for starters. That is to say that your problem started when you changed the firewall and antivirus
  19. 10 minutes to boot is not slow, its the worst, that pc should be taken out back an shot ... lol your best try is to boot in safe mode and see what boot time u get then u will at leat have an idea if its software or hard ware causing this problem
  20. im using IE7 dont use firefox, no need for 2 browsers on my pc, im also using the most hated by u guys, "norton" and guess what ? i ve never been infected just my opinion,
  21. articus i hope u enjoy your new mac but seriously, if u look at the data provided it say little about the detection an removal of certain virus, malware etc. its just the basic stuff there judged on .
  22. I posted the URL for the webpage i got this info for but one reason, its because they gave some very usefull info on each of the antivirus listed.when you do look at it you will realize if it is worth going for the "best" etc. from what ive seen here 2008 is a good yr for antivirus. im running norton 2008 now, its running much lighter than the 07 version, its also rated # 7 on the list , now if u look closely to the info available, you will realize one out rates the other by how often its updated or its backward compatibility for old OS's it makes good reading,
  23. Anti-Virus Software Reviews 2008 Listed in order of rating #1BitDefender #2 Kaspersky #3 ESET Nod32 #4 Trend Micro (PC-Cillin) #5 F-Secure Anti-Virus #6 McAfee VirusScan #7 Norton AntiVirus #8 AVG Anti-Virus Pro #9 CA Antivirus #10 Norman Virus Control #11 AntiVirusKit #12 AVAST! #13 Panda Titanium #14 F-Prot #15 PC Tools AntiVirus #16 ViRobot #17 WinAntiVirus N/A CyberScrub AntiVirus N/A The Shield Antivirus N/A Windows OneCare Live http://anti-virus-software-review.toptenreviews.com/ check this link its very usefull, its good to know why each rank above the other an if its worth spending the money
  24. ive just installed it on my vista, so far my pc boot time has sped up im running a full scan right now, checkin in task manager process its about 6,624k, thats actually lower than msn messenger, windows explorer,Iexplorer and dwm.exe any of you guys encountered any problems with it ? i know a lot of you dont use norton for reasons of the pass, so lets not dwell in the pass, were dealing with the 2008 version any good or bad yuh guys got so far let me know if possible also tell me what your task manager records when u doing a full scan, mines as i said is 6,624k

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