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  1. OK this is a little strange, but after my Win update last night, some of my folders look strange (I can still access them). The easiest way to explain it is 90% of the Folder has an Icon on top which is best described as a blank white page with a turned corner... Only get this is Thumbnail view. Other views look ok. It's annoying though since this is my media subfolders and I always use Thumbnail view. Any help? Thanks
  2. Is there a way to grab the underlying URL from a streaming audio player (e.g. ESPN Radio): http://sports.espn.go.com/espnradio/player?station=espn I used to have a working URL but that has now changed to some news station. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, Vista's taskbar height is "supposed" to be = 30px. However, in practice, I’ve found it to be 32px (perhaps its because I have re-sized my screen from its native resolution to 1400×900?) In any case, this is important for me as I always create my wallpapers with a dedicated area available for the actual visible real estate (i.e. every pixel above the task bar, hence, my default "workable" canvas for wallpapers are 1400×868 –> thus my calculation for a 32px Vista taskbar height). At any rate, what is W7’s exact taskbar height? I've read that if you enable "small icons" that it is "supposed" to be the same height as Vista's, but again the original question remains --> 30px or 32px? (if it is exactly the same as Vista in my experience). Thanks!
  4. OK, so I just bought a "portable" notebook (VAIO TT series) -- for work / travel. Its nice and light, not powerful (VISTA Business, 1.2GHz, Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM, 120GB Hard Drive - 100GB "usable") -- at any rate, its 1.3kg and very portable. My question is with regards to partitioning benefits. Obviously, if I had a computer with, say, 300GB+, I'd definitely partition it, but with roughly 100GB to work with, is it worth all of the trouble? If I did it, I'd go with prolly a 60/40 split giving the C:/ drive 60GB (and most of the apps / heavy programs) and a D:/ drive for files... But the question stands, with just 100GB to work with is it worth the trouble? will i see a noticeable performance improvement? Thanks
  5. OK, this is kind of an odd problem, but whenever I stick in a USB drive, the Autoplay Options pop up, and I have a list of programs it gives me to play or open the drive. One of the options is Nero, though for some reason, the Icon is missing and you get that default "uknown" microsoft icon when the Computer doesn't recognize a file or prorgram. My question is simply, how can I get the Nero / proper Icon to show whenever the Autoplay Options pop up? Thanks!
  6. Can someone recommend the best program to record streaming audio? It must be: Vista capable Simple and clean Spyware free Free (if possible but doesn't have to be) Thanks!
  7. Many thanks for your reply. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks again
  8. For those who are familiar with Vista's ReadyBoost, quick question: is my computer supposed to recognize my SD card designated for ReadyBoost everytime I load my computer or wake it from Sleep? Because although my computer recognizes my designated card once I insert it, after I reboot, I have to take it out and re-insert for my computer to recognize it again. Can I set this up so my computer can recognize it automatically or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  9. Is there a maximum amount of memory you can dedicate to ReadyBoost? If so how much? Or is this a function of how much RAM is installed on my laptop (maximum amount of RAM for my laptop is 4GB)? Also, the more memory you allocate for ReadyBoost, will the computer use it? In other words, if I've got 1mg vs. 8mg of dedicated memory for ReadyBoost, will the computer actually use most of those amounts -- or is there an optimal amount (ceiling) to dedicate whereby its a waste to allocate any more?? Thanks
  10. Intel's TurboMemory automatically allocates 1/2 of its dedicated 1GB TurboMemory (i.e. 512MB) into two portions: 1) Ready DRIVE 2) Ready BOOST Now, given that Vista only allows use one cache at one time for ReadyBoost, I am planning on disabling Intel's ReadyBoost in lieu of my own SD ReadyBoost. Here is the question. For those in a similar situation, what happens to the unused 512MB of Intel's TurboMemory? Is it just wasted / unused? Does it automatically get allocated to ReadyDRIVE? If not, is there a way to allocated that unused memory to ReadyDrive manually, and if so, are there detailed instructions as to how? Many thanks.
  11. Has anyone had good (or bad) experiences enabling Ready Boost? I have a few questions: - What happens if you have enabled Ready Boost and you decide to unplug your USB memory? Will this cause havoc to your system? - What is the minimum amount of memory you should use to see a meaningful difference? - Are there certain read/write speeds you need to have (i.e. will this work on a SD card? will this work with a Seagate FreeAgent USB external hard drive?) Thanks

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