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  1. i charged 150 TT for the reinstall of xp and i gave him office 2003 and an antivirus 1 us = 6.3 TT i think i may be under chargin ppl, lol my thing is to take customers from the ppl who charge more than i do
  2. yea i know i made the choices slim. i just wanted ppl to choose mainly betwen the two sumone was tellin me more ppl will prefer linux over xp, so im tryin to prove their theory
  3. so guys, for all of you who are like me that build their own and clients pc's, what is the stupidest problem u have ever encountered ? Mines was on the last pc i built. i cant remember the model of the board an such but it was an msi baby atx board with a sempron processor anyways, so the guy bought a cheap case to put in. so after i mounted everything up, i also had to cut one of the connectors to fit the board from a 3 pin to a 2 pin. now when i power on the pc, it shutsdown. or even if it boots right up it cuts off . Now im puzzled here so i disconnec the power switch on the board an everything boots fine i reconnec it , it cuts off. untill once when i had it running i saw a flash on the screen before it shuts down . the switch was groundin off an shutdown the pc so i saw the box u usually see when using the power switch to shut down so u guys should kno wha i did nex , i switched the power with the reset its workin all now, but i guess he cant reset Share your stories guys
  4. the thing is my norton is serving its purpose. the same thing norton keeps finding, when i pluged into my friends laptop his avg antivirs found it also . but what i want it is a way to make the parameter accessible once again, by double clicking it instead of haveing to use the options like autoplay or explore
  5. For all you pc tech guys here, how much do you charge for a pc service, where the customer is at fault. E.g, if a customer adds to different speeds of ram to his pc and then complains about video problems or he crashes his Os beyound fixing and you have to do a clean install. how much would you usually charge? And for those who carry your pc's to be serviced, whats usually the charge ? Right now i have a guys pc, that i had to clean install, because of a 30 day version xp he had on it, plus he had 2 sticks of 256 ram running at 333 mhz abd 400 mhz, which obviously wass messing up the video . so i sorted it all out and hooked him up with a good version on xp pro, office 2003, norton 360 and the latest media player and IE etc.. so im thinking if i charge to little my charge was $150.0TT = 1 USD= 6.30 TT I forgot to mention, i created 3 sheets, and estimate sheet, a technician work sheet and a job card sheet for customer info such as name, problems phone number etc. i tryin to do my stuff all professionaly. but i havent put them to use yet
  6. Now this is something i realized with my pc, maybe im unto something maybe im not. Ok, so i had the problem where my vista ultimate explorer was crashing randomly and it was really p***ing me off. But sometimes i would be running my pc over night plus. 13 hrs with out the error etc. but the thing is, i have a reflex from using xp, of refreshing the desktop. And it is only after refreshing the dektop on vista that it crashes Now maybe its a Coincidence, but for all who have got the explorer crashing problem. Do you refesh your desktop while using your vista ?
  7. Here is my problem with my trancend 8 gb flash . When i insert it into a pc in work and ejects it, when i come home i gettin errors gettin into it. i gettin a error sayin the parameter cant be accessed but if i use autoplay or explore it works im thinking it may be a virus on the work pc , bnecause my norton keep goin off when im home an i insert it. so i have to keep emptyin the flash and reformating sowhat i want to know is, if there a way to fix this problem without reformating
  8. I used to used both IE7 and Firefox, but now i only use IE . i never got a problem or spyware with it and there is no need for 2 browsers on my pc plus most spyware is picked up on xxx.sites <---- 18 and over lol . hmm....
  9. which one do you guys prefer overall ? And why do you prefer it over the other ?
  10. Use google and seach for a programme named "Dialupass" this will reveal it . simple and easy
  11. according to zxiam some ppl prefer it and sum do not. some ppl havent used it in ages and still dont like it either. oh well it works miricales for me and all the machines i ever used it on, my clients are happy
  12. Norton works, no need to dump it. i have norton 07 and 360 an the results i get from it is amazing, plus my pc works at its peak !!! why would u want 2 antivirus though ? im using windows defender and norton , no need for a second one,
  13. Ok guys, for all who have used these programmes. Which do you prefer ? i had Vpc 04 and 07 and my pc and i also had vmware 6. Now this is what i found out with them. With Vpc 07 installed,the pc booted up normal (host) With VMware installed, the pc took and extra 20-25 secs to boot everytime the pc was turned on or restarted. Installing and OS on Vpc 07 took a while longer than it would normally with out a virtual environment. Vmware installes OS's faster than my pc installed : XP, Vista, Ubuntu <--- thats the 3 i installed so far . I still dont know how to get internet on Vpc to work and neither does it support usb devices. Vmware has an option to use its host's internet to conect or yuh can directly connect through the programme. im using Gprs net, through my nokia 6230i Well this is just some of what i realized using these two programmes, can you guys say what problems or what you like about any of these two apps ? over and out 1
  14. @ ricktendo, im trying to stay away from these third party devices, in a lot of casses they do more good than bad but thank anyway
  15. I tried VMware. man that programme is mad crazy !!! it blows VPC 2007 right out the water. but my pc only runs on 1024 ram so i couldnt network vista to xp , oh well thanx
  16. Thanks Neo, i tried it and restarted and it worked . Cool
  17. is there a way to clear the run command box ? i know mines clears automatically i think but if i want to clear it manually, how can this be done ? idont like clients tracing my work and i prefer to use commands . over and out 1
  18. i think he probably used google translate tools here, that why the english is so broken lol i have tried doing this on many occasions, stilll workin on it , so if u get through let me know thanx
  19. Is it just me or does vista handle internet connectivity way betetr than XP. I have a 120 gig Hdd which i split 3 ways 40 gig for XP 40 for vista and the rest jus for storing my files etc. im using GPRS net using my cell phone as as external modem, but every time oim on xp and i leave it idle for long periods it times out an i have to disconnect an reconnect . But vista does give that at all it runs flawlessly all the time . So have any of u guys noticed this ? And if so is it something that u can do to XP to let it work the same ? over and out 1
  20. So i was just playing around with my work pc, which is a Dell dimension 4600 ( yea it old ) any ways i enterd the diskmgmt.msc command and saw that the hdd that a (volume) Fat formatted, with a note saying its EISA configuration 39 mb big. what im trying to find out is, if any of u guys knows exactly why something like that would be placed there. Im A+ certified but i like to learn more especially things i cant explain about, and why they are there . Over and out 1
  21. I was reading a previous post some where on this site and i heard a guy mention that VPC2007 is not the best virtual environment to test a build in. So what i want to know is, what is the best virtual programme to test in ?>
  22. I scored 3 with a graphics card.. sucky graphics card
  23. I did a dual boot on a hp a1530n desktop for a guy, three weeks later he crashes both the xp media centre edition and vista ( on purpose ) so he brings back the pc for me. I now try to install windows xp professional on it, but the xp cd cannot detect the hdd. Now this isthe first time ive seen anything like this. the pc originally came with Media centre Edition, when i insert my mcs disk it reads the hdd perfectly, but if i use xp it gets nothing like this disk isnt present.vista gives no problem though, works perfectly Any of you guys seen this before ??
  24. Thanks Gosh ! i think i understand what you were saying, i was just installing xp in virtual pc 07 and i tried it the shift F10 command an i saw the command prompt box , so i think i have a better idea of what to do now but as reguards exiting the command prompt, Do i have to use the taskmgr.exe or can i just type exit to let the installation finish? and do i have to let the installation finsih also ?

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