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  1. I think it will work fine at 1080p, but not fine at 4K Full HD = 1920 horizontal lines by 1080 vertical lines 4K = 3840 horizontal lines by 2160 vertical lines It means 4K has double horizontal lines by double vertical lines, 2 x 2 = 4 times the Full HD resolution or 4 times the load to the GPU. See this review: https://www.windowscentral.com/amd-athlon-200ge-worth-it
  2. Thanks for your quick answer. Ok, as when 8.1U1 started with wimboot MS recommended to use Dim, and also I have seen DismApi.dll just next to Dism, I had the idea it used a different Api. And yes you are right the problem is only present when using a custom WimBootCompress.ini on wimgapi, I apologize for insisting on this subject. The key word is as you said: wimboot mode is a deprecated feature. At least we can use wimlib for our custom lists.
  3. @JFX I have been using WinNTSetup since long time ago and I love this little and very useful program, in fact AFAIR I was the first translator (spanish 2058.dll, just to do something in return for this fantactic tool and make it available to more people). I liked now wimlib and BootIce are included on download, no more copy paste from previous folder and sometimes having copied an older version of wimlib. This are my thoughts about future version 4: Now that WinNTSetup is capable to capture installed OSs, it became a Backup tool and it needs to be trustable on all cases with no exception. Not that it wasn't trustable before, but it is not so critical a new installed OS than a redeploy from your backup full with vital info, programs and third party drivers of our devices. On new installs where no third party drivers are installed yet it seems there is not any issue, also this applies to standard installs (not wimboot) with third party drivers included. It seems wimgapi is not a good option when dealing with wimboot when having third party drivers included on the *.wim, maybe it could be replaced by Dism for this job. I know Dism is slower but better slow than wrong. Of course this may apply for people who only want to use MS tools. B_7 was maybe working a little better since it was capable to extract fine all Windows (not third party) drivers (as per \Windows\System32\drivers\*.sys) and could be used on new installs including wimboot installs where no third party drivers are involved. I think it is necesary to test Compact installs by means of wimgapi when having third party drivers included on the *.wim, to check if it can work fine on this scenario or not. And in case of troubles maybe it could be replaced by Dism for this job too. As said before I know Dism is slower but better slow than wrong. Of course this may apply for people who only want to use MS tools. Other option may be use only wimlimb on this scenarios, since it is very reliable and block wimgapi use (or hard code the automatic use of wimlib) on those scenarios where wimgapi has issues. Maybe easier way is to do this is adding on main screen an user option for select: new install to let the program (B_7 looks fine to me) work as usuall (with wimgapi or wimlib as selected). or redeploy backup to force only the use of wimlib looks like not a bad idea particularly for new users. I know select wimlib is available but not so easy to find, and as when selected the selection is not persistent (looks fine to me), then it is easy to forget re-selecting it next time. And for capture the installed systems always use wimlib (at least as preselected option), faster, smaller size images and more reliable. I haven't use this new feature of WinNTSetup yet but when selecting wimlib I don't see the very usefull option append (unless you aren't using capture and using directly append wich appends to existing file or creates it, if it do not exist), please would you confirm this? Also when selecting wimlib don't see an option for wimboot capture. have you any plans for adding it? I have been using wimlib for very long time, first on command line and latter by means of its GUI wimlib-clc (I'm beta tester and Spanish translator of this tool) for making (all included divers and programs) wimboot VHDs and later compressed (130 MB and smaller) by lz4 (using lz4 Compressor) capable to Ramboot in just a few seconds without any issue. Also as my backup tool for about 5 years and never had a single trouble, when I redeploy my OS from the backup image it always works flawlessly (7, 8.x or 10). Best Regards alacran
  4. @wimb I assume you are running WinNTSetup_x64.exe, it uses WinNTSetup\Tools\x64\wimgapi.dll version 10.018362.1. And WinNTSetup_x86.exe still uses WinNTSetup\Tools\x86\wimgapi.dll version 10.015063.0 You may try using WinNTSetup_x64.exe with wimgapi.dll x64 v10.015063.0, version used on older WinNTSetup (x64 & x86), since other versions were buggy, use GetWaikTools to download it. EDIT: Also we need to remember there has been a change in certificate driver enforcement requiring only SHA2 (since Windows 10, version 1803) and the wimgapi version in use may or may not be able to support SHA1, SHA2 or both. wimgapi.dll version 10.015063.0 (15063= v1703) from the table on previous link 10 v1703 supports SHA1 and also SHA2. alacran
  5. To have all drivers available (not as pointers) and avoid troubles when using wimboot mode it is good to add this line \Windows\System32\drivers\*.sys under [PrepopulateList] to your custom WimBootCompress.ini used for capture. (I'm assuming this was done) When you capture an install in wimboot mode using wimlib and use a custom WimBootCompress.ini, the internal Windows\System32\WimBootCompress.ini file is replaced by the custom file used during capture, then latter it is used during applying it in Wimboot mode. wimlib works fine doing so from wimb reports and in my own experience. It seems to me for some reason when using on WinNTSetup wimgapi + WimBoot this is not following this procedure and it is using maybe the file list on WinNTSetup\Tools\WimBootCompress.ini, then as a result having pointers to the required drivers in this case, or perhaps wimgapi do not use the WimBootCompress.ini file anymore (based on JFX comment). Easy way to verify if there is real extracted files or pointers is open your unmounted VHD with 7zip, go to check some of required driver files and see its compressed size, where 0 = Pointer file to source *.wim, >0 = Real extracted file. Also check size for some of files listed on WinNTSetup\Tools\WimBootCompress.ini and then you will have enought info to know if your custom list, internal list of WinNTSetup or none are used durig applying the wimboot install. Sorry I can't help any further but I haven't deal with this problem since when making Wimboot VHDs I always prefer to use wimlib for capture and apply them. alacran
  6. @JFX Attached new version of Spanish Translation with some improvements. alacran 2058.7z
  7. & Then why not install Win 10 on VirtualBox? or maybe before doing this, update the video drivers on your (virtual) win 7 install or try selecting a different virtual video card (if available, since I don't remember right now if this is possible on VirtualBox), it is the video card (dedicated or integrated into CPU) who runs/uses by means of its respective drivers OpenGL 3.0 or higher. alacran
  8. Well, I could say there is no news, just bad updates every month, another thing I can say is they are very consintence. IMHO this is caused mainly because they are always trying to introduce new features/changes every month, they need to stop thinking this way and concentrate all efforts and all required time in fixing all that is wrong first, then when having the OS working flawlessly, they can comeback to introduce new features/changes but not before making extensive tests. alacran
  9. @JFX Good work my friend, congratulations, your tool is always geting better on every new version. Attached improved Spanish translation (based on version 4 Beta 5), VHDs descriptions didn't fit on available space on my previous translations. alacran 2058.7z
  10. @JFX Attached Updated Spanish translation to 4.0 B3 alacran Updated Spanish translation.7z
  11. Yes, you are right. This is a good candidate to cause the issue. But I suggest you also check your RAM just to eliminate another potential cause. You can use MemTest86: https://www.memtest86.com/ Download MemTest86 v8.2 Free Edition for UEFI: Image for creating bootable USB Drive on a Windows/Linux/Mac system Download MemTest86 V4.3.7 (OLD RELEASE) free version for Bios: Image for creating bootable USB Drive alacran
  12. As it seems to be hardware related, you better check your memory and mass storage devices. Also if you haven't done it, disable fast boot, it is a potential source of troubles. Good luck alacran
  13. Thanks for your new update, just downloaded and testing it. It was very easy to find Disable Reserved Storage tweak. Only with the idea to let other members find easier the following additions: - Wim Capture option - Hotfix uninstall option - Driver Export/Import option After a left click on Icon located on upper left corner of GUI you can find them on Offline Windows. alacran
  14. Check your graphic card properties and that will tell you what display resolutions are supported for the graphic card.
  15. Disable Mcafee and try to send an attachment, if it works fine that way, then Mcafee was causing the issue.
  16. @ JFX Thanks very much for your very fast answer, just wanted to be sure before commet mistakes.
  17. @ JFX I have used before the option for add drivers, but not for unsigned drivers, and I have some questions: AFAIK: The procedure should be select + Drivers (Bottom left corner) making right click to allow install unsigned drivers, and the path to the drivers folder. 1 - Is this all? I allready did this and made a WinNTSetup.ini to take a look and I can find Drivers= The path to Drivers folder, but I can't find anything about allow install unsigned drivers. 2 - How can I verify this option is selected? I'm assuming using this option is like ForceUnsigned on Dism. 3 - Is this right? 4 - Wath OSs (and arch.) can use the option for install unsigned drivers? 5 - Does this also modify the BCD to allow Test Mode and/or No integrity checks, or not?
  18. Well what I answered is the safer way to deal with this, but if you want you may try and install the updates after 3/18 one by one and see the results by yourself. But be aware you will find troubles.
  19. See: https://www.ghacks.net/2018/06/21/windows-7-support-dropped-for-cpus-without-sse2/ There they mention The troubles started with March 2018 Security Updates, so you may assume any update made before March 2018 should be safe for a non-SSE2 processor. On the other hand as updates are cumulative now, and there is not a fix for that issue, to be on the safe side I suggest DO NOT install any update made on March 2018 or latter.
  20. @JFX Thanks very much for the info, it will be very usefull. alacran
  21. @JFX I assume it is a command tool, would you please explain me how to use it. Thanks in advance alacran
  22. Hi JFX: I think I saw a single file download for "Recompress Compact OS" for 7 and 8.x, some time ago, but I can't find it, maybe it was lost during server crash, do you still have it? alacran
  23. After seen Biostar Mother Boards (Intel chipset) with this capavility, only thing I can say is Biostar came late to the party, see my post: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177964-windows-7-on-a-coffee-lake-pc/ On it there is a link about an article from August 9th 2018, about new H310 ChipSets supporting Win7 on Coffee Lake platform alacran
  24. @Roffen Go to the page of your PC manufacturer, find your model and check what drivers they have available for each OS, this way you will see what OSs can be installed on that machine. But just to make things a little better, without installing another OS, Download and install Classic Shell 4.3.1: http://www.classicshell.net/ Also this commands (run them as admin) may be usefull for you (valid from 7 to 10), see attached 7zip file. alacran Usefull commands.7z
  25. I always have used for more than 20 years the white "Pelikan" erasers or similars, they do not make excessive wear on golden pins, the idea is to remove the patina and let them almost shiny again. This eraser do not last very long (as it is soft) but I prefer to spend the eraser and not the golden coating on pins. About changing the PSU, it is not a bad idea, and not an expensive one. alacran

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